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  1. I despise Tom Brady. But I think his mind for the game is a incredible machine, and he can provide value beyond his retirement. I could see him waiting for a suitable replacement, then providing him long-term guidance from a front office position.
  2. Very mild storm. Only enough snow for one ball.
  3. I think most players have already had plenty of icy hot rubbed in their eyes. NE simply does it well.
  4. I've applied analytics to this article (and some of this thread) and it's poop. Teams that use analytics: 1, the Patriots. Teams that don't: Jets, and a couple others. Conclusion: the league has 3 teams. Other Conclusions: -No BAD teams use analytics? -No GOOD teams avoid analytics? -No average teams use a mix of both?
  5. Such a joke would be beneath me, but if you younger guys don't see it staring at you, I'm very disappointed.
  6. Look at us. We're like kids playing in a junkyard, turning over the same rusty broken toys hoping *this* time they'll work. Sad.
  7. Idzik was building a 34 defense.
  8. Michigan. I try to balance the frustration by following local teams in other sports.
  9. So this morning they're saying (per Norm McDonald) that Eddie didn't want to do Bill Cosby. Eddie said "I don't want to kick a man while he's down". Keenan Thompson did the joke instead. I'm hopping back and forth between 2 opinions: 1. (my good nature) Eddie's a good guy with some character, and I respect him. Even though most comedy takes unfair advantage of someone by exaggerating a caricature of who they really are. 2. (my darker nature) Eddie's got some 'stuff' in his past?
  10. Am I the only person who likes this show? The recipe: 1 part Benjamin Cumberbatch's Sherlock 1 part Sheldon Cooper 1 part anger 1 hangover Serve cold.
  11. "I'll let you win, then I'll distract everyone with a snowstorm." If that's the message from on high, it isn't very inspiring.
  12. He will only come if he doesn't get fined.
  13. "You think rock-hitting game hurt Thag head?" "Here million apples. Thag fine." -Locker room conversation, 10,000 BC.
  14. What about the million playcalls that got them to the final 30 seconds of their 2nd consecutive Super Bowl?
  15. He changes it to blue because he'll be in Buffalo for sooooooo many years. Thank you, tattoos, for telling us so quickly about a person's judgment.
  16. it's nice to talk about "leaving on top", but how many big QBs REALLY do that? Brady will play till he gets traded, then bounce around doing fake retirements like Favre.
  17. Do other owners than Woody care? If they don't, this issue doesn't exist. I'll save you the the debate -- they don't care.
  18. Interesting that nobody's suggested moves to address head injuries.
  19. Not envious of his desire to cheat. Only of his desire to win despite (proportional to his overall wealth) financial incentives to do so.
  20. Agreed. At the same time, I'm a bit envious of Mr Kraft's desire to win. League owners make gazillions whether they win or not. When you factor in whatever other wealth he has, his incentives can't possibly be financial. I wish my favorite teams had owners that were as motivated to bring home wins as he is.
  21. NFL: "Patriots, we must penalize you for this." Patriots players: "We have headaches, and lawyers." NFL: "My bad. carry on."
  22. I absolutely, 100% agree with you. My point was that the the league wasn't interested in busting the Patriots. If they were, they'd have measured volume, not weight. A few cubic inches of air doesn't weigh squat.
  23. So a ball that's missing 5 cubic inches of AIR will WEIGH discernibly less? Really? How about putting the ball underwater and measuring the volume it displaces? How about conducting a test satisfies people who didn't flunk science class? In other news: -NFL referees will now check you for cancer by weighing your shoes. -NFL referees will now analyze your finances by measuring the thickness of your toenails.
  24. they've turned a corner when they have a playoff game at home. until then, squat.
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