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  1. Polian and Dungy are the biggest j@ack@sses in the NFL. Whiney little turds. I'm glad their defense sucks out loud. No way they make it to the SB this year. Good.

    Colts havent been to the Superbowl since 1970, will they ever make it before Manning retires? They keep saying every year they will make it to the Superbowl, its not happening.

  2. Any qb can look decent with a stable o-line and enough time to look for his open receivers. Now I've never personally watched a game from start to finish but Culpepper never looked good. Every game he's playing so far, he looks slow, he barely moves and doesnt connect with his good receivers, Chambers McMichael or Booker.

    He didnt look good in Minnesota, and he still doesnt look good. If they took Bollinger, i think hed do better than Culpepper.

  3. I just went back to the game log


    Leon had ONE touch the entire first quarter (when theoretically it was still a game).

    He had 3 touches 18 minutes into the game. Then, he gets the ball two plays in a row the rest of the game. Really stupid playcalling imo.

    He's the best RB we dressed yesterday and you give him ONE carry in the first quarter? What are they thinking about all week??!!

    Just a bad gameplan on both sides of the ball.

    I understand we still need more players, and I'm down with that, but the CS does NOT get a pass for a p1ss-poor game, just like the players dont either.

    If Barlow isnt used in goal line carries, he shouldnt be used at all. He was absolute garbage the whole game. I dont want to see him on the field anymore unless were on the 1.

    Everyone keeps saying Washington is small and light and cant carry the load. But he still got 23 carries in the game even if most were at the end and it was just garbage time. Remember Jags still kept their start qb in and kept playing like it was anyones game so to see Washington outplay Barlow that much really shows me Washington should be our feature back. Could it be anymore obvious after this game we should use Washington instead of Barlow?

    Washington is quick on his feet, he reads plays better than Barlow while Barlow just runs straight ahead most of the time. And when Houston comes back hopefully hell take Barlow out of the starting roster and we have Washington as the yardage back with Houston as the goal line back. Anything as long as Barlow doesnt keep trying to get yards.

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