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  1. Last to post in this thread wins

    I'd like to win
  2. 200,000 posts

    Congrats guys!!! you have a great site here!!
  3. Dr. Andrews passed away recently correct? Will this hinder his rehab at all?
  4. Thanks and Props to JN

    yeah, you guys were awesome this week! Thank you very much...and expect more of us!!
  5. The Thing I Like The Best

    we're pros!!! That softball game is a great idea btw!!!
  6. Saw II

    I think so. Or some director/writer died. I can't remember. I googled it to but haven't found anything yet either
  7. Saw II

    Now that you mention it I think i remember hearing that-
  8. Saw II

    Just saw it for the 1st time last night. Real good movie. Me and my girlfriend both liked it very much. It looked like they are setting up for a couple of sequels too
  9. Pennington vs. Abraham

    I believe he was hurting too. Don't get me wrong. But word out on the 'street' was he could have played in the playoffs that year. About this year he wanted to prove that he could make it through an entire 16 game schedule. Which he did. I'm not all that anti-Abe. I was just pointing out the difference from 2004 to now. It really wasn't meant to flame Abe or promote Penny. Just how it's odd how things worked out
  10. Pennington vs. Abraham

    The irony is Abe sat to protect himself from further injury so he can get paid while Pennington didn't and now Penny will be losing loads of money and Abe will get a huge contract this year. That's the irony. EDITED to add that the fan perception of Abe was that he wasn't a team player and Pennington was laying it all on the line to get us deep into the playoffs
  11. Whats the cap implications...

    I think you're right. I was way wrong
  12. Whats the cap implications...

    My guess is $3 Million Law, Tajuan View Stats at Players Inc Site Player Info Draft Info CB (#24) Year: 1995 New York Jets Round: 1 Sharon, MA Position: 23 Salary History 2005 2500000.00 2006 3000000.00 2007 4000000.00 2008 6000000.00 2009 6000000.00 2010 6000000.00 2011 6000000.00 but he's due $12 million roster bonus so I don't know how that figures into the cap hit. I think the projected $28 million over the cap includes his $12 roster bonus
  13. Pennington vs. Abraham

    okay whatever. Anyway, that was the only injury he had up to the point he signed that contract and it was something that wouldn't be reoccuring unlike his shoulder issues he has now.
  14. Pennington vs. Abraham

    What?????? You don't think when Barrow fell on him and he broke his wrist was a freak injury?? I would love it if someone fell on Brady like that and you see you say he's fragile
  15. Why Are So many TGG guys going to JI??

    because it wasn't his fault we lost the game. You were justified in defending Chad at the time