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  1. 50 shades of Jetnation, written by ________. I think this should happen.
  2. Kinda surprised how high the Texans are considering how new they are compared to the other teams that high on the list.
  3. Good idea. Let me see if I still have that high res version
  4. Just made it. Let me know what you guys think?
  5. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I'm looking forward to seeing more of McKnight this year. I really hope can step up and takes Tomlinson's spot.
  6. Cause those people can't spend the extra time when they are so busy booking their next appointment on their Ipad while texting their significant other about how their day was so tough all while driving. Seriously though, people seem to have less and less time to do anything because we have too many other things to preoccupy ourselves with. So why waste the time driving a whole 10 extra minutes to get to GSP, or however long it would take, when you can have one right in the scenic swampy area that is East Rutherford.
  7. I find it hard to believe that not one sh*tty player held out.
  8. There's also a very good chance they wouldn't hold out as much as Revis either.
  9. Ryan employs the kind of defense he does because Revis IS that good. How many CB's out there can continually be left 1 on 1 with other teams #1 WR?
  10. Haha. Wait, doesn't he already have his own reality show? Too much ocho for TV.
  11. He's delusional if he think's he could get anything close to Gronk's deal. I'm sure the Jets will offer him something on par with the other mid tier TE's. It's sad how he's our leading receiver but only 10th or 11th among TE's as Smashmouth stated. Our WR's and QB need to do a much better job.
  12. I think you are giving the current Phins WR group too much credit.
  13. He must have been working out like crazy to do that in 4 months. It worries me too though. I've never seen someone add weight and be just as fast as before. I wanna see Maybin flourish here, and get as many sacks as you said earlier.
  14. How much better could Brown be if he's been kicking primarily in a dome the last 4 years? Not to mention, how can they really gauge the kicking competition now when the real test will be in October-January when the elements get worse? We need a kicker who isn't gonna shank a field goal 30 yards away because of a little breeze.
  15. The fact that he was able to add that weight while keeping his body fat down is pretty impressive IMO.
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