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  1. 1 hour ago, Integrity28 said:

    Good news… I cordially exposed that our contractor wasn’t validating our most recent $15k surprise invoice. He submitted finally that he doesn’t expect us to eat his mistake… even though we know that’s exactly what he tried to do. I cannot wait for this project to be over.

    Its a whole-house remodel. Which is why we’re in an apartment. Also why my stress and attention to the game have a severe ebb and flow. Sorry if I’m being extra combative, FYI, I’m really not even sure how I’m coming across. This has been a 3-week test of wills… on top of some other heavy sh*t.

    I need a glass of bourbon and a lap dance. @JiFields sup?

    That really sucks dude, sorry.

    On the bright side if this was you being extra combative you have REALL tamed over the years 😂

    1 hour ago, HessStation said:

    I’m building an army of retards stfu 

    Ready for duty, SIR

    Annnd I’m happy staying parked on Verb. That last “okay now this is a good vote for me” comes off as trying too hard to not seem defensive to justify the earlier omgusing

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  2. 2 hours ago, Stark said:

    either or



    not either or but pairing players again

    I mean another either, neither or both. 

    either or.


    NO JGB on this list

    Still talking about @jgb but he's n ot on you r willing to Lynch list or whatever you want to call it

    yes you did ... up 4 posts... you may not have said "it is either stark or avm" but you clearly did group us in an either or, both or neither.


    maybe you need to remember what you type considering we can pull the quotes.


    so why no JGB in you r willing to Lynch list?


    I mean, at best he’s chalking it up to semantics..

    1 hour ago, HessStation said:

    @Hal N of Provo - noobish

    @Arsis - sk’ish

    @JiFields - townish but ping’ish

    @The Crusher - townish

    @Integrity28 - pingish

    @Stark - pingish

    @jvill 51 - pingish

    @Beaver - should die’ish

    @jgb - townish 

    @Pac - should die’ish 

    @BallinPB - should def die’ish 

    @Lurker89 - townish 

    @Barry McCockinner - should die’ish 

    @HessStation should die’ish 

    @Drums - should die’ish 

    @Jets Voice of Reason - should die’ish 

    @Verbal - townish but ping’ish 

    @Bleedin Green - townish 

    @Smashmouth -greatish 

    @Leelou - ping’ish 

    @Greenseed4 - townish 

    @AVM - ping’ish 

    It’s impossible to read a bunch of these that are just sitting around. Hard disagree on Verb, moderate to strong disagree on Leelou, JVoR pinged with a vote earlier (yesterday?)…

    why ping on leelou? I have thoughts, but town thoughts

    1 hour ago, Verbal said:

    Oh, I get that it's scummy.  I'm ok with that.



    A vote on me I can appreciate - no issue from me, here.

    I mean at this point I’m starting to think you want to be lynched lmao

  3. 2 hours ago, The Crusher said:


    Good morning Lovely. I went back and looked at your pudding like I said I would. Lots of fence sitting and fair amount of just commenting on other people’s game play. His opinion of the JGB thing evolved enough to put him in his top three  but then voted Verb. Not sure what it means but my observation none the less. 

    I don’t know if intentional or not but you’re literally leaving out the part where you quoted me as saying the grossest thing all game was Verbs either or. Verb then doubled down by either oring me and Stark, the two people voting him.

    I continue to say jgbs play was pro scum and I’m fine lynching him. I don’t want to lynch ape, so if it’s close I’ll be moving to jgb. Through where I am now doesn’t appear anyone is actually moving to verb so it’s a wasted vote for today, but I’ll see where the rest of the catch-up lands

  4. 2 hours ago, Verbal said:

    No, I made only 1 "him or him" statement.  For you guys, I offered 3 possibilities, and added you into my WTL just in case.

    Not sure where any OMGUS from me comes from, unless you're talking about something else and I missed it.

    We were both voting for you and in fact the only two voting for you at that time, no? Someone else even called it out yesterday lol

  5. 4 minutes ago, Verbal said:

    I mean, I did say it was my "want to lynch", I didn't say everybody would be scum.  I did think KGB or Ape, but I'm leaning towards Ape there, clearly.  As for you and/or Stark, I was talking out loud and thinking one of you might be.  Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette, right?

    Fair on views evolving over the game - obviously, that’s the game. But two separate “it’s him or him” statements on d1 stinks. I do appreciate the omgus though, it has made me laugh

    Aside from that I still overall maintain hiding on JGB or elsewhere is the best place for scum in general today, given the course of the day. 

