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  1. I think one thing handicapping us is the health of our RB corps.

    Greene was injured yesterday. McKnight was limping even though he played. And Grimmes only had 1 carry for 1 yard.

    With all the injuries, why didn't they play Grimes more? McKnight was already hurt to being with, putting him back out there seemed like a very risky move and luckily it didn't blow up in their face.

  2. Joe McKnight | NYJ (October 15, 2012 5:33 PM EDT) Joe McKnight's Monday MRI revealed a high ankle sprain.

    The Jets are getting awfully thin at running back. Bilal Powell (shoulder) and McKnight both threaten to miss multiple games, leaving only UDFA Jonathan Grimes behind Shonn Greene on the depth chart. They'll likely have to sign another tailback this week. McKnight was coming on a bit with 90 yards on 10 carries this season, and he also returned a kickoff for a touchdown in Week 5 against the Texans. He can now be dropped in 10- and 12-team leagues.


  3. per Rotoworld.com:

    Browns released DE Marcus Benard with an injury settlement.

    Benard was sent to injured reserve after dislocating his elbow in the preseason. Benard hasn't appeared in a regular season game since his motorcycle accident last October, but provided he's healthy, should draw interest as a situational pass rusher. Benard is just two years removed from leading the Browns in sacks.

  4. So who backs up toe hurting Bart now that Mauga is down? Davis?

    And who now plays fat guy in the middle with Ellis and Pouha down? Tebow?

    I wouldn't mind seeing more of Davis. I remember hearing a lot of praise for him when we drafted him so it'll be nice to see him get some playing time. He seems to be faster then Scott (and probably faster then Harris too).

    Kid's name is Damon Harrison and is your classic 350 lb two-down NT. Well, hopefully Pouha will be all-go by then, but who knows. I would imagine against NE we'll probably run some more 46 bear and probably use, as we have at points, Devito as our nose and coples and wilk as the DEs.

    That was a big stop for us. That said, NE's hurry up offense scares the crap outta me after seeing it march down the field against Denver.

  5. When Greene gets tackled after a rare 1st down run, he comes up like he just got shot.

    When Tebow gets tackled after a 1st down run, he jumps up, starts pumping his fists, and damn near gets everyone chanting "USA!" like its the WWE.

    There's no debate as to who I'd prefer to get the ball more going forward.

    I've yet to see Greene take less then what feels like 5 minutes to get up from a run. I do like Tebow's enthusiasm. He want's to play.

  6. If Schilens had that bad, we'd probably not even be discussing it, like stoicsentry said:

    I don't see anyone criticizing either of the fake punt conversions, deep in their own territory. That's my thought.

  7. Our oline is really overrated.

    I hate when people say they have 3 pro bowlers. Moore has been years away from being a pro bowl type player. That back injury destroyed him and he should be out of the league.

    D'Brick has never been dominate, he's a serviceable LT. Which I'll take, but not a pro bowler.

    Mangold's is still great.

    Slauson and Howard wouldn't start on 90% of the other teams.

    Moore had no chance when he was matched against Watt. Watt abused the veteran most of the game. Howard looked like he held his own for the most part, but I feel like Moore age and weakness is also affecting Howard's play.

  8. This is one pathetic thread.

    I saw two QBs play last night.

    They both made about the same number of good and bad throws.

    The difference was what was around the two QBs last night, not the QBs.

    Schaub still had his #1, #2 WR and his starting TE. Sanchez had backups in all those spots but still kept the game close.

    Good point. And we also don't have a Watt or Barwin at this point. Our pass rush looks non existent right now.

  9. I've never seen a team get within a game of the SB twice and then nose dive like this. lol This is like ****ing Major League. Too bad a life size Woody Allen poster will do nothing to help. BTW Woody doesnt give two sh*ts. Im surprised he made the game.

    Hey, Woody does give two sh*ts. One for selling seats and the other for selling tebow jerseys.

  10. Me neither, but giving up 3 after a failed onside kick isn't something I would kill the defense for.

    170+ rushing yards is another thing. On the plus side, Cromartie totally destroyed Andre Johnson tonight.

    Agree on all points. Cro was great. I really thought the defense looked like it was financial step up in the first halt but I guess it was only a matter of time till the offense broke off a long run. The texans o-line looked good too. Pushed our d-line around quite a bit until Damon Williams stepped in.

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