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  1. I recently bought Madden 07 for my new pc but had to return it. I just got a new pc in sept and dropped about $2500 on it and got all high end stuff, 2 gigs RAM, GeForce 9800 GTX Pro, blah blah blah, you get the idea. So i brought the game home and tried it immediatly. I started a quick game and holy **** the game was going like 20x the usual speed of a game. When i did the kickoff it literally got to the other end before i could count to 2. I had no clue how to slow it down so i had to return it and get the PS2 version which doesnt look bad but definently doesnt look any better than last years. Someone posted earlier that since EA sports bought the sole ownership for the NFL the games arent looking better because they dont care. Im a 3d computer artist and these graphics looked the same from last year like they didnt even bother to try and update it, just recycle the old models and textures over.
  2. http://notmydesk.com/ten_things_i_hate_about_porn.html Great article summarizing some of the issues of bad porn.
  3. I think id like to see Brown go to the Bills. I dont think hell get through the season without some kinda of injury.
  4. Scout.com reports free agent Chris Brown is close to finalizing a contract with either the Titans or Bills. "The deal should be done next week," his agent says. The Titans hope to re-sign Brown after LenDale White showed up to offseason conditioning 30 pounds overweight. Buffalo has a vacancy atop its tailback depth chart.
  5. The Jets, who released Patrick Ramsey earlier this month, were looking for a quarterback with NFL experience to challenge second-year pro Kellen Clemens for the backup job to starter Chad Pennington. Tim Rattay (Tampa Bay) and Anthony Wright (Bengals) were among those on the Jets' short list. I dont see Tuiasosopo presenting much of a challenge for Clemens. 2 TDs and 7 INTs for his whole career.....yikes.
  6. He did get better, but hes not a true NT. Why be content with satisfactory when we could easily draft someone that could excell at that position and would also cost a lot less?
  7. Rich Cimini, reporting for the Sporting News, reports look for the New York Jets to pick an offensive lineman on the first day of the draft. Even though their biggest need is right tackle, it wouldn't be a surprise if they picked Auburn OG Ben Grubbs with their first-round pick (25th overall). They have two solid guards in OG Brandon Moore and OG Pete Kendall, but Kendall may play only one more year, and they need to groom a replacement. The team needs serious help to improve the running game. Ben Grubbs isnt expected to go in the first round anyways, why would we waste our first round pick for him if he might be available in the second? Also why not get a OT if thats more of a glaring problem then OG?
  8. or like this upcoming weekend or how about next monday?
  9. and whos to say a team like Cincy or Carolina wont take him?
  10. Intersting article on ESPN..... hawne Merriman weighs 272 pounds. This is six pounds less than Anthony Mu
  11. Obviously Alan Branch wont fall to us and Tank Tyler has way to many character issues that Mangini would take him. Paul Soliai sounded like a good pickup with a lot of raw talent. What about Pouha? Seems like everyone either forgot or just gave up on this guy. Could Pouha come back and give Robertson a run for his money?
  12. I want the Jets to win the SB just as much as the next guy....but i dont "blow my load" over it.
  13. I thought we were lacking at both Safety and CB. Guys sounds like a very versatile player who could address either need depending on what player we get to fill the other spot. I dont know what the real difference is in FS and SS but since Rhodes is playing FS we need a better to play opposite him at SS right? Say we drafted this guy, could we throw him at SS even though it says he plays FS?
  14. nah, just to help better my art skills.
  15. nah, just to better further my art skills.
  16. I never actually got to make an official hello to everyone on this site. Im always looking around and see what everyone is saying...some of you guys really know what your talking about. I do a lot of art, went to school for it, so im always doing stuff in photoshop, maya, after effects, so if anyone wants something photoshopped or manipulated i would love to give it a try. thanks guys.
  17. i can make a version for the ladies too, but i should be a little different...any suggestions?
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