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  1. can you elaborate a little more on the Pouha situation? I have high hopes for this guy and I know hes spose to be coming back off that terrible injury. And hes still young so i hope he bounces back big.
  2. Give us a picture or link to her myspace. Ive been in a relationship for over 3 years now, not married, and the sex doesnt happen quite as often anymore, but it has gotten wilder.
  3. Well it is Japan. They would all rather play the Wii then the PS3. If it was the US id probably be a bit more suprised.
  4. go to NFLshop.com and search for america's game. And find our Jets. The dvd is there. I have NFLnetwork now that i switched to verizon tv.
  5. always on connection. sorry forgot to include that in the first post.
  6. Jersey, with Verizon FIOS. Not sure if that helps.
  7. Tom's River is a nice area, I have family down there. Your very close to the beaches so its a quick drive and your also close to Six Flags.
  8. At first when I started hearing these conspiracy theories I was usually the first to mouth off at those people. But now I've started to watch it, and still dont believe it. But at least i watched it before i decided I didnt believe it. I agree with Souther Jet though, be very careful. Im sure there are some people who have friends and family who died on 9/11 and may not take this as lightly.
  9. Shes got quite a booty for a white girl. :cheers:
  10. Buy: That would be his pinnacle year, i could see it happening. B/S: Cotchery will make the Pro Bowl within the next 5 years.
  11. And you can buy the DVD now from NFLshop.com i believe. But yeah I watched it yesterday and it was really awsome to watch. Also I've never seen footage of any of the games from that year but it was exciting to see. It was nice hearing Maynards, Namaths, and Philbin's comments during the program. And of course that ending shot with Namath jogging off the field with his finger in the air.
  12. Buy: Cutler I think may have a good chance. Buy/Sell: Carr will be the starter for whichever team picks him up.
  13. I still dont believe that anybody would take him seriously bout this. Is the robot gonna be black or white?
  14. Smashing Pumpkins are coming back. Releasing a new cd on 7/7/07 and going to be in Baltimore for the Virgin Festival Aug 4-5. http://www.virginfestival.com/2007/index.html I always wanted to see them live but never got the chance since they broke up. That and The Police and Beastie Boys are on the list so far makes it sounds really exciting.
  15. true. but i dont know anybody enough to feel id want any one of you to be bankrupt. If anything id take joebabyny's company, Tunacan Studios.
  16. What about the other lines in jersey, Bergen line, Coast Line, Montclair? Yeah id rather be a lazy ass and not drive.
  17. ESPNews reports Purdue WR Selwyn Lymon is in critical condition after being stabbed in the chest. WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Purdue wide receiver Selwyn Lymon was hospitalized in critical condition Friday, hours after being stabbed in the chest. Lymon arrived at a hospital about 2:45 a.m. with a stab wound to the upper chest and told medical workers he was attacked at a nightclub near the campus, said John Walker, deputy chief of West Lafayette Police Department. Lymon, 20, of Fort Wayne, was listed in critical but stable condition at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Lafayette, hospital spokesman Matthew Oates said. Police officers were called to the parking lot of Nick's Nightclub about 2:15 a.m. to a report of a fight in progress. Walker said officers found about 30 people gathered in the lot, but they dispersed without incident. Lymon played in 13 games, including 12 starts, for the Boilermakers last season as a sophomore. He ranked fourth on team with 33 receptions for 580 yards and three touchdowns and led Purdue with a 17.6-yard per catch average. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=2818982
  18. Well he was drafted by the Bills so we know Gates had the pleasure of meeting McGahee. Maybe they double-teamed her.
  19. Paris Hilton. Shes got **** loads of money just for looking like a dumbass ugly skank. Shes also got the nastiest looking feet ive ever seen and worst of all....she has small t!ts.
  20. Well now she doesnt have to watch his stupid ass on tv.
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