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    i love the jets but they don't seem to love me back

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  1. YO' CUZ... HOWZE D.C. ? MUWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. this is a funny way to defend ND by citing miami players. it is telling that you avoided the substantive part of my post.
  3. one or two players a trend doth not make. this is like saying height doesn't matter at the QB position because brees has done well. despite such exceptions, you're still statistically better off with a taller QB. so in order to maximize your odds of not striking out, a GM should avoid ND players in the first (and possibly even 2nd) rounds because ND has 10x the national press coverage of other schools (i.e. NBC contract) and thus its star players get an artificial boost in value due to media hype/exposure/and familiarity. not saying a ND player can't succeed at the next level, you're just more likely to overpay for him in the draft.
  4. you're proving my point by comparing nd to the other school with the most over-rated players. thank you.
  5. yes but 3 stinks considering how many 1st round picks have been burned on dud ND players over that time frame.
  6. i understand the trepidation, although LT wasn't brought in to start.
  7. but only three in the last 20 years. i'm not disputing they used to be a great program but last 25 years or so they are the quintessential "over rated due to legacy" program.
  8. occasionally an ND player isn't a bust but, on average, domers are grossly over-rated.
  9. the only saving grace is that i'm not nearly as optimistic as game 1 of the 1999 season.
  10. if you want to maximize your chance of drafting a bust, take a domer in round 1.
  11. and if you take away peyton's superbowl ring he is dan marino.
  12. Hey at least she's not blaming it on a gland problem.
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