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  1. Yeah they did....I liked reading this article about it. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/6533778
  2. Bucs released him, maybe he can take over in Clements place?? Bucs released T Kenyatta Walker. The Bucs put a lot of time, money, and energy into Walker. He just never developed consistency. With plenty of starting experience, he'll get a job elsewhere easily enough. He could also return to Tampa.
  3. can i actually switch mine from the the Chargers to the Eagles?
  4. Averaging 2.8 ypc shouldn't get you a $2 mil bonus. Im glad hes gone. He wasnt good from the beginning and when the Jets asked him to restructure so he could stay he couldnt even do that, what a waste. Sorry, i mean more like a $2.75 mil bonus, thats a lot. Pennington isnt even getting that much of a bonus.
  5. I dont wanna part with either. What about this guy CB Aaron Ross? I just checked foxsports and they have us picking him in round 1? Opinions?
  6. Isnt he getting paid crazy amounts of $$$? This is probably wrong but foxsports claims hes making $7.5 mil. If Raiders cut him, what does that mean wed have to pay him? Im just asking because I think Jordan would be a good prospect for us too. I really wouldn't mind having him back in green and white. Our o-line is nothing like Oaklands and he'd be much more successful here.
  7. Maybe in his trainging he'll work on not only arm strength but also endurance. There were a lot of times when it looked like his arm would just get tired, and I'm sure part of it is because we didnt have much of a running game but we cant have a tired Chad.
  8. True, its a tough choice. Sometimes I think about it as if comparing Rhodes and Turner to a BMW and a Maserati (BMW=Rhodes, Maserati=Turner). Their both not gonna be cheap and they will put a hole in our pockets. Both have speed, the Maserati is obviously faster, but the Maserati is also a sexier choice and may get you to your destination (Super Bowl) faster.
  9. If we were to get Turner, I never would have thought he would still have 6 ypc after becoming a full time back for us. He may still have a really good ypc like around 4.5 iafter next season with us. Can Rhodes be as productive as Turner? I dont think so. We've always known Indy has a great o-line, so if thats the case, how come his avg ypc is only 3.4 while Turners is a crazy 6? Rhodes was a starter in '01 and ever since then hes been sharing carries.
  10. It felt like there were a lot more commercials for tv shows instead of funny ads. Did anyone else think there were just a bit too many tv show ads, and also way too many commercials for the grammys?
  11. I agree Troll, even though 29 doesnt sound that old, running backs dont last as long in the NFL. And his prime is dwindling, so if we have to give up a first round pick for him, id rather take my chance with Turner.
  12. anyone got a link to this guys designs and drawings? i saw the article too and i didnt know what this guys one designs looked like.
  13. so your not allowed to push off someone even the slightest but its ok to just jump up and swing your arms around to block the ball from the receiver?
  14. Why are costs continuing to go up? Does that mean seats costs wont be expensive anymore, but ridiciculously expensive? Costs going up cant mean anything good for us fans.
  15. Ever **** yourself and had a heart attack at the same time. Well thats what it looks like.
  16. Evans looked so confused on that play. It was great.
  17. oooooooohhhhh biiiiiiillllllllllyyyyyyy
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