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  1. AVM

    Jets vs Patriots Mafia D3

    Lynching CTM twice is what this game needs
  2. AVM

    Jets vs Patriots Mafia D3

    So...what's up?
  3. AVM

    Jets vs Patriots Mafia D3

    I was about to say the same thing, then realized we were both voting her
  4. AVM

    Jets vs Patriots Mafia D3

    How have you been?! I was concerned you were voting me because I hadn't said hello - as long as it's because you think I am teh scum then this is acceptable. Solid vote. I trust anyone that doesn't trust me Given the option of me or Crusher even I would vote me unvote vote Lizzie
  5. AVM

    Jets vs Patriots Mafia D3

    They did away with my rolling laughter emoji and I'm displeased. Sigh. Vote Dan lets do this thing
  6. AVM

    Jets vs Patriots Mafia D3

    So is this really the Ape? Or an imposter? Or is it really Sheldon Richardson? Regardless, I'm a fan. Wanna shake things up? Create a little chaos? unvote vote CTM because lulz
  7. AVM

    Jets vs Patriots Mafia D3

    I promise not to turn this into a spidey meme thread* *for now
  8. AVM

    Jets vs Patriots Mafia D3

    vote 80 Feels good. Feels....right.
  9. AVM

    Jets vs Patriots Mafia D3

    /kicks door open
  10. This wasn't the last game someone would get ****ed to death in JN mafia, but it was the most glorious
  11. @Sharrow Worth a shot? 🤷‍♂️
  12. So worth noting it's a work trip not a fun-trip, so I'll still be posting and such just with bizarre hours and certainly not during prime awake hours for folks (they're +12). I will commit to being involved every day as long as that's cool...honestly it'll give me something to do at night before going to bed. I could also get myself spectacularly killed day 1 as scum* and none of this matter, which is probably the most likely outcome. *To be clear yes, I'm claiming scum already. Whatcha gonna do about it?

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