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  1. How’s it going man? Hope you’ve all been well
  2. Marry Crusher F*** Ape Speed lynch 80 Pretty sure that’s how to play, no?
  3. Struggling with JC & Nyn myself, too. Dice asking some good questions despite the fact I don't agree with the confidence in Nyn based on how she reveals/doesn't reveal usually. We've got multiple "investigative" roles so I suppose I could see multiple protective roles but there hasn't really been enough shot attempts to justify that. I unfortunately don't know the source material well enough either to know what would fit (I know, it's on the list...). I thought CTM made a good point that there are way better protect claims that would have gotten her less suspicion. As for JC my gut reading his first post was that it was legit...but I admit as he's been posting it's reminded me of how he posted during our two SK runs with fake claims. I think I'd rather look in a different direction (and actually vote for the first time in like a week) - vote Lizzie
  4. For L-3: I'm in and out of meetings and one of two things would happen if I got closer than L3 - I'd be holding the game up or I'd get lynched without saying anything. For inside knowledge - this is how I play the game and how I've always played the game. All I was doing is not eliminating options and trying to not get us tunneled on a specific idea...such as a vest or protection. This year we've had alternating phase kills, conversions, the complexity of the Watchmen game and whatever I missed the last couple months. And if you really think I'd show my ass that badly to intentionally share knowledge of kill mechanics then you think I'm even dumber than I actually am (which is pretty dumb, but still not that dumb). And yeah blah blah blah WIFOM - rule 14 and let's grab a beer.
  5. Not very bright feels like a bit of an understatement but otherwise this is 100% correct
  6. Surprised I didn't have more votes. I'll be better. Pretty sure that's a lynch on Paradis?
  7. Unfortunately whether or not I've been playing is debatable...sorry.. JiF's role was a nightly search for investigators. 80's role was a "weak" investigator in the sense he wasn't a full-blown cop. Reading between the lines, I think I get it. Question is whether or not we'd have a number of investigators and a full-blown cop. Since JiF had 1x "investigation avoidance" that seems like a quasi/weak GF of sorts? Doesn't eliminate having a GF or full-blown cop yet, but it's worth noting.
  8. Gonna start catching up v2 late morning/early afternoon between meetings (including for a short period now)
  9. Another possibility is the option of a day/night kill - we've seen that a lot this year and I believe it's jvills first game as mod? Wouldn't be surprised to see some elements borrowed from SMC, Pac or others. Lots of possibilities thus far, but it's certainly interesting.
  10. All possible....but I really, really want to hear from JETS. His "you sure" post is the most interesting thing to happen in the game thus far.
  11. No - I'm waiting to hear from him before voting... It was a bit weird
  12. My instinct was JETS or Kdels, based in the way D1 ended...but I want to hear more from JETS now..
  13. Not cool, dude. Not cool. Sir, you had my attention. Now you have my interest. This train, while necessary, can be lazy. Agree there. Where did your suspicion of JiF come from?
  14. F***. I thought you were lying and were SK, only reason I trusted you.
  15. I lol’d a tiny bit at Barrys “since midnight” just now and my wife without looking up says “playing that game with the other Jets fans again, huh?”
  16. Ahh, jvill's been busy reading @Verbals guide to modding Let's just hope he skipped the machine of souls chapter...
  17. Blink twice and write another review if we're on an SK team again
  18. Consistently being assholes is sort of our thing, no?
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