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  1. I don’t get this narrative. Would we rather Wilson have to open up at Pats, at Bills? Carolina wasn’t very good last year. I don’t think of them as a tough road game. All the pressure is on Sam here. He can’t lose to Wilson’s Jets week 1.
  2. I think much more pressure on Sam entering his 4th year. If he can’t beat a Jets team coming off one of the worst seasons ever, led by a rookie QB, dear Lord.
  3. Exactly. Tag him. Let him leave at 30 years old. If he’s healthy he will land a sizable free agent contract and we’ll be eligible for a comp pick. It’s like we’re operating like a professionally run organization.....
  4. I would like Wilson to see some action in the second half of the year. Maybe last 6 games.
  5. I like the Moore pick but man I would have loved Vera Tucker and Jenkins combo.
  6. PFF has Moore 22nd overall You won’t find a slot receiver with more tough catches on tape than Moore. He hauled in 73% of his contested catch opportunities this past season during his 1,193-yard campaign. That physicality makes me think he can hack it on the outside in the NFL.
  7. I don’t know. If JD prefers Elijah Moore (PFF ranked him 22nd overall) I’m happy JD got his guy again.
  8. What did Denver give up to move up to 35?
  9. How do we know if Darrisaw was a fit for La Fluers offense? Obviously AVT is. This stuff doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
  10. Trading up hurts but we get our guy. I’ll sleep fine tonight.
  11. It’s not nearly as sexy but I’d prefer doubling up on OL at 23 and 34. Grab a RT and an IOL at those spots instead of a RB.
  12. They land a high end OL and CB prospect at 23 and 34- I won’t complain.
  13. I’d like a guy like Jenkins at 23 but I trust JD to be able to find a solid IOL in the 3rd round. Wouldn’t mind seeing a different positional need addressed at 34. Certainly wouldn’t kick and scream if they want OL, OL but with so many other needs, I doubt it happens
  14. 80% of the board were “banging on the table” for one of these generational guards.
  15. I remember JN had some Mingo fan boys here leading up to that draft....
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