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  1. Tell me more please! great article!
  2. Does anyone know where or when Sam Darnold Jets apparel will be available? Want to get something for my Dads birthday next week and right now all I can find are Darnold jerseys and tee shirts with the number 1 on the back. When will his real number be available on those items in stores?
  3. Second sentence is Post of the Year. My Facebook feed is littered with the most ignorant $hit. People that have seen Darnold play “a bunch of times” are better equipped to evaluate QB talent than Scouts Inc, PFF, Kiper, McShay, Mayock, Jermamiah...
  4. If we had drafted years ago people would have been outraged. Wentz a couple years ago, JN would have needed to bring in therapists. Sure I prefer Darnold and Rosen but I am no scout.
  5. F the gd chart. Especially when you are QB hunting...
  6. Totally agree. The idea the Jets gave up too much is ludicrous. The Colts were trading down- that’s pretty clear. So at least 2 QBs we’re going in the top 3. So the Jets should have stayed at 6 hoping that Clev didn’t trade out at 4 and Denver didn’t take a QB at 5? Absolutely not. No thank you.
  7. I completely agree. Having said that if a guy like Rosen is ready to play you play him. Seattle gave Matt flynn $10m guarenteed and a 3rd round pick (Wilson) ended up the starter. Same thing could happen.
  8. Amen brother! And if we pick the right QB even Bowles won’t be able to keep him from shining,

    Gil Brandt’s latest draft predictions

    If Mayfield is he consensus top Jets QB I am OK with this. But if Bowles and Mac are doing this bc they think Mayfield is their best shot at another extension....oh vey!

    Can a #3 overall QB in Rosen

  11. I am no scout but apparently you are. I haven’t watched every snap of Allen’s career but apparently you did. I wasn’t at the combine, pro day or senior bowl to scout but apparently you were. I know Kiper, McShay, Jeremiah, Mayock, Scouts Inc and former NFL QBs all suck and have no idea what they are talking about (but you do), but most of these guys believe that Allen is a legitimate high end QB prospect. Are we to believe that the opinion of some rando on a Jets fan website (that’s you) is more relevant than the aforementioned? Sorry but to make a football analogy, your a JAG; we all are compared to people that are paid to do scout. I don’t know which QB prospect(s) will bust but it is tiring to hear “this guy sucks” from people who truly lack any real ability to say that so strongly. Sure I have my own top 4 QB ranking for this draft class but it means nothing. Which is why I don’t really take an extreme opinion like “we absolutely cannot draft this guy”. If Jets had moved up to take Carson Wentz from Bumblefuk, I wonder what some people on this board would have done? Ritual suicide perhaps? Less than 3 weeks we have both NY teams making picks that could potentially effect both franchises for the next decade. So. Slow ya roll, kickback and enjoy. And whoever we land, buy the damn jersey and pray we have finally landed a star.
  12. Those guys know as much as we do as far as what the Jets will do. I prefer Rosen but would anyone be floored if the Jets took Mayfield over Rosen? Not me, been watching since 86, I've this organization do far worse.
  13. One of the “cons” about Rosen is that his teammates don’t like him, he’s not a great leader and teammates won’t follow him. But Rosen has been very outspoken against Trump. Regardless of his socioeconomic background, wouldnt his pro left politics play well with a league that is predominately African American? I would think his black teammates would absolutely appreciate his outspokenness. I am curious as to why none of the talking heads haven’t considered this? I’d love to hear opinions from former NFL players, particularly African American ones.

    Quarterback draft stuff

    My bad. Was on the subway when I posted that. I was distracted by the homeless man who was getting ready to defecate in the corner. How exactly did DiBlasio win a 2nd term so easily.... Anyway, for the anti QB fans. Like I said, we can bust on any pick. Whichever QB we take in a few weeks, I am buying their jersey and praying. Every night.

    Quarterback draft stuff

    Can you show a similar chart with DE, CBs, OLB, etc to see how many bust? we get it. The draft is a crap shoot. But it’s a crap shoot regardless of position. I am 40 and have been watching since 1986. I’ve seen us miss picks before; quite a few lol. If we are gonna miss- miss big baby! Roll the dice on a QB, the most important position in sports.