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  1. Does it help you pick up porn stars?
  2. RIP. One of the greatest things about the off-season was seeing all the NFL films stuff on NFL network. Made the off-season much more entertaining.
  3. I think I like where this topic is headed.
  4. No way Mendenhall would be playing at even close to 100%. The RB's we need to worry about are Rainey and Dwyer.
  5. Next week can't come fast enough. I sure hope Rex and company are taking notes from last nights game and seeing how Manning picked apart that Steelers D.
  6. I was really excited about the Hill pick but we all knew he was extremely raw coming from Georgia. That said, I don't think anyone saw Hill having the kind of game he did. He's got a lot to build on. Can't wait to see him and Sanchez get more comfortable. And I didnt expect Howard to keep Mario in check to the tune of 1 tackle and no sacks or pressures.
  7. Oh I get it, this is that reverse psychology stuff right?
  8. I heard some Bill's players comparing Gilmore to Revis. Too bad Hill schooled Gilmore today.
  9. Exactly. One week into the season, can't we hold off with the bulletin board material for just a little bit longer?
  10. I think Landry makes all jet fans wet. He's something special.
  11. Rex at least stood his ground unlike #56 behind him.
  12. I heard his name once during the game..........when the announcers were wondering when he was gonna show up and make a play.
  13. Forgot about him. I haven't watched any of his game tap but was the whole oline in St Louis bad? I think we definitely have more talent on our oline, so maybe he'd have more luck with better talent around him.
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