  6. 21 hours ago, Verbal said:

    Verbal (2) - Stark, AVM


    2 scum pushing me together because it's easy D1?  Probably not.


    2 townies just being lazy on D1 and following the Ape?  Possibly.


    1 scum / 1 townie for both of the above?  Maybe the most likely out of the 3 options.......

    You’re better than this. Perhaps to cheer you up I could interest you in a magic trick?

    21 hours ago, Verbal said:

    AVM, Stark, Crusher, Ape, JiF


    That's my WTL for today.  GLGL

    So now it’s me or Stark for sure, not Ape or JGB, but still maybe Ape.

    only Sith and Verb on day 1 deal in absolutes (and those absolutes change)

    16 hours ago, Verbal said:

    Sticking with my prior list:








    Not in that order.

    What exactly would be your order?

    15 hours ago, The Crusher said:

    I thought we played a couple years at JI first. Not sure those games made it here. One game there was the one I think EY made CTM a cross dressing zombie in or something. HaHa

    Yeah you all played several games there, came here during the great migration and a bunch of us joined by game 2 or 3. Game 3 had me, Dan, Sharrow and others for the first time. Good times. 2008 or so sounds about right.

    13 hours ago, Smashmouth said:

    Has no one shown AVM the wonders of the spy glass some of learned last game after playing for 10 + years and didn't know ?

    AVM see the little magnifying glass next to the multi quote and quote options at the bottom of each post ? 

    Click on that see what happens. 

    If you already know then rule #14

    oh and BTW you never had any spidey sense so carry on :)



  7. 16 minutes ago, Leelou said:

    I see not much of a reason.

    I need to go back and see the posts around this,too. 

    also how great of a name is lurker for these games?

    15 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

    Well if that’s the case he is supposedly VT so least it’s that or scum if we do Lynch him. Not sure what makes his Lynch anymore less informative than anyone elses. But ok. Who would you like to Lynch now? If your voting I’ll peek in a minute. 

    I’m not disagreeing with you at all. What I’m saying is it’s going to be hard to discern anything from his train…his train gives us closure on him, which may be necessary at this point. I was sort of arguing with his earlier point that his train would be telling.

    basically his play has been pro-scum and that’s not a bad direction to go in. I think Verbs either Ape or JGB are scum post was the grossest thing I’ve seen all game. The best case to ignore it I’ve got is that he’s smart enough to not do that as scum when he could just ride out day 1. I kind of want to push there, like I said ultimately we probably end up coming back to JGB unless something better pops up. vote verb

  8. On 1/31/2023 at 9:51 AM, jvill 51 said:









    By this point, I don't see why your logic hasn't moved you on to the "defenders" who you find so suspicious, rather than Barry who you extrapolated a breadcrumbed claim from out of an AI generated post. Like you said, odds are against Barry being scum, and odds are against scum rallying to save scum against your one vote. You've acknowledged several times that it's not a great case, just recently seeming to acknowledge that it's been better at providing reaction info, and have been banging the drumbeat steadily that the info you find so suspicious is the people "rushing to Barry's defense". By this point you've built a better case against me or Crusher, and you seem to believe in it more, than your case against Barry.

    @Leelou this was one of the better posts of the game, in my opinion. He’s focusing in on JGBs inconsistency this game rather than past games so it’s easier to track. I lean town on Jvill right now mostly because I feel like it’s easier to sit back and let others make cases for you (which I’m kind of doing with the FOS Verb, but it’s odd)

  9. 45 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

    Nice post. But trust me, don’t buy into the newbie thing. He played his first game last game and literally taught a clinic in playing Doc. He’s easily one of the smartest people I’ve played with with. He digests information at the same rate my body does simple sugars and bacon grease! 

    I hear you. It was the only/best reveal if scum. I don’t remember you digging in so often on D1, so I’m on the fence. To me his reveal only served to help scum is my point last post.

    28 minutes ago, Leelou said:

    Personally, I don’t like the way/timing of JGB reveal, but he’s also said he’s going to basically be out of the game with work, so that’s not as high of a mark against him. What really doesn’t sit right is how he wasn’t voting one of his top scum leans at the time and it’s why I poked him about it a bit. I’m going back and forth of if he’s more leaning over eager townie who thinks he got a d1 gotcha or scum jumping on something. I’m more leaning towards the town side at this point. I reread through Ape’s posts before voting along with Verbal and I think it’s a good wagon due to how he was posting about JGB after his reveal. 

