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  1. Are we still mad at JD for not resigning Robby Anderson? Asking for a friend. Last 16 games: 3 TDs. He’s gone over 80 yards receiving in a game just twice. Ten of those 16 games, he’s been under 50 yards receiving.
  2. If only we were like Carolina….who will have to pay Darnold $33m a year really soon. That’ll work out well….
  3. I’m a JD defender for the most part. But if they knew Mims was not a fit for this offense he should have been dealt this past offseason. Now his value is minimal,
  4. All valid points. But like most things in life, it’s not black and white. This team is so bad right now there is enough blame to go around, including the rookie QB. What I don’t understand are people giving up on a rookie QB from BYU after 3 NFL games. It’s illogical.
  5. Put Mims on the outside, Moore in the slot. See what happens.
  6. The Mims thing has to be worked out. Maybe he can’t run the entire route tree but your telling me he can’t be valuable in the vertical passing game? Boo.
  7. I am fan of JD but not afraid to criticize him. The Mimis situation is bizarre. Zugina, smh. But JDs only had two drafts. So while that brutal 9-25 start is factual it also lacks context. I am not happy with what I see so far from a bunch of his players but I think we need to wait and see how this coaching staff develops these players. If it doesn’t work out I’ll break out my pitch fork too. But JD took over the worst roster in football. And we currently have the youngest roster in football coming off a historically bad season. As with Wilson, let’s see how this plays out.
  8. Yes, after two games from a rookie- you should be embarrassed that’s your take. Just clueless.
  9. Everyone needs to relax. Our rookie QB from BYU is gonna have some growing pains.
  10. Did this silly announcer just commend Mac for NOT throwing to a WR who was apparently wide open for a TD?
  11. 13-35 record the past 3 years. New coach, new system, new QB. One of the youngest teams in the league. 6 wins sounds about right.
  12. Zach shows he’s got star potential and JD is safe.
  13. Keeping Darnold would have been an absolute disaster. You’ll see….
  14. I would love this but if I’m a betting man; this won’t age well, lol.
  15. I don’t disagree. But the idea of keeping Darnold, passing on a QB at 2, drafting Sewell (even after a trade down) was beyond illogically.
  16. Where are all the keep Darnold fans? Let’s bring em out and ban em for a week!
  17. If Beckton is healthy, he’s not a star - he’s a superstar left tackle.
  18. Exactly like hitting the lotto! I swear I’d love to play back the tape Evan and Joe who screamed about “not extending our best young player in Jamal”. Give me a break. JD robbed Seattle. I don’t care if both SEA firsts end up in the 20s. He robbed them blind. And skipped on paying an in the box safety $16m per.
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