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  1. Would love to know what the massive package Really was.
  2. It really is. I’m not putting him in Canton but this dude was supposed to be somewhat of a project as respects pass protection. I couldn’t be happier with what I am seeing and with his PFF grades. Trevor Lawrence, Beckton, cap space, extra premium picks. A glimmer of hope in these dark times...
  3. That’s gotta end. JD seems like the only adult we’ve had in the past decade. I hope the next coach reports to JD. Give JD the keys to the kingdom. Less Johnson Family oversight can only be a good thing.
  4. As bad as the Jets have looked, I wouldn’t be shocked if a month from now the Jets have one more win than the Giants.
  5. Preach brother! JD demanded a 6 year contract bc he knew this was going to take a while.
  6. I’m a huge Darnold guy but you’re 100% correct. Putting aside the 0-2 record I just need to see Sam play better, period. I still think we win 4 games but if it’s worse and we have a top two pick, Darnold is gone. New coach for JD neither of which selected Darnold will go in a different direction.
  7. 4 wins. Denver, Miami twice, Chargers, Bills, the Browns. Wouldn’t be shocked if they won 3 of those plus one unexpected against a good team.
  8. I don’t think so. People that feel like that might not remember just how bad 96 was because it was 25 years ago. And I still think this team finds a way to win 3 or 4 games. Something that team back then obviously didn’t do.
  9. Jesus Christ. The guy took over a team with one of the worst rosters in all of football. He’s only had one draft.
  10. Trevor Lawrence seems to be more of a once a decade prospect than every two years kind of guy. As far as the oline, If Beckton is a player and you add another lineman in the draft and maybe one via FA, you’ve got something cooking very quickly. I want Sam to succeed OR I want the first pick. I just can’t root for losses....yet.
  11. If we end up with the first pick- he’s coming out. He will be coming to a team with a new head coach and a GM that holds a good amount of extra draft capital.
  12. I can’t go there yet. I just can’t. The last few years have been so bad, I can’t root for losses....yet. We’re going to pick in the Top 10 again but I am really hoping a light switch turns on for Sam and he takes off even if our record doesn’t reflect it. I hope he’s the star we’ve been waiting for. But if we are sitting here at 2–10 then I’m all in on Trevor. Plus that also means Gase is gone too (it better mean that).
  13. Way too early for this. Having said that if we have the number one pick, we run to draft Lawrence and pair him with a new coach.
  14. Over analyzed on both sides. Bottom line- no excuse to not make that completion.

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