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    2019 Head Coaching Candiates

    Respectfully disagree. 6-10 and Bowles is gone while Mac survives. I think continuity is important but if Darnold shows he’s legit this year and we win 6 games I would love to clean house. Cleaning house with a potential 21 year old high end QB prospect is a LOT different than classic jets cleaning house projects.

    2019 Head Coaching Candiates

    I don’t see how Bowles survives if Ithe Jets go 6-10. i understand the build in excuses argument but he simply cannot hide from: 4 year record becomes 26-38, with zero playoff appearances and three straight seasons of 5, 5 and 6 wins. So if Jets Win 5 or even 6 games then we really find out what our “new owner” is made of while doofus is overseas playing politics. Doesn’t have to be splashy ala Harbaugh but someone who is offensive minded of course along with a strong OC and strong QB coach.

    Would you consider this...

    If Darnold passes the eye test this year showing he has real potential to be a legit QB, I think we finally land legit coach. As bad as this franchise has been for decades, a NY team with a 21 year old potential star QB (with 16 NFL games of film) I think there will be a line forming to land the HC job.

    Mack traded to Bears

    Not sure how people can comment how good or bad this is before seeing the compensation the Bears dealt away. But Ok...

    Mack traded to Bears

    I hope it’s 2 first rounders...will make me feel a lot better on missing out
  6. I heard the clip. Classic Bowels. He’s a jackass.
  7. 2018: Age 27 2019: 28 2020: 29 2021: 30 Sure I wish Mack was 25 but getting him for ages 27 thru 30 isn’t terrible.
  8. We got a 3rd round pick for a guy we signed a few months ago. It cost the franchise $1m. This $hit is straight Cashman level homey.

    Sam Darnold to start Week 1

    Cousins is better than Darnold. But this organization needed a prospect like Darnold.
  10. Several years. Like the Giants gave Eli.
  11. I could care less about our record this year. All I care about is Darnold, his progression and whether or not he is the real deal.

    Now I’m genuinely aggravated!

    No way. It's business and all about leverage. The Jets traded a bunch of draft capital to move up to secure Darnold, our supposed QB hero after decades of disappointment. Plus Barkley signed with the Giants. The optics are far worse for the Jets than Darnold. I'll never take the side of the shady billionaires (NFL owners).
  13. Tell me more please! great article!
  14. Does anyone know where or when Sam Darnold Jets apparel will be available? Want to get something for my Dads birthday next week and right now all I can find are Darnold jerseys and tee shirts with the number 1 on the back. When will his real number be available on those items in stores?

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