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  1. If he wins the SB this year, I’d go out on top. Peace out. Middle finger to BB.
  2. It’s amazing how many people think Watson is just going to be given away. Your post is on point. In the box safety netted two first rounders. 25 year old franchise QBs might cost a little bit more than that....just a little
  3. Devonta Smith isn’t the only play maker in this draft. LOL, people watch a few games and act like he’s the only high end play making prospect. I’d much rather trade back to 4, 7 or even 8....pickup a bunch of extra picks and draft a Chase, Pitts, Waddle. QBs always rise come draft day. Teams will pay a premium to move up. If JD doesn’t pick a QB most ideal situation is for ATL to offer us a couple of 2s and a 3 to move up. Chase/two second rounders/third rounder >>>> drafting Smith at 2
  4. You can trade back and still get an impact skill player. Not sure why people act like impact player makers only available in the top 2. So silly.
  5. Our in the box safety wanted out and was acting far worse than Watson. We still got two ones and a 3rd for Jamal. And you think Watson is getting dealt for a 1 and a 5th, lol? Watson is a legit 25 year old franchise QB....
  6. The difference is Watson has proven to be a legit Top 5 NFL franchise QB.
  7. I am rooting for taking a QB at 2. But if JD feels trading back once or twice, I’ll back Sam 100%. If they were to trade down with ATL, then again with a team like CAR - we could add a sh*t ton of second and third round picks over the next two years. We all agree we have an awful roster so on the bright side we can turn it over quickly.
  8. If we stick with Darnold and don’t draft a QB then that means we’d very likely pick up his $25m 5th year option. So we’d essentially be committing to Sam for two years. I wonder if a first time HC and JD would do it. Maybe they think an experienced game manager who would allow them to trade back in the draft would pay quick dividends.
  9. Don’t lose sleep over it. JD wasn’t logging into JN to see what we were rooting, for advice. I’ll support whoever he hires; think he’s more qualified than any of us to make the right decision.
  10. Progressions, progressions, progressions! Everyone around here is now a scout. Love it!

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