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  1. The article is spot on. As fans l, were just annoyed and impatient the deal hasn’t happened yet. I know I am lol. But rather be annoyed and wait in order to keep premium draft capital. Unlike jackasses like Beningo.
  2. How in the world hasn’t the compensation (or something close to what the comp will be) leaked yet?
  3. Wilson isn’t a slot WR. I mean, I don’t mind him there on occasion but he’s a beast on the outside
  4. Put Moore in the slot with Rodgers this season. Sit back and enjoy it
  5. But they won’t have him F off. Instead they will tag him for $32m which all of it goes against their cap. And if he has another solid season, next years tag will cost about $39m. Weve seen this before with Dak. If Gmen let DJ play this year on the tag, lol, good luck to them. QBs salaries will continue to rise the next 12 months. If I am Jones I’ll bet on myself with Daboll in a crap conference and next year have Gmen by the balls even more.
  6. I’d love to be up drafting Richardson AND trading for Rodgers. Let Rodgers play 2 years, Richardson just sits and watches. If Aaron still playing at a high level, the kid sits the 3rd year too.
  7. I agree with everything until fake champs. I can’t go there. Great game and we were robbed of a great ending. Maybe even OT.
  8. It was a terrible call. Period. If that went against our team, we’d all be preparing for ritual suicide.
  9. This would be an absolute disaster. A wasted year in which we have high end talent on cheap contracts. Everyone would be getting fired next year and the beat goes on…
  10. If we miss out on a top QB then prepare to go 6-11, everyone gets fired and we start rebuild # 146.
  11. GB waited one year too long and it’ll cost then draft capital and cap space. They will do all right in a trade but last year they would have crushed a team.
  12. In a conference with Mahomes, Burrow, Allen, Herbert, Lawrence; the plan should be to roll with Mike White? Jesus Christ.
  13. It might cost two first rounders. And to be quite honest I’m not sure we can say no given the lack of legit alternatives
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