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  1. And Lynch is the only one that's really made an impact for that team. And what about Wilson? Leading up the draft the only knock I can recall about him was his height. They draft smart as you said by the guys they find in rounds 4-7. That's why they won a SB.
  2. I thought the consensus was TE's were on the upswing ever since the success the Pats had with Gronk and Hernandez. Then the 2 TE set became a craze. So do you think what the Saints paid Byrd is over the top?
  3. I still remember shaking my head in confusion once it was announced we drafted Richardson. I couldn't believe we drafted another d lineman that high. But now I love the pick and take back my initial reaction to the pick. Kid's a beast. I have a feeling the crowd will be pretty unhappy if we go defense in the 1st round yet again, but who cares. If Idzik goes with his BAP and it's Barr, then do it. Barr opposite Coples would be very nice. Our defense could be so nasty.
  4. I see no reason he should be guaranteed anything. His best year was in 2010 and since then he's been in a steady decline.
  5. I would love this but STL has two first round picks and WR is a huge need for them still. I also can't see Evans getting past the Giants, Bills, and Ravens.
  6. I feel like there was a time not so long ago when we had a GM who would go crazy in FA and he got a lot of crap cause back then the great teams didn't make big splashes in FA and it was all about how they drafted. my how the times have changed.
  7. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/jets-private-meeting-usc-wr-marqise-lee-article-1.1720452 The Jets made an important first step to upgrading its offensive skill positions by signing free agent wide receiver Eric Decker to a lucrative five-year deal Wednesday night, but there’s likely more to come. The Jets may add another wideout in free agency, but general manager John Idzik’s best hope of landing a cornerstone player at the position will be in the draft in May. To that end, the organization has shown significant interest in USC receiver Marqise Lee. The Daily News has learned that Lee, the 2012 Biletnikoff Award winner, met privately with some high-level Jets personnel before and after his Pro Day in Los Angeles Wednesday, a good indication that the team will seriously consider him with the No. 18 overall pick. RELATED: SORRY, JETS FANS! REVIS REACHES ONE-YEAR, $12 MILLION DEAL WITH RIVAL PATRIOTS The 6-0, 195-pound Lee is regarded as one of the best run-after-the-catch receivers with inside-outside skills in the draft. He also provides a dimension in the kick-return game. The Jets, of course, are in the process of revamping the receiving corps to help Geno Smith in his second season. Lee’s skillset could help replace the void left by Santonio Holmes, who was released earlier this week. Rex Ryan and Idzik have left little doubt that improving pass-catchers is one of the team’s priorities in free agency and the draft. Texas A&M’s Mike Evans, Florida State’s Kelvin Benjamin, LSU’s Odell Beckham and Oregon State’s Brandin Cooks are also intriguing options. RELATED: JETS AGREE TO MAMMOTH DEAL WITH WR DECKER Lee followed his breakout season in 2012 (1,721 yards, 14 TDs) with a junior year sprinkled with a couple nagging leg injuries that led to 791 yards and 4 TDs. Reports from USC’s Pro Day suggested that Lee looked good in positional drills. "I'd give myself a B+," Lee told reporters Wednesday. "I'm just trying to get fully up to par to the Marqise that people want me to get back to." Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/jets-private-meeting-usc-wr-marqise-lee-article-1.1720452#ixzz2vsdpYEOQ Any info on how good this kid is? I thought I saw some draftniks compare him to Desean Jackson. Do you guys like this kid?
  8. They've already got that figure out. Mallett will continue the Pats dynasty for the next 15+ years, just as soon as Brady retires.
  9. Agreed. If you give him a multi year deal than there's a 99% he'll holdout at some point.
  10. All the more reason to sign him right? Besides, with his size, does he really need elite speed? He's probably killer at getting jump balls.
  11. If Evans somehow falls to 18 I would think you have to take him over all the other WR's mentioned. Evans looks like a beast. I agree about the CB's and S bit too.
  12. You think Cooks will still be there when we pick in the 2nd? I thought he's been generating enough buzz that he could go at the beginning of the 2nd. How about Beckham?
  13. Is Revis banking on the Pats making the SB next year with that one year deal? It's not like they are just a CB away from reaching a SB.
  14. I haven't heard anything about Colon since he became a FA. Would like if we got him back though. How bad was that injury he suffered late in the year?
  15. I just hope her first visit to the stadium for a game isn't like mine. I remember it so clearly. First game of the season, my dad and I went together, just the two of us. Bought the yearbook before we got to our seats. Got good seats and the game was going well until suddenly Testaverde got injured and was out for the year. I can only hope my daughter has better luck than me.
  16. Seriously, this site is the best site for any jets stuff. You guys always give me a good laugh. Anyways, I've been gone for a while but the dust is finally settling. My wife and I had a daughter over the summer and it's been a fun crazy ride so far. Her name is Adalene. Here's a pic of her in Jets gear when we watched the Jets vs the Falcons: And yes you can clearly see she's already frustrated watching the Jets. She's gonna bleed green and I already feel bad about it. Anyways though I've missed you guys and this site and now that the dust is settling I'll be back on this site more often. And again I'm always open to photoshop requests.
  17. per Rotoworld: According to CBS Sports' Mike Freeman, various "agents, players and union officials" believe the league's 32 teams colluded to deflate the market in free agency. Dwight Freeney is one player who believes collusion took place. "I basically think the owners got together and decided not to spend the cash on free agents," Freeney told reporter Mike Freeman. "I think the owners made a pact. There's only 32 of them and none of them broke ranks. I think they all decided not to spend money." A "prominent" agent agrees. "I've been in this business for several decades and there was never an offseason like this. Never." There's been widespread suspicion — and anecdotal evidence — of collusion this offseason, but no hard proof. It's an extremely serious charge, but one that ultimately appears unlikely to stick. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/mike-freeman/22327766/dwight-freeney-believes-as-others-do-owners-were-holding-back-cash
  18. I had a glimmer of hope coming into this year, with drafting Hill to add to our group with Holmes and Keller, and having a new OC I was gonna give him the benefit of the doubt.....obviously that didn't work out. I certainly wasn't gonna declare Sanchez the future, but I wanted to see if he could do any better with a different OC.
  19. And last time I checked Tebow never made it to an AFC Championship game. This discussion feels like we're comparing which turd is more polished.
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