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  1. Drafting is hard. Ranking teams based on how they draft is easy. Instead of evaluating general managers this year based on the totality of their job, I thought it'd be fun to only focus on how they used their draft capital. It's a self-selecting group, because the names that would be at the bottom of this list ultimately lost their jobs. For the purposes of this column, I only went back to 2015 and I did not include the nine GMs who have run one draft or less. All decisions are mine, indisputable and should not be held against other NFL Network reporters. Especially @RapShe
  2. There are some… interesting rumors circulating regarding Sam Darnold and what the New York Jets might or might not have done leading up to last week’s trade with the Carolina Panthers. The truth is far too much fun to ignore in any case and the details for this deal are fascinating enough. Albert Breer at Sports Illustrated is one of several journalists who have dug deep on how the trade developed between these franchises. The negotiations began with an awkward SNL joke over the phone and culminated with the Panthers sending three draft picks to the Jets for their starting QB.Apparently,
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