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  1. I'd be happy with that. I think Maybin is definitely gonna improve this year and I could see him flirting with maybe 10 sacks.
  2. With the talent on this team I don't see us going back to square one. Simple, if we get improved QB play from Sanchez, we can go far. It's been said many times, but we will only go as far as Sanchez takes us.
  3. So if Coples played lights out his senior year and didn't hold back at all, we probably wouldn't have been in a position to draft him, no? Then we'd just be complaining about whoever we did pick because Jet fans will always find a reason to complain. Ingram (short arms) or Mercilus (one year wonder) etc. I'm happy with the pick and hearing him lining up at linebacker is exciting.
  4. I hope so too. All I can really go on is Sparano's offense in Dallas when he took over play-call duties in 2006 and their offense ranked 5th in the league in total offense and passing, 13th rushing, and 4th overall.
  5. Haha. I'm excited to see what Sparano can bring and what we can see differently from the Schotty era.
  6. I bet it looks great with his Uggs ensemble.
  7. Reporters must be so bored waiting for rex to make another SB guarantee or have another sex video involving a Jet leaked because between this and florio's piece of garbage article about Rex making so called bounties on players these reporters are just dying for headlines. They are really grasping at straws here.
  8. Haynesworth contributed so much, they didn't even need him for the whole year. Ochocinco cinco was in beast mode with his, count em up, 1 TD! Genius pickups.
  9. Terrible dome kicker? Why not! Add him to our collection.
  10. Good idea. Not taking anything away from Harris, he is still a beast in this D. I just wonder how well Davis could be at taking on blocks for someone his size.
  11. Let's say Davis is being groomed to be Scott's replacement, could he really take on the roles Scott did? Wasn't Scott's role was to also take up blockers to let Harris go after the QB? Would those roles switch when its Harris and Davis inside and Harris is taking up blocks while Davis shoots the gap?
  12. Remember when the pats signed Haynesworth and Ocho cinco? Man, those were some genius moves by the great BB. SUPERBOWL!!
  13. my photoshop skills are not that awesome.
  14. Unlike schotty's attempts at first downs
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