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  1. Injuries suck. Living in Michigan, like some others here, I can't help but compare the Jets to the Lions. The hopeless Lions can take 3 coaches, 5 years worth of low drafts and still not come up with anything. Yet, for all their faults, the Jets (In a division way tougher than the NFC North) manage to stumble into playoff berths and winning seasons this many times in recent years? I don't know. Herm ain't great, but I simply have no idea where success and failure comes from anymore.
  2. During the height of Gorbachev's "reform" he had a major summit meeting with Reagan in Malta. My ship (Navy) was off the coast providing security. Roughest seas in 4 years, and my only bout of seasickness.
  3. 12 hours and not one joke about circling Uranus?
  4. So, if I understand it correctly: "I want signatures." "I don't want signatures." "but I want signatures." "but I don't want signatures." "Then I'm leaving forever". ...that's really gay.
  5. Maybe it's me. I show up last week, people scatter. This happens to me in the real world too.
  6. Apparently Canton is the "hall of rings". ...although they made a rare exception for Dan Marino. Vinnie's been around forever, and been a starter for most of that forever. My mother-in-law doesn't follow sports and as such hasn't even heard of Terry Bradshaw or Joe Montana. She HAS heard of Vinnie Testaverde. His skills don't hold a candle to the other two guys, but is it the hall of FAME, or isn't it?
  7. Scott, Sorry to jump in here, but your last comment got me thinking...Is Woody really a guy with much pride? I'm not really that affected by the whole stadium controversy, but his decision to stay in NJ sounds like a decision to take cash over pride. ...but I hope you're right.
  8. Player quote: "I don't get many chances to play. Herm's given me more opportunities than all my former coaches." Sincerely, The 12th man on the field Just kidding. If our offense (injuries and we are paying Mike H for something) was any better we'd be leading the division....in spite of a few weird timeouts and goofy clock management.
  9. I'm not a Herm apolgist. I dont' think I know the game well enough to have an opinion either way. But if 95% of our problems are on offense, when will Heimerdinger get some blame for this? I remember Ted Cottrell saying "I cant make them tackle" alot. Well, now he's gone--And for whatever reasons, our defense is better. It seems like we hold Donnie H. responsible for the Defense, but *nobody* has said boo about Heimerdinger's contribution to our offensive woes. True, Herm is the one calling timeouts after a questionable catch, but it just seems odd to me.
  10. JerryK

    The Crater

    Didn't we start 2-5 one year and still make the wild card? --after checking I think that was 2002 (9-7) I'll give up at 6 losses.
  11. I stumbled in here during the outage --during the game on Monday. I was also surprised to see familiar names! I think I'll stick around too. I'm not much of an X/O guy so I'll try to stay out of the real technical discussions, but it's great to read the stuff that's here. Do you guys do the "Saugage of the week" stuff?
  12. Hi Guys, I have a question regarding clock management. Last year the announcers were pointing out an older grey-haired guy on the sidelines as herm's "clock management coach". Is that guy still around, and was that really his job?
  13. Hi Pat, hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I wondered why you got quiet on the other site. Stumbled on this one because they've been down all day. Hey was your injury last year a rotator cuff?
  14. I was never convinced Brooks "failed" prior to Vinny..
  15. Anyone remember the Dolphins MNF game a few years back when we came back huge in the 4th? How far back were we then? (a guy can dream)
  16. (ahem) In my first post on this board, I'd like to announce that was a forward pass. ..kinda stumbled on this site because the other one was down. I wondered where you guys all went!
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