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  1. Talking about good punters is like talking about good defibrillators. If you're even having the conversation, you're already screwed.
  2. Honest question here, you guys are smarter than I am -- There's no chance Bowles said this to distract everyone from a perceived weakness in our coverage ability, or backfield communications? Since Cro is hurt, he'd probably be cool with such a ruse, as long as Bowles apologized privately.
  3. Go to a nice restaurant with cloth napkins. Tell me how well it works out for you.
  4. Put the 80's logo back on their helmets.
  5. Imo this conversation is like politics...everyone loves their opinion and there's no middle ground. I'm not an Idzik fan. His tenure was disappointing. Nevertheless: He was hired by a boob, and saddled with an HC who is a boob. We were in cap *hell*, and now we are not. He didn't intentionally fall on a sword, but that's how it ended up. And fiscally he left this new group with a huge Christmas present. Local fans spend a large portion of their disposable income going to these games. You can't just tell them you're going to suck for a few years. Publicly held companies have the same problem with stockholders. Gotta be disappointing for sure. There's a chance we'll do well this year for 1 reason. The first year after we clean house, some of the prior picks suddenly show up...and we have a good season. I'm patient, and hopeful. But it helps that Im out of state and I keep my investment low. If we continue to suck, please stop talking about Idzik. There's a new group "buying the groceries", and John left them a big wad of cash to do it.
  6. balderdash. They'll just do something different. And don't count on employees ratting them out next time either. Give most humans a chance to work next to a celebrity and they'll say *nothing*. We all suck.
  7. "My granddaughter's pony just died, but really -- the chicken's fine."
  8. Took them for 5 weeks after a surgery. I didn't notice anything *fun* about them other than pain relief. Oh yeah and the fact that I couldn't poop unless I shoved a hose up my ass, or went in after it with a spoon. Then I quit and felt miserable for a month. Only 5 weeks, and it already had a hook in my back. You guys can have the narcotics. I'm a very content planet-earther.
  9. I quit following them in early '80s, but do any of you have some cool older ones to brag about? I got Star Wars 1-3 when they were pretty new, but #3 is a reprint.
  10. He thinks he's all cool with his pretty boy pecs, and she walks around all confident just because she's pretty..like she *invented* the vagina.
  11. No. Lance Armstrong has more balls. Edit: My bad -- IL Mostro said it first.
  12. Thanks, I'm not sure what your apology question is about though...sorry if I missed something. I've noticed in just the last 10 years or so that 'good' bands also happen to have complicated bass lines in their music. Yes might have *invented* the complicated bass line.
  13. Bass Players are the "Offensive Line" of rock bands. Nobody knows who they are, but *they* are what make you great.
  14. Also, there's only been 1 Mission Impossible movie, it was called Sneakers and had Robert Redford running the team. The 60's MI show was about a *TEAM*. Every Tom Cruise film kills off the team in the first 5min; after that it's just another Bourne movie. Edit: Oceans 11+ were close (and awesome), but they weren't with the government.
  15. "How to frame a Figg". Best Don Knotts movie ever. And nobody's heard of it. Forget the astronaut and the Ghost/Chicken film...they get the airtime, but Figg is better.
  16. I went to Frozen with 3 sons who have functioning genitalia. They left the theater asking for a new dad. I'm with them.
  17. I smirked a couple times during Grand Budapest Hotel. I didn't fall out of my chair at it's hilarious artistic awesomeness, as the reviews led me to believe.
  18. Tammy and identity theft were poop, but give "Spy" a chance. Written with a *lot* more depth than many comedies. I'm picky, and i think this was better than bridesmaids. (not a chick movie either, imo) +1 A guy with cognitive impairment falls in love with an undeserving drugged-out skank. Roll credits.
  19. I think I'll find kindred spirits here, but why does America love The Princess Bride? Everybody repeats the quote: "my name is <whatever> montoya...prepare to die", then gazes to the sky with a nostalgic grin. But it isn't a joke. It simply isn't a statement that contains humor. Anything from Mel Brooks. Mel loves many styles of comedy, just not the funny kind. Seth Rogen's portfolio of weiner joke and pot movies.
  20. Overture..cut the lights. This is it, 128's night of nights...
  21. Your epiphany is the premise for Malcolm Gladwell's bestseller: Outliers. I recommend it.
  22. Hey Rex, this is Rob, your identical twin brother. So I was wondering, since you're willing to hire all those sh**ty players, and I like NY, I was wondering if maybe click. Hello? Hello? Rex?
  23. I've told this story before but... My wife worked for a temp agency. Had a stack of names on her desk. Her boss: Do we have anyone we can send over to xyz for the day? Wife: Phuc Noh. Boss: What? Wife: I said - Phuc Noh!! Then my wife realized the confusion and apologized.
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