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  1. Exactly. Next year the teams who lose out might get into a bidding war but this year- no way.
  2. Gallup is 24 years old making $750,000 this year and less than $1,000,000 next year. He isn’t going anywhere no should he.
  3. 21 year olds who’ve spent most of their lives working towards this moment (getting drafted into the NFL). Let them say whatever they want, give me a break. These kids ain’t getting on TV with pom poms. Joe Judges overreaction to what these kids shouldn’t say is so silly. But go with that Joe. Try and be fake BB. That works out for some many of his former coaches.
  4. I agree I’m not losing sleep over it but the fact we didn’t invest in one other WR does bother me a little bit. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day but I am concerned - if the WR unit deals with injuries or Mims takes a while to develop could be rough.
  5. What if Arians adjusts to the strengths of his 42 year old QB instead?
  6. I hope so. I just wonder if the top OTs and QBs are gone - who is the player that someone will pay full price to move up for.
  7. What’s not debatable is your inability to read as the original poster said he was one of the best players in the league. You’re commenting he’s an elite player. Big difference between elite player and of the best players in the NFL. If he was one of the best players in the NFL- why aren’t 31 teams lined up offering two first round picks? I would think one of the best players in the league would warrant more than that no?
  8. One of the best players in the game? Dear Lord, Lol.
  9. 66 games started min his career 32 sacks hmmmmm......
  10. He was great but sadly always banged up. Did he ever play an entire season in his career?
  11. I always applaud athletes betting on themselves. I wish him the best. But going to a team with Bridgewater at the helm, Mcafrey as the focal point and DJ Moore the WR1 - I wonder if that was the best move. Would love to know how much guaranteed money Jets we’re offering. Hopefully that leaks
  12. I don’t disagree in a vacuum. But Darnold is entering Year 3 and who are his WRs right now? Also people sometimes forget that even great players take a year to develop. Just bc we use a high pick on a WR doesn’t mean they are very good from Day 1. I would have bit the bullet and overpaid Robby on a short term deal.
  13. Perhaps Ty Williams isn’t worth as much as he got paid?
  14. would love to ask these guys what JD should have done differently, A few lineman got tagged, one didn’t want to come to NY. A few others got overpaid to go elsewhere bc ya know, there are 31 other teams vying for their services. JD will build thru the draft but in the meantime I love seeing the proactiveness. Especially all the contracts seem short term and reasonable.

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