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  1. good so half of his reason was sound while the other half is disappointing given a no cap year. ask yourself this: why are the jets willing to bring him back at lower price? hmm? kind of tells you which one of these (skill or money) weighed most heavily on the jets mind.
  2. waste what? certainly not wasting dollars we could pay other players (salary cap). so what would it be wasting? billionaire woody's money? cry me a river. i want the best team. if the team doesn't think TJ is the best available, great then they should cut him. but if they are trying to cheap out in an uncapped year and willing to take a downgrade for save some $$ than shame on them.
  3. Just got this Tv and love it. There are higher quality out there but I determined this to give the best bang for the buck. this is the site i bought it from as well. http://www.vanns.com/shop/servlet/item/features/463502118/samsung-pn58b650 make sure you "Click here to get a better price"
  4. because of final 8 there is probably no one to fit that criteria. therefore the only available evidence (failing to keep expensive guys under contract) indicates money-saving mode.
  5. believe what you want but i wouldn't go anywhere near any of those narscissists.
  6. the fact that we can't play in the FA pool is even more reason to extend jones so your replacement for jones probably can't even be picked up by the jets. interesting. how about someone we can actually get?
  7. you should've put a period after "SOMEONE BETTER" and ended the post there. my only concern is an uncapped year is fielding the best team possible (without incurring huge obligations beyond 2010). if you think we can find better than jones, fine. i happen to not think that. i would be curious to see your list of better RBs that the jets could get.
  8. i think we're violently agreeing here. i'm saying that money should not have been a factor in cutting jones. i think jones is probably the best backup for greene next year and in an uncapped year $5 million is entirely reasonable for an insurance policy for a run-heavy team lead by a 2nd year player with some fumbleitis and injury history and with a scatback who is coming back from an injury and may never be the same (or may go to another team altogether). you think jones stinks. i never said that thinking a guy stinks is not a valid reason to cut someone in a uncapped year. so while i disagree with you about jones, i respect your opinion because now it seems based on the skill of the player, and not the money (which your first post in the thread seemed to indicate).
  9. literally prefer her rather than have to spend 30 seconds in a room with any of the kartrashians.
  10. so you value the owners getting some leverage over the players above the jets winning a championship? i don't.
  11. jones knows the system, ran 1400 yards and knocked in 14 td's last year. my point is i don't think we'll find someone better to replace him and that i think bit was right - this was about saving money which should not be a priority in an uncapped year. and i laugh at your insinuation that they're spending money "wildly" - this isn't a guy we're grabbing off the street and paying $5 million to - his compensation was set in his original contract which was written when there was a salary cap. if you think jones sucks, good for you. not sure why you're so threatened by my opinion that cutting jones was a mistake.
  12. you're proving my point. you don't like jones for any amount. so don't pretend it was about the money because the "value" argument is moronic this year.
  13. didn't say that. but unless the jets find someone better than jones to replace him, this was a failure of a transaction. i don't think they will find someone better. woody has enough money, i want a lombardi trophy.
  14. i'm sure woody is thrilled that you care more about him saving some $$ than the team winning. normally i'd agree with you but in 2010, money is out the window. if we get someone better than jones to replace him, fine. but i'd rather woody pay jones $5 million than pay $1 million for someone 90% as good as jones. not interested in value this year.
  15. can't imagine any woman less attractive than these vapid celebritards.
  16. agree. lito i understand but TJ i don't. pay him his money, it's the last year on his deal. unload him in 2011 when there is lockout/cap comes back. jets seem to be playing by salary cap rules still. frustrating. i also want to see them resign as much vet talent as they can now and accelerate as much as possible this year. uncapped year. this is a year to have the best team, not the best team for the money.
  17. if it's true what they say that when you sleep with someone you are actually sleeping with everyone they have slept with i need to look these dudes up.
  18. you admit you want the guy - what do you care if billionaire woody spends a little too much in an uncapped year? i wonder if he cares about charging fans outrageous PSLs? no? oh, too bad.
  19. well well well... i'm buying a powerball ticket this week for sure.
  20. don't really want to burn a high pick on a RB. don't have to if we have greene, leon and TJ. then we can go almost exclusively D with maybe a slot WR thrown in for first 4 picks.
  21. you've made your points and i understand where you're coming from - you hate him and 1400 yrds and 14 tds is explained away - you make good points about the offensive line as well. but if we end up with some scrub to replace TJ then this is going to stink like a cheap out money saving move only. and if that's the case that's a sad indictment of woody's desire to win.
  22. and my point is let shonn go beast mode and if he gets hurt we got TJ in reserve. pats fans forgot all about cassell until brady got hurt. no harm in having a capable backup. hell i hope i forget all about all our backups. wish i forgot about pouha this year. plus splitting carries keeps em both fresh. but hey, if you hate him you hate him and nothing will ever change that. no matter what he does, you'll just give credit to the offensive line. i wonder if greene has equal numbers next year what you'll say...
  23. well there you go, can't argue logic against emotion. guess we'll have to agree to disagree.
  24. you're confusing the rumor. it's the cards want either rhodes or a 3rd for boldin. not that they'll give a 3rd for rhodes (i think)
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