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  1. Maybe I'm the only one, but I didn't mind the onside kick. I thought it was good timing trying to capitalize on the kickoff TD and giving the defense more time to rest. Schilens shoulda had it, but it was one of a few opportunities that the let slip.
  2. Key drop by Cumberland, Schilens with a big miss on the onside kick, and I know I'm missing one more play. We had opportunities and missed them again. I gotta give Sanchez credit with the receivers he got to work with today.
  3. Any chance a miracle happens and Schillens and Kerley light up that Houston secondary?
  4. Enjoy: http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/new-york-jets-rex-ryan-mark-sanchez-santonio-holmes-an-embarrassment-100812 If Roger Goodell wanted to erase the stench of the replacement ref fiasco, create a distraction to overshadow his bungling of Bountygate and get back in the good graces of working journalists weary of faux Tebowmania, the commish would cite the 2004 “Playmakers” ruling and cancel the rest of the New York Jets season. Seriously. Cancel the Jets starting with tonight’s “Monday Night Football” clash against theHouston Texans on ESPN. Cancel the Jets because th
  5. per Rotoworld.com: Colts head coach Chuck Pagano has been diagnosed with a "serious" illness and will miss at least the next few games. Pagano, 52, had been feeling unusual fatigue recently and went for blood tests. An Indy Star source called the illness serious, but was optimistic about a full recovery. More details on the first-year head coach are expected at a Monday press conference. Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians will take over as the Colts' head coach.
  6. The Pats just laid 31 points in the 4th quarter alone. Well we never had a chance at winning the division anyways.
  7. From an offensive stand point it hopefully was. Can't do much worse then our offense did today.
  8. This offense is awful today. Loosing Holmes is gonna really hurt us. This is gonna be a long year.
  9. This offense is so bad. I understand the 49er's have an all pro defense, but this offense has so much trouble just getting a first down. Do we really miss Keller and Hill that much?
  10. Sanchez needs to work on accuracy and the WR's need to work on how to catch a ball.
  11. Maybe that added weight wasn't a good idea after all. We haven't seen much pass rush yet this year.
  12. And that's why some jet fans can't stop listening to Francesca?
  13. http://www.theonion.com/articles/on-the-controversial-touchdown-call-in-last-nights,29684/?ref=auto https://twitter.com/GovWalker/status/250569135719849984
  14. It seems to be different with each game. Reed level Branch, and very cleanly, but was flagged for it. Meanwhile DHB was destroyed by a helmet to helmet hit and not one flag was thrown. Some games are officiated slightly better then others, which isn't saying much.
  15. What can the Jets take from the Vikes/San Fran game to help beat them next week? Obviously San Fran has an advantage in they get more timeouts/challenges then every other NFL team.
  16. Is there video of the Stockley incident? Irvin had it right, whether the call was right, you do not put your hands on the ref's like that. If they gave Harbaugh a penalty just for standing on the field, they better give Beli a decent fine. If the players/coaches are so upset with the officiating, tell Goodell to pay the real refs.
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