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  1. Sign me up for that. Would love a 2nd rounder but expect a 3rd.
  2. If we aren’t picking up his 5th year option- he needs to go immediately.
  3. We could offer BOTH our 1s this year and BOTH next year as well. Jax would say no.
  4. His 5th year option will likely be worth over $25m. After next year = Sams 5th year.
  5. If this kid hadn’t had two shoulder surgeries already I would be far more excited. Also wouldn’t mind if he was really 6’2 220 pounds. He looks 200 soaking wet.
  6. After next year Sam will cost $25m. After next year it would make the most sense to sign Sam to a mega extension. But what happens if Sam doesn’t deserve any of this? WTF are we doing at QB 12 months from now? If you were the GM or Coach would you stake your own job/career on Sam Darnold going into Year 4 OR hand pick your own QB at 2 who is cheap for the next 4 years? I would choose the latter.
  7. I don’t think CINN trades up the required capital for an OL. Not all the way up to 2. If Sewell fell a little closer I could see it. Would CINN not be better served themselves trading back - allowing them to add multiple OL
  8. Elway, Luck, Lawrence = generational. Enough with the generational talk. JD needs to go out and find the best QB available at # 2 in my opinion. I don’t care what school.
  9. I am going to spend the next 5 months copy and pasting this into the 140 pre draft threads/arguments! We have the 2nd pick. JD should draft the highest rated QB on his board. This followed by group prayer than the one he picks turns out to be a Josh Allen of Herbert type
  10. I hope we don’t keep Darnold. I just have to trust JD and his teams ability to pick the best QB at # 2.
  11. We’re a 2 win team. Lose out on Lawrence. Pats already out of playoff hunt. I could care less.
  12. Majority of the time over the past 15 years, elite QBs win the SB. I hate Eli and the Giants. But Eli is getting a gold jacket.
  13. I’m in insurance. I assume you must be an NFL scout, former NFL player, GM...
  14. Sam has less than 76 yards passing in the first half. Missing Trevor is awful. Having to suffer through months of listening to the “Sam deserves another chance” narrative of almost as awful.
  15. One could make a sound argument JD should have for Ed Gase to start James Morgan as a “just in case” Jags win today. Is there any good reason we didn’t do that? Asking for a friend.
  16. Mitch just threw a pick going in for TD. Jags gonna be tied at halftime.
  17. This is as bad as the Rams game last week. What a ****in nightmare.
  18. Why exactly don’t the refs let the play actually play out? It should be fumble return for TD
  19. But at least he never rooted against his team, lol! We can all take solace in that when we are looking at rebuild # 28 in the past 30 years
  20. End of 1Q just about. Bears lead by 3, with the ball and good field position. So depressing.
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