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  1. Have we ever seen a 23 year old so mismanaged? How many coaches in 2 and half years? How many OCs? Bottom 3 OL his entire career so far. And the worst coach in football to top it off? If a team with an aging QB is picking in the 20s (Colts, Steelers etc), it makes complete sense to roll the dice on Darnold for that first round pick. From a risk reward standpoint it’s a pretty clear choice.
  2. Great post. Some angry Jets fans want to believe we will walk to 0-16. It doesn’t happen like that historically. Two games against a Pats team that is done, Miami, the Chargers, even the Raiders. We will be dogs in every game but sh*t happens. Weather, bad calls, bad bounces, injuries, etc. I pray I am wrong but this team is winning at least one game. We win two we ain’t getting Trevor - he will be a Star in Jax.
  3. sh*t happens. Injuries, bad calls, bounces. I wouldn’t be shocked if we beat Miami or the Chargers. I know this sounds nuts but are the Pats unbeatable? Start of the 4th Q today it was a 3 point game. Anyone who thinks we are waltzing to 0-16 is crazy. There’s a reason only two teams have gone 0-16. You have to be very bad and also a little unlucky.
  4. I really don’t see us landing the first pick. The Jaguars are worse than us and they will win a tiebreaker. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Jax lose out. I think we end up 2-14 somehow.
  5. He is playing much better this year. He’s young. Under team control for 3 years after this. Some players/positions take time to develop. He seems to be coming along.
  6. Jax just blocked a punt and took it to the House! Lotta time left but would LOVE a Jax win here. Their schedule gets tough real soon and they are awful. If they can get to two wins today - it would allow us to win 1 game and still secure Trevor
  7. You do know they have an extra first rounder, an extra 3rd, a ton of cap room, plus a potential extra second rounder they get for Darnold.
  8. The ATL coach. Jesus Christ. Up 2, one minute to go, DET has no timeouts left. How about kneel a couple of times and kick a 25 yard FG at the buzzer to win?
  9. I think the only thing that’s going to get this franchise on the right track is for us to hit on an uber prospect like Lawrence.
  10. I’m so desperate for Lawrence. Even though I know we should hold Darnold in case we don’t land number 1 pick, I would roll the dice baby! Trade him now. Our chances to win a game or two falls and see what happens.
  11. A great NFL coach > a great NFL WR. Imagine starting over with Trevor Lawrence and Sean Payton together. That’s the least Jetsiest thing I’ve ever heard of.
  12. In a heart beat. Problem is he would likely want full control no? I wonder if he’d be OK for for JD or any other GM for that matter
  13. Why not just draft Lawrence, trade Sam for a second round pick and call it a day. That would mean we rebuild with Lawrence plus an extra two first round picks the next two drafts and an extra second rounder as well.
  14. He’s one of the best QB prospects over the past 20 years. That doesn’t mean he will be a star but there is no denying his status as an elite prospect.
  15. Absolutely reasonable. Actually would love to see Bekton be a mauling road grader RT. ”Skeptical about Lawrence” is just silly. Trying too hard to be a contrarian.
  16. Exactly. Everyone thinks we gonna coast to Trevor Lawrence. Much rather play a rookie like Tua than Fitz
  17. Funny, Joe Beningo (who was right about Gase) was screaming about how great Mike McCarthy was. He was the man. And Matt Rhule was trash.
  18. Yea, The trade is sexy but we have so many needs. Have to trust that JD can draft solid players late first, early second and mid second (Darnold trade pick we get back).
  19. I love this. It deserves to be on the JN home page or something. Awesome!
  20. If we are 0-15 going into the final week and say Jax is 1-14 with SOS tie breaker over us....Darnold sits and the 4th round QB plays. Period end of story.
  21. I’m actually far more concerned we don’t end up with the first pick. I wouldnt be shocked if Darnold played an A game and we beat the Chargers or Dolphins.
  22. We have a chance to draft an Andrew Luck, Lebron James, Sidney Crosby type prospect. The kind of player as a Jets fan we never ever thought would end up on our team. A guy who comes in on a 5 year rookie deal. Why the hell would we trade that for draft picks? Can we ban “trade for more picks” threads for the next 6 months?
  23. God I hope you are right. But the idea that these guys win one game isn’t out of the realm...
  24. We are concerned with only 7 other teams as PHIL and CINN tied (which is like a win in draft order race). Some of those 7 other teams have head to head matchups so somebody has to win. The number 1 pick is absolutely NO lock. The Jaguars might not win another game which means if we win just one game, we could lose out to Trevor to Jax via SOS tiebreaker. I fear Washington but hope they can win one more in their trash division. But I’m telling you, Jax is the team to watch. The Jets are not going 0-16. I wish that were the case but I doubt it. sh*t happens in NFL games. Injuries, bad calls, bad bounces.

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