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  1. long time no see butt cut brother

  2. I got no problems with rules. I got problems with unequal application of them.

  3. Sweet! I hope my off season program of playing Tiger Woods on Wii kept me in in golf shape!

  4. I've got to go to Buffalo next week but after that I'm gonna knock a few around. Gotta get the rust off before I hit the course. Gonna get onto Cricket Club this year if it kills me! http://www.philacricket.com/Club/Scripts/Home/home.asp

  5. he got me by 6 strokes-- bastard can still play! was fun though; last time we played i couldn't even make consistent contact. how's the arctic circle?

  6. haha you a mod? WTF is this world comin' to? tn2_joe_pesci_4.jpg

  7. unc spoiled me. it's every man's right to enjoy 4 years where hot women have to be nice to us.

  8. congrats on making it down to bama for a game. me likey band leader. hummina hummina.

  9. thanks. how you been hitting them??

  10. it was fun; wife had never been to london or paris. always good to get home though. gotta go back in january.

  11. hopefully i'll make it up there soon! gonna see the jets play the birds preseason!

  12. That's heartwarming. We can snuggle, if you want.

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