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  2. Might be the whiskey but I lold hard at Snash
  3. I honestly wouldn’t have gone after the Ape til the mass reveal - kudos to 80, but also to Ape. Not sure we win this game without the reveals and insane luck of being able to somewhat vet one another. Ape was on the short-list N1 to investigate but was probably bottom 3 or so by the time we mass revealed, though would have been at the top without a lynch. Also appreciated the “you can’t win until you lynch me twice!” efforts, though I’ll give myself a slight bit of credit for not going for that. I had fun...all I ask for in a mafia game, really enjoyed the Arkham setup. Thanks to DPR for modding and putting up with our whiney BS all game lol
  4. Playing the best I’ve played as town in half a decade while confined to a quasi-dead thread is so perfect idk what more to say lmao
  5. Thought I responded to this lol No need to be sorry, if I had a dollar for every time someone falsely thought some random chaotic thing I was doing D1 was scummy I'd be able to buy one hell of a bottle of bourbon 😂 Hope you're feeling better with the accident - sorry to hear about it
  6. Great game big guy - I've spun myself around with conspiracies before too but you came back with the CTM work.
  7. Vote 80 Can never be too safe, even if the game is over
  8. LMAO I walked away after this post and spent 15 minutes trying to re-imagine the game. It basically boiled down to a conspiracy that CTM was really the doc and JiF was converted to find 80 and Crush in there, who he wouldn't actually betray. And sending SMC Arkham enabled everyone to be set free since Scarecrow is a psychiatrist...
  9. I mean...if you came back Riddler or inconclusive it would have told me Crush was lying or his lie detector was deflected, to your post yesterday. Was really the only decision to make last night.
  10. I tested SMC last night - since all night actions avoid him, supposedly, I shouldn't have been able to get the right name... Yet I got that he is scarecrow. So...bueno. IDK what to make of the Crusher additional lie detector thing

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