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  1. Much like Jamal Adams this fan base doesn't deserve you. Never change, old friend.
  2. I live five hundred miles away but can't leave my home for being roasted by sunlight you incompetent swine
  3. Only 5 is actually pretty hard...so many good options left out: @Integrity28 and @CTM for the comedy @JiF and @The Crusher to remind us that love is real @Nolder and @Pac would somehow have games and a decked out sound system on the island
  4. ❤️ you guys @Sharrow is basically a short ghost at this point, could probably get him thrown in for free
  5. I would enjoy that - if the offer still stands, I'll take you up on it
  6. While I appreciate the offer (and miss you folks!) I believe I'm permanently out of the game. Just don't have the time - it always sounds super fun and like a great idea and is for a couple days...but I can't keep up. I'm sure it'll be a fun one, though - I'll try to follow along a bit for fun
  7. Lynching CTM twice is what this game needs
  8. I was about to say the same thing, then realized we were both voting her
  9. How have you been?! I was concerned you were voting me because I hadn't said hello - as long as it's because you think I am teh scum then this is acceptable. Solid vote. I trust anyone that doesn't trust me Given the option of me or Crusher even I would vote me unvote vote Lizzie

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