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  1. We can’t rush the QB. And we can’t protect our own QB.
  2. Lack of NFL ability is a far greater issue for Falk than lack of reps.
  3. I’m not a huge Gase fan but does everyone see what I see? A terrible roster, a QB that doesn’t belong starting an NFL game.
  4. Perhaps some people’s love of the Jets blinded them to the reality of the situation. The overall roster is terrible and has been for years now. Macc drafted horribly over the last several years and put us in a hole that will take JD a couple of good drafts to fix.
  5. I guess I don’t understand how Gase saying that (instead of we can compete right now) would make you feel better about him or the situation.
  6. Absolutely right. In the bizarro world of JN people act like JD had a ton of options to make this team better. Ya know, after free agency and after the draft when he was actually hired.
  7. I don’t recall people on JN screaming for Hock at 3. Maybe I am misremembering
  8. Could you imagine JN reaction if the Jets had taken a TE at number 3.....
  9. I love Sam. I want him to be awesome. And I think he will be. But he played bad yesterday. Missed a TD early to Robbie. And the late one during a 2 min drive. Those sting. He should not get killed over it nor should he get a free pass, regardless of the kicking game. A lot of yesterday falls on his shoulders.
  10. Perhaps playing a team with excellent pass defense, who was pressuring Darnold a good amount had something to do with it?
  11. I love Darnold. But a lot of games come down to just a handful of plays. Darnold cant miss an open Anderson for a TD early on. Or an open Anderson late for a potential huge game.

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