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  1. don't think they are hot and i don't want herpes. don't blame others if they think they are hot but i don't.
  2. because even they can't stand the company of other dolphin fans
  3. that's how i would spin it if the top recruits didn't want to come to my school.
  4. i'm willing to bet GOB can put 3 shots dead center before the other guy can pull his gat from his sweatpants
  5. Don't really know what the brass was thinking when they made the decision but the public announcement that they would try to resign him at a cheaper price pissed me off a little because that indicated money was more of a concern that it probably should've been. although many have suggested that pronouncement was a face-saving maneuver to placate the locker room and the fan base after an unpopular move... about getting more production with someone else - hope you are right but i don't know anyone available to fit that bill. sure maybe we have our eye on a back in the draft but you never know if he'll be there when we pick. Amen to that. don't want to turn this into a political thread but you can't find anyone on this board that agrees with this principle more than me.
  6. this is really the crux of this whole debate, or at least it should be. either we thought he had more in the tank and can repeat last year (pay him the $5 mill) or we didn't (cut him). i hope this was the reason to cut him. while i disagree with that decision, basing cutting him on money would be disappointing in an uncapped year IMHO.
  7. as long as we can get someone who is equal to or better than jones we'll be fine. but with final 8 rule and available players i don't know who that is. i'm worried we'll now have to use a high draft pick to get an RB that we could've used on another position had we not created this need by cutting TJ. if we now lose leon then we're really backed into a corner where the entire 2010 season will rest on a talented but injury-prone and fumble-prone 2nd year back who will be asked to carry the load for 16+ games for the first time in his life.
  8. thanks for proving my point that he was cut because tanny and rex thought he was done and not a money issue as some here are trying to argue "TJ wasn't worth it... let's sign him back for cheaper." i happen to disagree with them and i'm sorry that a different viewpoint sends you into novel-writing-rage mode. at the end of the day we're all jets fans and i hope this was the right move although i honestly fear it was not. time will tell.
  9. despite your patronizing attitude i'm not missing anything. the debate is really whether you like jones or not. i do, you don't. the fact that you need to also toss in the throwaway money argument in an uncapped year in a failed effort to bolster your position betrays your lack of confidence in your viewpoint. haha what? it takes two to argue. and don't lump me with the CB people i'm glad he was cut. the fact that you have to impute others' arguments onto me to debate proves that you don't have a substantive response. ps: i think i'm right as much as you do. stop being so narcissistic. "oh god if those wrong idiots would just stop argueing we would've have to keep arguing!!!"
  10. money is fungible, amigo. wonder how fresh shonn would've been in the playoffs without TJ carrying the load for most of the season...
  11. another fail with this slipperly slope argument. i'm only talking about one guy - one guy who ran for 1400 yards and 14tds last year. one dude who based on his contract with KC would've been overpaid 2.5 million had we not cut him. don't put words into my mouth. i'm saying in Jones' case the money didn't matter because i'm not sure shonn is ready to be trusted with a full load and i don't know if shonn would have a playoff burst without TJ taking the lead most of the season. i have said cutting lito made sense so if i really thought that money meant nothing i would've been against that too. but i'm not. my argument is that cutting JONES was a mistake because $2.5 million is more than reasonable insurance policy. while people keep using money as a justification after debating they always seem to retreat to arguing that jones is washed up so i don't really think anyone truly believes saving $2.5 million of woody's money is a justification for cutting a contributor because deep down they don't think he can continue to contribute.
  12. this is my point, it's not really the money, it's the lack of confidence in jones which is fine but let's call it for what it is - you think TJ is washed up.
  13. unbelieveable he still has a job after that. love leon but don't think he's the sharpest tool in the shed.
  14. huh? woody has a personal fortune. who is saying he's going to raid J&J coffers? and you tell me to get a clue.
  15. hell in that case, let's spend under the cap every year when there is a new CBA!!!! overpaying one vet back in one uncapped abberation year will affect ticket prices 0%. they are going to charge as much as they think they can, regardless of what they spend on contracts. besides, if anything it's the other way around, revenues will determine contracts and wins are what increases revenues.
  16. keels is desperately trying to be drew rosenhaus but is failing miserably.
  17. haha jets fans sure are creative. so cutting jones is now being justified to increase woody's charitable donations. pretty funny considering woody has shown zero charity to season ticket holders.
  18. that analogy is terrible. woody for all intents and purposes has infinite resources and overpaying for jones isn't preventing him from signing lucrative deals for whomever he wants because it's an uncapped year. i really am a little touched by all the concern shown for woody's bottom line though while he tries to ram PSLs down our throats - sounds a little like stockholm syndrome.
  19. obviously in a capped year we care but uncapped year let woody spend whatever he has to to put the best team on the field. now if you think TJ isn't the best option, money aside, then that's a valid argument. but in an uncapped year i just have to laugh at everyone who says they would take TJ back for less money.
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