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  1. Agreed. If we can trade Adams for a mid first rounder and land a starting Olineman and get an additional 3rd round pick I would begrudgingly do it. My hope is a team offers a 1st and a 2nd rounder.
  2. I don’t think any NFL teams gives up a 3rd round pick FOR a 28 year Bell making big money. This has 4th round pick written all over it.
  3. I don’t want to turn this into a Jamal Adams thread but any chance Oakland would send their 2 first rounders (currently 14th and 18th overall) FOR Adams? I love Adams but if JD could pull that off - I would be thrilled. We need to premium picks...
  4. What Round draft pick do people think Bell will Net us? No more than a 4th rounder IMO
  5. I’m a huge fan of Darnold desperately hopeful he is awesome. But I don’t think he played a good game yesterday at all. Why can’t both sentiments be true?
  6. Root for Darnold to play like a superstar. Let the wins or losses come as they are.
  7. But if Joe is gonna scream that the media is the reason Mike McCarthy doesn’t have a job- give me some facts. That kind of statement without backing it up with facts makes him look like a moron who’s just making crap up. I actually like Joe and Evans show but that segment was atrocious. An embarrassment. Joe sounded like a whiny little b1tch.
  8. I am not a huge Gase fan but I heard the entire segment. Joe sounded so unintelligent. At one point he kept “Stop it with the roster, I don’t want to hear about the roster”. Someone needs to clue this bozo in that our roster is terrible. Then he yelled about how the team would be better off with Mike McCarthy. Really, prove it? Show me. Oh wait, he can’t. So why was he screaming about it. Then he blamed the media for McCarthy not getting a HC job anywhere. But did not provide any real back up to that. No facts. Nothing. Gimme a break.
  9. I agree with you. And I am someone who desperately wants Sam to be awesome. But I can still root for him and hope he’s great while being critical of his current play, regardless of the roster. I don’t understand why it has to be one or the other
  10. You think if we get the first pick, it’s ludicrous for a new GM (who is not an emotional homer Jets fan) with a 6 year contract and didn’t draft Darnold to pick an elite QB prospect in Tua? I don’t think we have a shot at number one overall but if we do, everything and anything should be on the table (trade down, stick and pick, Tua, Chase Young, etc). To sit here and unequivocally state “we would have to trade out of #1 no matter what!!” - that makes no sense.
  11. If the GM who signed a 6 year contract lands the number 1 pick and loves Tua- you make the pick and trade Darnold. But I really don’t see us getting the first pick so it’s a moot point. We will land in the top 5, hopefully someone wants to trade up for a QB (Herbert, Fromm, etc).
  12. What was the actual offer for Quinnen? All I saw was blockbuster.
  13. Would love to hear Dallas’s best offer.
  14. How many INTs and forced fumbles does he have in his 33 game career. Asking for a friend...

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