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  1. I would do this in a heart heart. We can’t expect to trade for a 25 year old franchise QB and not feel the pain of whats required to give up.
  2. He’s a 25 year old legit top 3, top 5 franchise QB. Even if he forced his way out like a Jamal Adams he’s gonna cost so much draft capital. We got two 1s and a 3 for an in the box safety.....
  3. It’s Ok. We can just press the imaginary JN trade up button.
  4. True dat. Talk to me a year from now to see where these guys are at.
  5. I agree. But I will really agree after we get Wilson’s measurements. If he’s 6 ‘1 and 208 pounds - I’ll be even happier not to choose him. I also questioned Fields bc of his two duds against Indian and Northwestern but the Clemson game- damn.
  6. Isn’t that what we all would do if we were GM? A team with extra premium picks the next two years, huge cap space. You add a high end rookie QB and that means even more flexibility the next 4 years.
  7. Great post. 28 games of experience in HS and College combined. Jesus. Well at least now we only have to argue about Fields or Wilson for the next 116 days until the draft.
  8. Matt Campbell Fields at #2 JD does it again and somehow lands a second round pick for Sam
  9. I’m 42 years old and just killed you with logic. And you respond with “yea whatever”. You sound like my 8 year old.
  10. Ya right. They are probably scouts who pour over game film. I’d like to think JD isn’t retarded enough to draft another OL at 2.
  11. The right side of the line isn’t fine. But it’s hilarious how unintelligent fans don't prefer an elite QB prospect at 2....rebuild the OL with the Seattle pick, pick #34 and perhaps even FA. This line of ignorant thinking exceeds that of millennials which is a sad statement
  12. We have two extra first round picks the next two years. An extra third this year plus whatever Darnold fetches in a trade. Relative to most NFL teams - there is no arguing that’s a lot more draft capital.
  13. It really is. If the Jets pick Wilson or Fields - Darnold gets traded. If the Jets keep Darnold - they trade down. Why is this news worthy?
  14. Listen I liked Sam since Day 1. I’ve watched every game and listen to him face the music every week on the Michael Kay show. I root for him. I’m no scout but from what I’ve seen over 3 years I wouldn’t call him a good deep ball passer. I haven’t seen every game of Fields career but I’ve read his deep ball numbers are top notch and last night he showed it.
  15. I think with the right coaching he can turn into a solid pro on a cheap contract for the next 4 years. I’d sign for that.
  16. Eventually JD has to draft a QB unless you think Sam is the answer and your willing to roll the dice, lock into $25m 5th year option a year from now and start thinking about a huge Sam contract.
  17. On the flip side, people held two games against him; his subpar play vs Indiana and Northwestern. If people are gonna be critical about those two games- can’t discount a prime time playoff win against Clemson. Also I’ve read all season Fields deep ball accuracy is legit and it showed last night. I don’t believe 99% of nfl QBs make those on the money deep throws
  18. Never gonna happen but man how awesome would that be.
  19. Fields can have a repeat performance and it will mean nothing. Jax is taking TL. I’m encouraged by Fields making up for the subpar games against Indiana Northwestern. Not saying he’s gonna be a star but he seems like a high end QB prospect.
  20. Stop it. Lawrence is going 1. Before this game and after it. But Fields looks like a high end prospect in his own right.
  21. No he doesn’t. But he’s the second pick of the draft.
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