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  1. Not for nothin, but Jeremy Shockey, Greg Olsen, Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, Vince Wilfork, Jonathon Vilma, Jon Beason, Antrel Rolle, Brandon Meriweather.

    this is a funny way to defend ND by citing miami players. it is telling that you avoided the substantive part of my post.

  2. Ray Lewis is overrated? Ed Reed is overrated?

    one or two players a trend doth not make.

    this is like saying height doesn't matter at the QB position because brees has done well. despite such exceptions, you're still statistically better off with a taller QB. so in order to maximize your odds of not striking out, a GM should avoid ND players in the first (and possibly even 2nd) rounds because ND has 10x the national press coverage of other schools (i.e. NBC contract) and thus its star players get an artificial boost in value due to media hype/exposure/and familiarity. not saying a ND player can't succeed at the next level, you're just more likely to overpay for him in the draft.

  3. As opposed to the University of Miami, which has had the most 1st rounders in the last 20 years but only 4 Hall of Famers in their history?

    Think before you speak.

    you're proving my point by comparing nd to the other school with the most over-rated players. thank you.

  4. http://www.profootballhof.com/hof/colleges.aspx

    3 in 20 years is great when you consider that Emmit Smith will be Florida's second in their entire history.

    Hell, Oklahoma and Nebraska only have three Hall of Famers each in their entire history. Three in 20 years in incredible.

    Oh, and when Bettis goes in in the next 2 or three years that will make it four in the last 20 years and tie USC with 11 all-time for most ever.

    And Tim Brown will make it five in 20 years and put them over USC with 12.

    yes but 3 stinks considering how many 1st round picks have been burned on dud ND players over that time frame.

  5. Yeah, occasionally. They've only produced the second most Hall of Famers of any college. :rolleyes:

    but only three in the last 20 years.

    i'm not disputing they used to be a great program but last 25 years or so they are the quintessential "over rated due to legacy" program.

  6. Yes, Jerome Bettis and Tim Brown were monumental busts. :rolleyes:

    ND's had hundreds of first rounders over the years. Like any school they've had their share of studs and they've had their share of busts.

    Comments like yours suggest you don't know what you're talking about so you prefer making a ridiculous comment to garner attention and generate posts fror Max.

    occasionally an ND player isn't a bust but, on average, domers are grossly over-rated.

  7. 3. I think the kick return **** is over blown. There were rule changes and it was obvious that the team and Westoff weren't prepared. If you take away Brad Smith's TD his numbers were considerably worse than Leon's. I don't advocate that, but let's not act like the guy was a shining upgrade at KR all season.

    and if you take away peyton's superbowl ring he is dan marino.

  8. Woman aims to become world's fattest

    10:30 AEST Mon Mar 15 2010

    Mar 15, 2010


    Donna Simpson is hoping to become the world's fattest woman.

    An obese mother in the US is trying to put on weight in order to become the world's fattest woman.

    Donna Simpson, from New Jersey, weighs 273kg but told the Daily Mail newspaper she had her heart set on reaching her goal weight of 1000lb (450kg) in two years.

    The 42-year-old already holds the title of the world's fattest mother after giving birth to her daughter in 2007 when she weighed 241kg.

    "I'd love to be 1000lb ... it might be hard though, running after my daughter keeps my weight down," Ms Simpson told the Daily Mail.

    Ms Simpson, who needs a mobility scooter to go shopping, eats huge amounts of junk food each week and tries to move as little as possible so she doesn't burn off as many calories.

    "I do love cakes and sweet things, doughnuts are my favourite," she said.

    Ms Simpson said she also loved eating sushi and would often eat 70 big pieces in one go.

    Her 49-year-old partner Philippe — who she met on a dating site for plus-size people — was encouraging her to reach her goal, she said.

    "I think he'd like it if I was bigger ... he's a real belly man and completely supports me," she said.

    To put on enough weight, Ms Simpson will need to eat 12,000 calories a day, which is six times the recommended daily intake for women.

    In order to pay for the enormous amounts of food she is eating — her weekly grocery bill is $815 — Ms Simpson makes money by running a website where men pay to watch her consume fast food.


    Hey at least she's not blaming it on a gland problem.

  9. You'll be happy to hear that the Samsung PN58B650 is their top rated TV in this category.

    yes, this is why i bought it. i'm a perfectionist when it comes to buying electronics. the pioneers were rated a little bit higher but are 150% more expensive.

    We went to Best Buy to look at models and really liked the Samsung 58" Plasma 58B860 (I think it's the same series as the one you have).

    However, we read reviews that the pic quality is excellent but that some plasma TVs (this model) buzz when mounted on the wall (the cooling fan).

    Do you have any issues with your Samsung plasma buzzing?

    none at all.

    Much appreciated, Slats! :love0040:

    We don't want to go lower than 55". Looks like we'll stick to the Samsung if we decide on plasma.

    we're happy with it. i'm not a gamer, either. i have a samsung lcd in my bedroom - the plasma has a better picture imho.

  10. can't believe some turds are gloating over this injury. welker is a helluva competitor who has fought an uphill battle his entire career because of his size and being stuck with the offensively-challenged fins for the beginning of his career. he's a real rags to riches success story and it's because he works his tail off. i for one have a lot of respect for a player like that which seems rarer and rarer every year, especially in the ranks of prima donna WRs. hating a guy like welker who keeps his mouth shut and does everything that is asked of him and more reeks of jealously in my opinion. classless.

  11. if we pay more for LT than we wouldve for TJ.. this would be a horrible move. smh

    it think the opposite is true--from what i understand for LT to approach $5mill under our offer he has to hit some performance benchmarks which either means greene goes down and we needed him or he performs better than 2009 indicated he would. either way, if he gets his $5mill we'll be glad to pay it.

  12. Your only argument has essentially been "I'm right and you're wrong because I say so". Everything the Jets have done has said the organization disagrees with you on each and every one of your points, and frankly that's enough for me. The fact is you get the responses you do, because the second somebody dares to come up with a contradicting opinion, you act like a complete jackass and bring it all upon yourself. Combine that with the fact that outside of repeating the same tired lines that don't actually prove anything, you refuse to debate the point other than insult the other person and tell them they're wrong no matter how foolish the continually make you look in debate. Whenever someone brings up a counter point that makes you look completely wrong, you either ignore the post all together or make some useless asinine comment to try to deflect attention away from that.

    Essentially, you're a Penningtologist but without the "aw schucks" gullibility factor or quite as long list of excuses.

    find the power button, go take a walk to burn off steam, and come back later. the site will still be here and you'll feel better, promise.


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