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  1. Shot in the dark here. I've never tried this before but heard of people trying this if you wanna fight it. Is there an officers name on the ticket? If so you can try and find out his schedule by calling the police station and then setting a trial date on one of the days the officer is off and he might not show and then the ticket will be dropped.

  2. I know it's frowned upon to attack this topic but in hindsight it really should've been the first sign that there was something realty wrong with this guys judgement...who cares about the foot thing if he keeps it in house but to put it on Youtube? Cmon.

    Did Rex actually put it on YouTube or was it someone else? And what does this have to do with his job as a coach?

  3. wanting his own coach is fine. but tomsula? who is he? i'll admit i don't get in depth enough to know the individual coaches of every team but a line coach with no successful coordinator experience and whose only head coaching experience above pop warner was a .500 effort in nfl europe?? i think i'd be pretty annoyed if woody caves to this. why not just grab the cardinals receivers coach and make him our HC?


  4. I heard Rex re-affirm to everyone that Sanchez is the starter. We all know Johnson is in love with Tebow and wants him here forever so will it eventually get to a point where its Tebow over Rex? Does tebow really deserve a shot or is this just some feeble attempt by Woody to try and sell more seats without actually fixing the problems on this team?

  5. It not all on the QB , every year 3 new wide outs and it takes time to jell , I think the team will play better each week , it all come down 2 games this game against the fish and the next pat game , the team will know if QB is any good after these 2 game

    Speaking about the new WR's, can we please bench Schilens cause he was atrocious yesterday.

  6. Bills DE Chris Kelsay called out Buffalo's defense on Monday, suggesting some Bills players aren't giving 100 percent on the field.

    "We’ve got to understand what accountability means across the board, playing hard every play," said Kelsay. "You watch the film and not everybody was playing hard every snap and that’s unacceptable." Added Kelsay, "I’d take Mario Williams at full health and full speed probably over anybody else in the league. At the same time I’d take Sean Ferguson, who we cut, over a guy that’s playing 50 percent, and I think our coaches would too."


  7. Greene came back and it was his head. He was asking back in before they took him to the lockers. He seemed like he was out cold, so I'm shocked they let him back. He should be good to go on Sunday. Hopefully McKnight didn't suffer any setback.

    I think we overrate guys that we haven't seen. Backs that aren't ready can get a QB killed. I know we might be in favor of that, but it isn't helpful to the passing game. McKnight was running very well early and then went downhill a bit. Maybe it was because his leg was getting worse or maybe the change of pace wore out.

    There was good 10 seconds he looked like he was laying on the ground there motionless and then suddenly he just jumped up. It seemed a little fishy he was ok laying on the ground that long.

    I understand Grimes is probably just trying to soak up the playbook at this point, so maybe they played it smart by keeping his snaps very limited. I think we are gonna need McKnight as the year goes on, so we don't wanna risk further injury also.

  8. They must have done some evaluation in practice on how ready Grimes was and whether a gimpy McKnight was a better option. I was expecting to see a lot more of Grimes and I thought that was what was Rex's weekend surprise.

    Same here. I'm just glad McKnight didn't walk out seriously injured. I understand a divisional game is a big deal, especially against the Pats, but I'd rather see McKnight more rested for the remainder of the year instead of aggravating his injury further.

  9. He was a big reason and then he insults the fanbase's intelligence afterward.

    Can you show when he insulted the fanbase?

    I don't think Rex had anything to do with Hill dropping that crucial 3rd down pass, or Cro dropping that sure INT, or even that stupid phantom flag against Wilson that took the ref 7 seconds to decide was a penalty.

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