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  1. If Darnold is playing well enough to justify this salary....Man, I would LOVE to have this “problem”.
  2. Sign this beast! ....and Jeramiah to be his right hand man too!
  3. That play didn’t tie the score. The Mets had already tied the game (via wild pitch). If Buckner fields it cleanly and IF he beats Mookie to the bag, they go to the 11th.
  4. The game was already tied up at the point. The Sox weren’t about to win. They were about to go to extra innings. Also if I was a betting man....Mookie beats him go the bad anyway.
  5. No you aren’t wrong. No one knows how these draft picks will turn out. Except for some on this board that act like they have scouted, watched all the game tape and players in person etc.
  6. Trade Leo and a 5 FOR a 2. Get your center.
  7. My preference is an edge rusher OR a trade down where Mac gets legit value to move down. I am not a fan of another interior lineman but it seems everyone -Pro footbal Focus, Daniel Jeremiah, CBS Sports, Kiper, McShay - all have Q. Williams as one of the top two players in this draft. Unlike many here on JN who pour over player game tapes, I haven’t watched any tape on Williams but can this kid be an elite 3-4 defensive end? If we end up with him I fu$kin hope so.
  8. Don’t worry. There is no chance even the idiotic Skins would make that deal.
  9. You may be right. On the flip side if the Jets had the Browns personnel currently, this board would be going absolutely ape sh*t.
  10. I’m not suggesting he would get lazy. If he goes out and finally has a great year I would just be hesitant to pay him big bucks. Im hoping someone offers us a second round pick for him and we do it.
  11. Trade him now. Even if he has a big year this year- does anyone trust him enough to hand over a huge contract to him?
  12. Yes. At times, at a bar or a restaurant we discuss sports. Its kind of like how you’ve made several thousands posts about sports on the internet.
  13. A OG is not as sexy as a high end pass rusher but I think I would do it. After 35 minutes of drunken debate we then all agreed March - after NFL FA but before March Madness starts - is a dead week of sports lol
  14. Let’s say Bosa was available at 3. And the Colts decided - they loved him. Would the Jets deal #3 for a second year OG that has the look of an All Pro?
  15. Drunken discussion with some friends this past weekend. The colts call us and offer Quenton Nelson FOR the 3rd pick overall. Whats our answer?

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