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  1. Overpaying is what NFL after agency is all about. I know you can find diamonds in the rough but generally speaking - you have to overpay for FA (mostlybc of your teams inability to draft very well).
  2. Smart move by Miami. Tua and Fromm next year. Lawrence the year after. People act like it’s a federal crime to tank. Not sure why. Sure players don’t tank. But ownership and GMs can. Trade ur better players. Worry more about amassing draft picks then bringing in players (I.e save/roll over cap space), put some $hit head in at QB.

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    It’s such crap. No way do they call that on the Pats on d. Not a chance
  4. I wish Quentin Nelson was in this draft class...

    Possibly the most important stat on Gase

    The original poster said the record was 3-3. Sorry I didn’t fact check- I have a real life that doesn’t include the time to fact check MIAs record, versus the Pats, during Gases tenure. I am happy you have that luxury and could set the record straight. Noted, 2-4. Not 3-3! Regardless, what the author was essentially saying was that: Gase had nothing to do with MIA ever beating the Pats. It was that Brady hates playing in MIA. Hahahahhaha. I am sorry but that makes no sense at all. If you listen to anti jets folks, they kill us about our over dramatic, ultra pessimistic, the sky is always falling, everything sucks, everyone sucks (commentators, announcers, draft analysts, coaches, GMs) attitude. They don’t kill us bc of our fact checking or lackthereof in this case.

    Possibly the most important stat on Gase

    That’s right. Everything sucks. Everyone sucks. Gase is awful. Blah blah blah. So Gases 3-3 record against the Pats- you watch any of those games? Could you tell us anything that happened besides a few highlights you may have saw? My God, do some people realize how unintelligent their posts sound? This kind of thinking is why a lot of people talk crap at us Jets fans. Can’t blame them after reading that silly nonsense. Go call WFANs overnight with that stupidity.

    Good news everyone can agree on...

    We do need more picks. But could imagine drafting a franchise QB and an elite edge rusher in back to back years? It’s the most unJetiest thing I’ve ever heard of.
  8. I’m a Jets fan since 1985. I understand why most Jets fans are skeptical (I’m a glass hall empty Jets fan my whole life) but the reaction to this Gase hire- freakin drama queens. Does everyone want to be able to scream “I told you so!” if it doesn’t work out for Gase? Most of these Jets fans hate everyone and everything; whether it’s the draft analysts, coaches, GMs, etc. I don’t love Gase but I’m choosing to look at the positives. I wasn’t blown away by any of the candidates. Gase has HC experience- that failure should help. He’s an offensive guy. He holds players accountable. How about wait and see. Instead of bitching and moaning so you can tell “I knew it”.
  9. Exactly. There was no slam dunk candidate. Everyone had some warts. I’m not thrilled about Gase but let’s see how it goes before we call for his head.
  10. In the winter of 1995, the New York media and fans crapped all over the hiring of a new manager of a local team. His name was Joe Torre.

    Just hire McCarthy already

    McCarthy hiring doesn’t get me pumped up. But I see no alternative. To go the route of inexperienced coach yet again is just not a good idea. This has to be the hire.
  12. I agree with you. But do we feel this way bc of Mo, Richardson and Leo? If so, we are being silly. I’d like to think I just want an OLB for 3-4 OR a 4-3 DE edge rusher. With our luck we will finally skip the interior DLman who will become Donald-lite and we will draft Gholton-lite (although I don’t think it’s possible there is a lite version of that turd)

    Is Wentz "really" as good as we claim?

    Spot on. And if they can get him back to healthy - he can still be a top 5 QB going forward. Somewhat similar situation to Andrew Luck.

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