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  1. this might carry weight if the jets were woody's livlihood and not a hobby for a billionaire.
  2. yeah i agree... i think a reasonable rule would be that no term can be in a contract that would not be physically possible for a player to reach on every team in the league. the poison pills regarding compensation would therefore be acceptable (i think hutchinson's PP was that if he wasn't the highest paid Olineman his entire contract would be guaranteed and since SEA had walter jones at the time who was making more than hutch they couldn't match) but the ones that read "if you play more than 4 games in cowboys stadium in a given year your entire contract becomes guaranteed" would be striken because the player could only obtain that term if he played for one team and thus has no value other than to c*ckblock.
  3. this is why you just go tell the usher when someone is doing something in movie theaters/sporting events if an initial glare doesn't work. some peoples' lives are so pathetic and empty that they must "win" any situation at any cost even something petty like "defending your honor" when someone asks you to please be quiet during a movie. yeah maybe that's a wussy move but if i show up to work monday with a black eye and broken nose people will think i'm a psycho. they show up with a black eye to whatever dead end job they have their buddies are giving them high fives. not worth it.
  4. yeah because saving money is important this year. if jets lose leon and greene gets nicked up (which he undoubtedly will without someone to share carries) cutting TJ will go down as one of the bigger blunders in jets history. we MUST keep leon and pray he comes back 100% and/or get someone legit in there to replace TJ.
  5. man i hate these kind of arguments. he gained those yards didn't he? how can you just take them out?
  6. you said it yourself though - the Oline deserves all the credit for TJ's great year so not getting hurt should be the top of your list...
  7. i will enjoy watching this turdsicle melt in the desert
  8. i hope whoever we get is better than or equal to jones. without TJ, shonn wouldn't have been a fresh monster in the playoffs. splitting carries is the best way to keep your run offense fresh all year. sure sounds like we will have to match any offers for leon at this point and pray he comes back close to 100%.
  9. can't believe i'm saying this but this sounds pretty close to the mark.
  10. ah yes the old poison pill - you mean like if NE guarantees the whole contract if leon plays more than 5 games a year in NJ like Seattle did with Nate Burleson? although NE would probably use a clause accelerating the whole contract during a future capped year. pretty shocked the NFLPA allows such provisions that are not bona fide bargained for contractual terms. i don't personally mind but seeing as those clauses can be used to eliminate bidding wars i'm a little surprised the union hasn't done something to prevent them.
  11. actually they would've given him the lowest tender since they'd be matching anyway so no need to set draft compensation.
  12. if i was rich and famous i would wear a camera on my head
  13. shocked to not find an admonition that flat screens are energy hogs and bad for the environment and bad for national security as they perpetuate our dependence on foreign oil.
  14. unfortunately even a ball gag won't work on a gold digger where there is a bag of money involved
  15. brad smith. always thought coles was never a true #1. he could actually do decently in the slot.
  16. hell we should cut greene too then and hire a bunch of undrafted free agents for league minimum.
  17. probably should've tendered a first to leon after cutting TJ. we are now facing the very real prospect of having only 33% of our top rated rush offense back next year.
  18. ya i'm the moron because i'm only attracted to intelligent women.
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