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  1. True, there are many factors that help make a SB run possible, and sometimes a little luck. I still think it's possible with Sanchez as QB.
  2. Well one thing is for sure, the Saint's didn't really miss a beat when they let Bush go. Granted Bush did some good things in Miami last year, but part of me wonders how McKnight would look in Sproles place with Brees at QB.
  3. He could be insurance in case the Howard experiment fails. But I gotta agree with bit, Arizona and San Diego are in much worse shape then we are. Considering neither QB in Arizona has looked all that good so far, and add in the tackle situation, that offense is in for a long year.
  4. I think you make a great point, a good QB will generally take you further then a good OC working with a mediocre/poor QB, but then what about instances like Dilfer winning a SB or more recently Alex Smith bringing his team within one game of a SB? Couldn't you make an argument that it can work both ways?
  5. Are you saying Alex Smith is a playmaker on that offense?? I guess I can't argue some of your points like comparing a would be #1 WR (Crabtree) drafted in the 1st round to a 5th round slot receiver (Kerley).
  6. Didn't Schotty have Brees for a while when he was in San Diego? How did Bree's do those years?
  7. The Bills are good....until November comes along. Fitzmagic wore out real quick as the season progressed. They have to prove they can play a whole season before they should get any of this hype.
  8. San Fran. Considering how much people like the crap on the jets for having this outdated "ground and pound mentality", San Fran should be no better.
  9. Let the meltdown begin: http://www.tigerdrop...hool-rules.aspx
  10. We didn't try and put a square peg in a round hole.
  11. Maybin is the one guy I'm most excited about this year. Would love to see him reach double digit sacks.
  12. Doh, if that's the case nvm. We don't need another Eric Smith.
  13. Sounds like he had a good year last year with his 5 INT's. Is he worth checking out? Charlie Peprah | GB (July 25, 2012 4:17 PM EDT) Packers released SS Charlie Peprah. Peprah received a $50,000 workout bonus in the spring and was due only $1 million in base salary. The move is a big surprise on the first day of training camp, although Peprah missed all of OTA season with knee woes and might not have been healthy. A 14-game starter in 2011, Peprah intercepted five passes and recorded 94 tackles. The Packers may turn to M.D. Jennings at strong safety, assuming they don't just move Charles Woodson there full time. SOURCE: JASON WILDE ON TWITTER
  14. Jeff Otah fails his physical at Jets Jeff Otah | NYJ (July 25, 2012 6:48 PM EDT) New Jets OT Jeff Otah failed his physical to open training camp and was placed on active/PUP. Otah is presumably still not fully healed from last year's knee injury, and he also has a bad history when it comes to his back. It's fair to wonder if he might be damaged goods. Otah will be eligible to practice when/if he gets healthy. SOURCE: HOWARD BALZER ON TWITTER
  15. You, Joe and Willard fap together? And who says you're creepy? Everyone is a beautiful snowflake here.
  16. Why do this in a theater and not at home where you can find so much more porn on the internet?
  17. That just seems disrespectful, the way it distracts from the tragedy to speculate some kind of grand conspiracy theory without cold hard facts. Jumping ahead with conclusions on who to blame cause it can never be just the shooter in this case.
  18. http://usnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/07/20/12850048-12-shot-dead-at-dark-knight-rises-screening-in-aurora-colorado. Unbelievable
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