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  1. Zach Wilson’s Superpower and Kryptonite video.. > https://www.yahoo.com/sports/zach-wilson-superpower-kryptonite-120000106.html
  2. Jets GM Joe Douglas saw Quinnen Williams take a big step forward last season, looking like the No. 3 overall pick the team believed he would be two seasons ago. But this offseason, he made the defensive front even scarier after adding veterans Sheldon Rankins and Vinny Curry. Both tackles spoke to New York media for the first time since joining their new team, and both had the same sentiments about the group they're now a part of in the defensive line room. "I think the sky’s the limit," Curry said about the D-line. "I think I fit right in with those guys with the way I play the game. I think once we all get around each other, get a feel for each other, man, I think we have the potential to really be a force up front.” Rankins added: "With me feeling healthy again, get to myself, I feel like I can slide right in and dominate in that front.” Curry and Rankins also did their homework on Robert Saleh's defense, which makes coming to the Jets even more intriguing.There's a reason that Saleh has such a high respect in the league, and that's because he's able to tap into his defensive players' strengths and exploit them the best way possible. The proof is in the tape with the San Francisco 49ers. For Rankins, especially, that was a main reason he decided the Jets was the right fit. “I love the way they’re always attacking," he said of Saleh's defensive scheme. "I feel like one of the things that makes me the player I am is my explosion, my get-off, being able to be disruptive. So seeing the way he deployed those guys when he was in San Fran and the type of havoc they caused — truly winning games with their front four. That got me excited." Curry's New Jersey roots and relationship with Douglas during their time with the Philadelphia Eagles might have drawn him home a bit, but he also recognizes what Saleh has been able to accomplish.“Anybody that watches football, I will hope they paid attention to that. What he did was amazing for his starters to get hurt and then he comes with a second group and does what he does," he said. "And even those guys have a rotational group. It’s just amazing man.” Rankins and Curry are expected to be immediate helps on a line that can rotate like Curry just mentioned. Along with Williams, Foley Fatukasi, John Franklin-Myers and another newcomer, Carl Lawson make for a group that has the potential to be devastating up front. Williams, especially, was a player both Rankins and Curry touched on.“I think he’s a beast," Curry said. "I think last season he got into his groove, got into his own, got real comfortable and started just wreaking havoc. I think he’s only going to get better from there.” "I’ve followed Quinnen since he was at Alabama and obviously the type of player he was down there," Rankins added. "The whole country was watching him so just seeing that and obviously I’m a junkie of this game, so I’m watching other D-tackles and stuff like that. So I watched Quinnen the first couple years with the Jets, watched Foley [Fatukasi], watched all those guys. So I think not only Quinnen, just me pairing up with all those guys on the inside, I think we’re going to do some damage.”So the Jets are certainly prepared to get into the backfield this season to wreak some havoc like these two believe they can. And Rankins made a good point here, too... "The great thing about talent on the defensive line is can’t double everybody," he explained. "Whether it’s them trying to put extra guys on Carl, extra guys on Quinnen, extra guys on Foley, John Franklin-Myers — when you really look at the depth of this defensive line, there’s not a lot of guys that you can honestly truly give 1-on-1s to and them not win. So listen, I’ll be extremely happy they double everybody else and give me all the 1-on-1s. That would be a beautiful thing.” > https://sports.yahoo.com/sheldon-rankins-vinny-curry-agree-194541588.html
  3. The NFL Players Association wants players to chose not to attend voluntary offseason workouts. Whether and to what extent this strategy works will hinge in large part on the agents who represent NFL players. Agents have a duty to each player to represent his best interests. And agents won’t care nearly as much about the collective message the union wants to send when it comes to helping one specific player maximize his football earnings.Plenty of players have workout bonuses, for example. The payments usually range from $100,000 to $500,000, and they require 90-percent participation in the offseason program. As one agent told PFT on Tuesday night, “If I have a player with a workout bonus, I’m telling him to go in.” Some within union leadership would say that the agents who have negotiated workout bonuses into player contracts already have forfeited their clients’ ability to boycott voluntary offseason drills. With so many players routinely showing up, however, why balk at the possibility of getting a six-figure payment to do what the player was going to do anyway?Then there’s the much bigger issue of young players trying to earn roster spots. Said the same agent, “If I have a young player trying to make the team, I’m telling him to go in.” There’s no reason for a young player to do anything else. The NFL is a unique industry that has a unionized labor force of nearly 2,900 until (ironically) Labor Day weekend, when more than a third of the rank and file lose their jobs. Some get hired as lower-paid practice-squad employees. Ultimately, however, there are only 1,696 jobs on active, in-season rosters.So if a young player with a low salary wants to make an impression on the folks