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  1. With the elite corner play we have if ever there was a setup to give the draft picks some run it should be this one
  2. The Jets clearly don't want to give up a first this year and the Packers clearly want it. Guess what the Packers can no longer get in about a month? So sure...let's keep waiting til the summer.
  3. That was an ass whoopin', maybe the Pirates can trade for Aaron Rodgers too
  4. My not so crazy theory is that the national media kept pushing the "Jets are only one QB away!" conversation because they expected Woody to predictably go after Rodgers or Lamar, miss out on both, and give them all the content they could ever desire. Now that not only are the Jets getting said QB but Rodgers continues to get one over on them, they're lashing out. Poor babies.
  5. McAfee and AJ Hawk yesterday laughing that Packers fans are going to be pissed off made me feel a lot better that we're not the crazy ones (for once...about this topic, specifically lol)
  6. Really nice that him and Rapaport are using each other as sources now
  7. In the scenario unfolding he gets to get his "realistic" contract (with incentives) while also publicly saying he "gave up money" for the chance to win with Rodgers. I don't think he ultimately signs here, but I could see it Exactly. These players can be added without gutting the core of the team elsewhere and hopefully with giving Quinnen his extension.
  8. Bam isn't going anywhere and will be an upgrade from what Berrios provided on returns last year. Mims also more likely to be around that Moore and he would play specials. Then you're talking about 6th WR types, it's not the hardest thing to fill. We'd be fine.
  9. Wrong, the year is magically 2008 so Desean Jackson is amazing again
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