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  1. Warning Gronk Flakes could be hazard to your health. Consumers of Gronk Flakes may be subject to symptoms of ridiculous shirtless dancing with a bunch of shirtless dudes and shrinkage of the testicles.

    Does it help you pick up porn stars?

  2. I was really excited about the Hill pick but we all knew he was extremely raw coming from Georgia. That said, I don't think anyone saw Hill having the kind of game he did. He's got a lot to build on. Can't wait to see him and Sanchez get more comfortable.

    And I didnt expect Howard to keep Mario in check to the tune of 1 tackle and no sacks or pressures.

  3. It's completely true, glad Bart called them out on it. The media this offseason went beyond critical and to the point of mockery, culminating in the clown car cover. I hope they use that as fuel and play with a chip on their shoulder like the Pats did right after spygate. Like the Pats I hope they also can develop a killer instinct and not allow teams to get back in it. Show them who's the alpha and show it for 60 mins long, not 55 or 45 etc..

    Edit: I wonder if Bart realizes the irony in is statement: he basically gave them the best quotes they could have asked for, which was the opposite of his intentions. He should have just said nothing if that's what he meant. Still enjoy what he said though.

    Exactly. One week into the season, can't we hold off with the bulletin board material for just a little bit longer?

  4. i believe that guy could be Jason Smith. I had some harsh words for Smith upon arrival but after re-watching Smith against the Eagles, he might be the guy. Not bad at all against scrubs. sometimes maybe a trade can be a wake up call.

    Forgot about him. I haven't watched any of his game tap but was the whole oline in St Louis bad? I think we definitely have more talent on our oline, so maybe he'd have more luck with better talent around him.

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