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  1. 13-35 record the past 3 years. New coach, new system, new QB. One of the youngest teams in the league. 6 wins sounds about right.
  2. Zach shows he’s got star potential and JD is safe.
  3. Keeping Darnold would have been an absolute disaster. You’ll see….
  4. I would love this but if I’m a betting man; this won’t age well, lol.
  5. I don’t disagree. But the idea of keeping Darnold, passing on a QB at 2, drafting Sewell (even after a trade down) was beyond illogically.
  6. Where are all the keep Darnold fans? Let’s bring em out and ban em for a week!
  7. If Beckton is healthy, he’s not a star - he’s a superstar left tackle.
  8. Exactly like hitting the lotto! I swear I’d love to play back the tape Evan and Joe who screamed about “not extending our best young player in Jamal”. Give me a break. JD robbed Seattle. I don’t care if both SEA firsts end up in the 20s. He robbed them blind. And skipped on paying an in the box safety $16m per.
  9. Not giving an extension to a 29 year old safety. Bravo. Tag him this year and maybe next too if needed.
  10. "Don't get me wrong, it's not like I didn't go out and have fun," he told Esquire in 2011. "But there's been a lot of players that come to New York and get caught up in the lifestyle, and before you know it, they're sent away to another team because it affected their performance. My number one priority was on the field. I've had fun. It's not like I've never gone out; I've done a lot of things. But I've always kept sight of my number one priority." -Derek Jeter
  11. Sounds like he’s retiring based of a bum ankle. Some on JN be like: Sign this beast, anyway, lol!
  12. But when we were 0-12 some in the media were clamoring “Trevor Lawrence should avoid the Jets at all costs”. No one talked about the fact that Jax (Hartford CT of the south) has been just as inept/worse than NYJ have been.
  13. I don’t get this narrative. Would we rather Wilson have to open up at Pats, at Bills? Carolina wasn’t very good last year. I don’t think of them as a tough road game. All the pressure is on Sam here. He can’t lose to Wilson’s Jets week 1.
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