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  1. What I want the new regime to do right away: Be people I've even heard of.
  2. Saying Rex Ryan will sit quietly and smile while decisions are being made, is like saying you can milk a hippo and it'll give you a kiss.
  3. Watched Snowpiercer last night. Great movie, but the final minute contains at least 3 chunks of preposterous that in my opinion compromise the film.
  4. So we all love the consultant. If he determines that some of them stay, what then? He's an idiot?
  5. First Mehta, and now Cimini. God's lips to our ears. If those two told you to go long on Nasa stock, would you buy it?
  6. Spoiler alert: Weiners, F-bomb, weiners, F-bomb, bong hit with James. The end.
  7. He wasn't good. He saw bad coaching and knew it. Both statements can be true. Let's not argue that one statement nullifies the other.
  8. I don't know, maybe our problem comes from all the years we SHOULD have hit rock bottom and didn't.
  9. I thought Idzik always took the supposed BPA, you know, before he was dumb and stuff.
  10. I hope he's dumb enough to think he's competing with Urban Meyer and not Mark Dantonio,
  11. I hope the word 'vaping' catches on, because surely some immigrant group will pronounce it 'fapping'. It'll be comedy gold.
  12. I'm Jerry. My hobbies are varied. For the last year I've been resurrecting a scanning electron microscope I found at the university (MSU) surplus sale. I finally have software, thanks to some generous people in europe. I've tested all systems except vacuum and xray. My roughing pump (Edwards e2m1) is getting ordered Jan1, and should pull the 10E-3 Torr required by my turbomolecular pump -- which will take it down to 10E-5. Fwiw, the vacuum of space is 10E-6 and lower, depending on where you are. I'm still trying to come up with a 'remote' plan to test the xray system, since it runs about 20,000volts. The tank on the top right is the Liquid Nitrogen (ln2) tank for the optional spectroscopy module. If it works, it will tell me the top 5 or so elements withn the sample. Not sure if it will detect isotopes (carbon 12 v carbon 14 for example).
  13. To be fair, those teams passed on him in 1 single round of a draft. They'd have had 5 or so more chances had we not picked him up, right? So it's mathematically possible that 32 teams are pissed because we stole him when we did.
  14. When Manish Mehta says something (multiple times) that one agrees with, one must carefully and humbly ponder his or her commitment to rational thought.
  15. AWD: I have a 2006 suburban that I bought for 15k in 2009. Leather, sunroof, everything..but it's 2WD. Why 2wd? Because it handles michigan snowy roads just fine, it can tow 500lbs more than the 4wds, and I get 20.4mpg on the hwy. I can pull a 2000lb boy scout trailer and still get 19.5mpg. Car#2: An '08 Prius I bought in 2012. This goes to my wife or I, depending on who commutes the farthest that day. I'll let you know If it ever needs maintenance beyond an oil change, or gets less than 46mpg. Hasn't happened yet. New car? nope. I've played and lost that game enough.
  16. Hey Crusher, just curious.. did your son wrestle? In HS we had an amazing kid on the line. He wasn't as big as your son but he was an all-state freestyle wrestler. He knew all the secret 'angles' and could move us around like chess pieces, it was almost scary. Glad your son did well and remained healthy. Hope he can parlay it into college opportunities, if that's his goal.
  17. Humans have only had abundant food in the last century, and some still don't. So our bodies are still similar to bears: We demand Fat, Salt, and Sugar now, or we think we'll die. Since all chips have salt and fat, I bet they've juiced up the sugar content just a bit. Not enough that you taste it (gross), but just enough that your alarms go off. A hat trick of human dietary weakness! Edit: Rutgers beat me to my point. Sorry dude.
  18. "Trust Allah, but tie up your camel" - Arab proverb Make good decisions, and it doesn't matter what god thinks.
  19. Megatron does *way* more for the Lions than Stafford does. Even when he has just a few receptions.
  20. Like most perpetual arguments, everybody's right. -The players need to win now. Today. For them. For their career. You can't fault them for that. -The Fans need to win period, but we root for the logo. For the laundry. Faces change, and we can wait a year (and sit through some losses) to get the right faces.
  21. Well, I've seen at least 3 Manish Mehta articles that blame Idzik for our problems. That fact alone convinces me you're on the wrong side of this issue.
  22. I'd love to see them but they won't be in Michigan till next summer. I'm old and boring, so I never heard 'walk' until last week. Since the Doctors won't let me walk until Jan 22, it's my personal theme song. it's only been 2 months, but I believe I've waited long enough.
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