who’ll ultimately hand out those 53 jobs per team, what should the young player do? The answer is easy and obvious: Show up. Get reps. Earn trust. And, potentially, win a job. Although the ongoing pandemic is the stated reason for the recommended boycott of offseason workouts, it’s possible if not likely that this is a strategy aimed at making it harder for younger, cheaper players to establish a foothold with the coaching staff. This year especially, with the salary cap more than $25 million lower per team than it would have been, a team that can, for example, keep a young player at $700,000 over a veteran at $7 million will do it, saving $6.3 million in cash and cap space. For the younger players, then, the offseason boycott becomes an opportunity. An opportunity to develop. To grow. To enhance standing. Potentially, to have a job come September.With agents keenly aware of that dynamic, most if not all young, fringe players who are being advised by their union to stay away will be directed by their agents to show up. That dynamic alone could cause the entire effort to collapse. Even though three teams already have issued statements that they’ll stay away, those teams are two weeks or so away from drafting rookies and signing a crop of undrafted free agents. Those new players most likely will show up in Denver, Seattle, and Tampa Bay — and in any other city whose veteran players prefer to protect their roster spots and game checks by giving the younger players reduced chances to take them. > https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/13/agents-will-be-key-factor-in-whether-offseason-workout-boycott-succeeds/
  4. ..so you're goin' to the jets game
  5. ..this way... ...follow me
  6. Amped Up | Jets' 2021 Free Agency Additions Go All Access with the Jets' 2021 Free Agency Class video.. > https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/amped-up-jets-2021-free-agency-additions
  7. The NY Jets have had their fair share of draft busts over the years. From outright duds like Vernon Gholston and Quinton Coples to others who just never lived up to expectations like Leonard Williams, the Jets have had no shortage of draft mishaps. More so in recent years, the first round has not been kind to the Jets. Following the Sam Darnold trade, no player the Jets have drafted in the first round prior to the 2019 NFL Draft remains on the roster.The last decade has been particularly discouraging for the Jets, but perhaps one name stands out amongst them all — cornerback Dee Milliner.Bleacher Report’s Alex Kay recently released an article listing every NFL team’s worst draft pick of the past decade. And Milliner earned the unfortunate distinction of being the nominee for the Jets. That’s over the likes of Kyle Wilson, Calvin Pryor, Darron Lee, and the aforementioned Coples who were all selected during the decade of the 2010s. According to Kay, Milliner stands out amongst them all. Dee Milliner was a massive bust for the NY Jets Milliner entered the NFL with considerable hype after a standout career at Alabama. Many touted him as one of the best players in the 2013 NFL Draft class with some mocks even projecting him as high as the top-three prior to the draft.He ultimately fell all the way to the ninth overall selection where the Jets made him their first of two first-round picks that year, along with defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson. Although Richardson departed New York after just four seasons, it’s safe to say that he’s enjoyed a more successful career than his fellow draftee.Milliner started 12 of 13 games in his rookie season, enduring his share of rookie growing pains. However, he finished the year strong recording three interceptions in the final two games of the season earning AFC Defensive Player of the Week and NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month honors. Unfortunately, he would go on to play just eight more games in his brief NFL career. An ankle sprain kept Milliner out of training camp in 2014 and upon his return, he suffered a torn Achilles which ended his sophomore season after just three games.His 2015 season was marred by yet another injury as offseason wrist surgery limited him to just five games. By the time the 2016 season rolled around, Milliner had played just 21 of 48 possible games.The Jets declined his fifth-year option before he landed on injured reserve yet again. This time would be his last as he was released by the team before the end of September. Somewhat incredibly, Milliner never even made it to training camp with another NFL team.Injuries ultimately tanked Milliner’s career, but it was always going to be difficult for him to live up to the lofty expectations placed upon him. The Darrelle Revis comparisons certainly didn’t do him any favors.Is he the biggest Jets bust of the past decade? It’s certainly plausible, especially given how high he was selected and the expectations that followed him to the NFL. Dee Milliner will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the biggest draft duds in NY Jets history. > https://thejetpress.com/2021/04/13/ny-jets-dee-milliner-worst-draft-pick/
  8. Rich Cimini ESPN Staff Writer DE Vinny Curry, who won a Super Bowl with the 2017 Eagles, said he had "no hesitation at all" about signing with a perennial losing team. He mentioned Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas, saying he sees "where they're trying to take this ship. I just wanted to be aboard. I've seen this ship before" — a reference to how the Eagles won it all in Doug Pederson's second season. > https://www.espn.com/nfl/team/_/name/nyj/new-york-jets
  9. ..he'll probably retire.. if he heals up... he'll end up in tampa
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