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  1. hey i see what you did there. don't worry, if i was in your shoes and without a retort i'd also do that. so kudos on doing what you can on what god gave ya. ps: waiting on that mock bro.
  2. porthouse isn't worth the $$, he should cut it and then pick up the free agent ribeye from the table across the resturant.
  3. yes, and your sarcasm isn't arrogant at all. obviously i wasn't obnoxious and arrogant enough since you can't even properly summarize my argument. i will redouble my efforts to inform you next time.
  4. first pic of cromartie's nanny taking the kids for a walk
  5. aec4's a big boy although i'm sure he's relieved that you rushed in here to bail him out. and by the way, i was debating people here who argued that the TJ wasn't worth the money by pointing out that (a) money doesn't matter so if ( the jets cut him due to money they were idiotic. so -- and i know this won't be understood by those who base their life's worth on being "correct" on a messageboard -- but i am quite happy that it looks like the jets decision wasn't based on money.
  6. nice so your opinion is based on fantasy football. i think i've proven my point here.
  7. wise man once told me that you judge performance based on what you see on the field.
  8. wise man once told me that you judge performance based on what you see on the field.
  9. haha you just knew that snyder couldn't resist doing something like this
  10. not for nothing but TJ looked terrible for 3 games at most... LT looked terrible for 15... (i think he missed 2 reg season games with injury)
  11. also cost us some extra pediatric visits on the team health plan but still a good deal!
  12. i guess you must hate greene for the turd he laid in the AFC champs then... and boy favre sure was washed up after "running out of gas" down the stretch for us in 2008.
  13. he's in for a shock when jamaal charles is the lead dog in KC he kept shonne green fresh to be in beast mode down the stretch... FACT plus he was freaking injured give the man a break
  14. can afford bling... ...and iced out watch... but can't afford child support?? THUG.TURD.
  15. having 6 kids by 7 women and owing client support despite being paid millions makes you a thug turd. in fact i think that is the prototypical definition of a thug turd. only thing missing is an unlicensed gun arrest.
  16. yeah... i know what you mean. if we sign him for $3 million or so i will wonder if we were better off keeping TJ for an extra 1.8. this will probably force us to give green a new deal too... running team so we need some green insurance imho and LW is not an every down back (in fact LT might not be anymore either).
  17. yup crummy year for UNC. but a team and a coach that has hoisted the trophy twice in 5 years doesn't need to make any excuses. at least roy didn't quit during a tough campaign like coach k in did 1994 and blame it on back problems.
  18. amen but good luck explaining why fans shouldn't really care about $$ in an uncapped year.
  19. so you figured why not start wasting time defending him before he needs it?
  20. as a committed jets darksider i gotta say that us jets pessimists are concerned about much more than mr. revis next year.
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