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  1. Q is solid, no off the field issues. Not great, not a JAG. That said, you can’t pay him the amount of money he will get on the open market a year from now.
  2. Agreed. What team isn’t open for business to trade back in this draft, lol?
  3. You’re wrong. JD can simply press the big red trade down button and magically someone will give up a haul….
  4. I’m not trying to act like I’m a football scout. But keeping it simple at age 23 last year he had 7 sacks. This year he has 6. I understand there is no to DL play than sacks however he seems to be a good player that someone (based on the economics of the sport) will pay him like he’s a really good player. I would kick the can….let him play out his 4th year next year and see what happens. If he’s solid again but not great, let him play on his 5th year option.
  5. I like Q and I want to see the Jets take care of home grown talent. But I just don’t want to pay Q $20m per.
  6. Sad but true. Right about now if trade a loss to Jax for an elite edge prospect
  7. I got sadness because… This past year: 4 and 10= Kyle Pitts and DeVonte Smith
  8. Kyle Pitts and Jamar Chase went 4-5 last year; sigh….
  9. I’m annoyed by the inaccuracy on short passes but can’t ignore this significant and positive stat. The kid has been dealing without his top wideouts lately and missing some OL. He’s battling and not turning the ball over. It should be commended as much as his poor play has been condemned. Silly to write this kid off without seeing him play next season.
  10. It was killer. I don’t care Wirfs plays RT. The guy is excellent and hasn’t missed a game in his career.
  11. Agreed. This team has so many needs, not sure we have the luxury to do that.
  12. God I pray you are correct. Cause right now this kid looks like a bust. I’m hoping he comes back next season looking like a completely different QB
  13. I’ve been a proponent of tanking for years. But I can’t, I just can’t. I hope Wilson goes nuts and throws for 300 per game and jets win out.
  14. Classic Jets right there! Look, I’m concerned about Zach but not going to jump off the roof just yet. Coming from BYU to the NFL a is a huge jump. I’m not losing all hope yet. If he still looks like this a year from now, I’ll lead the ritual suicide lol.
  15. I’m shocked he can’t spend the next 4 years of his life super motivated, eating right, staying under 350 pounds. If he does that there would be piles and piles of cash waiting for him.
  16. Yes, first post this year about the mythical “trade down button!”
  17. If the Jets since the year on an extended losing streak we got bigger problems than toe breakers. Need to see some signs of life.
  18. I hated the content of the article bc we need Zach be really good but to be honest, the supporting data and video is (sadly) pretty legit. I can’t get on the author or say he has an agenda. That’s just sour grapes or me being a homer.
  19. It was a bad signing but thankfully JD built in an escape hatch; after next season he gets cut with a dead cap hit of 667k.
  20. I thought he did too but someone needs to explain to me how there was clear and indisputable evidence to overturn the call on the field.
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