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  1. There’s no excuse for this. This is billion dollar franchise. What kind of CEO would run a company like this? I’m dumb founded at the stupidity.
  2. “He might face a playoffs-or-else ultimatum next season” So ya gonna let a GM who has a 2019 playoffs or bust ultimatum spend $100m of cap space. This would be so classic Jets - it’s not even funny. The Johnson’s are setting us up to be left holding the bag.

    Le'Veon Bell, Yes Or No?

    Please provide list of free agents WRs that you would like to “load up on”.
  4. Mac hasn’t been good. Thrilled he moved up aggressively for Sam but Leo and Adams were no brain, safe picks. How’s he been doing in Rounds 3-5? Also, I just read he offered a 4th for Fowler. Fowler is an UFA after this season. We have no 2nd round pick next year and Mac wants to deal a 4th for a rental? This team isn’t close to sniffing the playoffs. This shows Mac is in CYA mode which means all he cares about is short term impact. Its ludicrous to keep him around and give him 100m to write blank checks with. Bring in a new GM. One with a shiny 4 year contract who isn’t pressured to win immeidately. A GM who can actually pick his own head coach. Weve spent decades trying to find a franchise QB and we may have one in Sam. Now go the distance. New GM who brings in offensive minded coach.
  5. Going to be an interesting off season. The WR free agent list is average at best. And it’s not like the Jets are the only team with tons of cap space. Hope our next GM can get creative.
  6. Anyone else concerned that if the Jets keep Mac around next year he will be ina must win situation and go on a drunken free agency spending spree? And in the history of the NFL when does that ever work out? Rather clean house, select a new GM who won’t feel pressure to win immeidately and spend wildly in free agency. Regardless of our history this job is an attractive one. NY Team, Sam Darnold, tons of cap space. A top 10 pick.

    Next Head Coach?

    Start of the year- I didn’t think he was getting sacked. Regardless of my feelings about him and his shortcomings- they aren’t bringing him back. I’d take that bet.
  8. He absolutely talks way too much. If he cut that in half we would be excellent. I love Darnold. I love hearing ex QBs and scouts say good things about him. But yesterday it got to a point where I was done with all the Darnold adulation.
  9. Who cares. Maybe Hunt would have won us a couple extra games last year causing us to fall further down in the draft order. Who knows- we may not have Darnold bc of it. Michael Kay annoys me but I think his “Fallacy of Predetermined Outcome” is pure gold. And it applies here.

    2019 Head Coaching Candiates

    Respectfully disagree. 6-10 and Bowles is gone while Mac survives. I think continuity is important but if Darnold shows he’s legit this year and we win 6 games I would love to clean house. Cleaning house with a potential 21 year old high end QB prospect is a LOT different than classic jets cleaning house projects.

    2019 Head Coaching Candiates

    I don’t see how Bowles survives if Ithe Jets go 6-10. i understand the build in excuses argument but he simply cannot hide from: 4 year record becomes 26-38, with zero playoff appearances and three straight seasons of 5, 5 and 6 wins. So if Jets Win 5 or even 6 games then we really find out what our “new owner” is made of while doofus is overseas playing politics. Doesn’t have to be splashy ala Harbaugh but someone who is offensive minded of course along with a strong OC and strong QB coach.

    Would you consider this...

    If Darnold passes the eye test this year showing he has real potential to be a legit QB, I think we finally land legit coach. As bad as this franchise has been for decades, a NY team with a 21 year old potential star QB (with 16 NFL games of film) I think there will be a line forming to land the HC job.

    Mack traded to Bears

    Not sure how people can comment how good or bad this is before seeing the compensation the Bears dealt away. But Ok...

    Mack traded to Bears

    I hope it’s 2 first rounders...will make me feel a lot better on missing out
  15. I heard the clip. Classic Bowels. He’s a jackass.

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