    Scummy play doesn’t equal scum…but yeah, this is kind of my feelings summed up pretty well

    16 minutes ago, Leelou said:

    @Pac not holding on a phone is a bad excuse. It’s wicked simpLe. I solely play on my phone and manage bolding.

    I’m on my phone with a sleeping baby on my chest as I run daddy daycare the next two weeks. 

    I’d be happy to poke at Pac but right now I’m leaning Verb. He’s too vet for the “JGB or Ape is scum” line of thinking.

  10. 2 hours ago, HessStation said:

    Unvote vote Greenseed whoever that is has he posted yet. I also just realized AVM is playing

    Playing is a generous word to date 

    1 hour ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    A decade+ ago the joke was that BG was an old man even though he wasn't at the time.

    Now he really IS an old man and it really isn't funny anymore because we're all old.


    Aging Matt Damon GIF

    This hits to close to home, I don’t like it

    1 hour ago, The Crusher said:



    Ok, I get his reasoning to a point and I can entertain that after last game KGB could be feeling really good about his ability to find scum quick and effectively. 

    Before anyone calls this a Noob thing in his second game please remember the dude was literally dominant as the cop his first game. Had better understanding of the terms and the strategy of the game game than most. If you didn’t play last game, rule #14

    Consider myself rule 14’d

    I was going to ask details about last game but end of the day it was last game. I didn’t play it, I don’t know jgb aside from the NC poopy humor thread years ago (assuming it’s the same guy) and this is a different game.

    I think he’s been sloppy regardless. I don’t think his lynch is support informative and scum would love to let this play out til 1 or 2 tomorrow then have us run him up because it’s better than random. I feel like that’s where this has put us

  11. 20 hours ago, jgb said:

    I gotta catch a flight then in all day meetings next two days so not sure when and if I can post. So I have to do this now. I’m a safe lynch VT so not a disaster to swing loud and proud. Prefer to eat a scum NK but it doesn’t look like that’s my destiny this game.

    If I do hang, look at those that led this effort.

    Best of luck town!

    I can’t tell if this is the roll over in order to buy yourself some time play or the 10k IQ/self absorbed “my play will win us the game” nonsense the LK used to do but el oh el

    19 hours ago, HessStation said:

    I may have caught two scum on my first day back. It’s like riding a bicycle 

    May? Your lack of complete confidence in yourself makes me sad and frightened 💔

    18 hours ago, Verbal said:

    His lynch would certainly be informative, but I'm more wondering why more interest isn't being sparked in something Hess called out re: Ape.


    so we’re playing now - unvote 

    18 hours ago, Jets Voice of Reason said:

    I'm going to be honest, not sure what you're doing is accomplishing what you think you're doing if you're town. From my perspective you did a weird thing by fixating on Barry off of what I feel is a nothingburger and cryed foul because people dare suspect you. The game isn't simplistic, especially with veteran players and I find expecting the scum team to fall over themselves to get rid of you and asking the rest of town to follow your honeypot is what is likely going on here.

    I do think that if you do end up flipping town, there is probably at least one scum voting you because at minimum you cast a huge floodlight on your play and provided an opportunity, but I don't think it's necessarily going to be a treasure trove of scum.

    In any event, on my personal read there's suspicious things going on with your play in terms of you refusing to vote others you actually think is  think is sus, point out individuals you are suspicious of as well, and you being paranoid to reveal at L-6 or whatever it is, which feels more scum-leaning than vanilla townie. But...you're also new and new people do some illogical stuff.


    Yeah this

    18 hours ago, Verbal said:

    Does this need to become a spidey thread to draw people out?

    17 hours late, my spidey sense is a little rusty

    Also I’m not doing my usual quote all the way back through anymore…too hard and it becomes daunting when I see too many pages. I’ll quote big stuff moving forward, otherwise I’m going to quickly get too far behind

  12. 17 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Once upon a time, there was a purple pirate named @AVM.  She was a fierce and daring explorer who loved nothing more than sailing the high seas in search of adventure.

    The purple pirate had a faithful crew who followed her orders without hesitation and she was kind and generous to them. She had a trusty ship that was well known throughout the seven seas for its speed and agility.

    One day, the purple pirate was sailing through the Caribbean Sea when she encountered an unexpected adversary: an umbrella. At first, she thought it was just a harmless object, but as it approached, she could tell it was more than just an umbrella. It was a living creature, with a long body, a small head, and a pair of wings.

    The purple pirate was shocked, but she was also brave. She grabbed her sword and prepared to fight, even though she knew she was outnumbered. The umbrella flew closer and closer, and the purple pirate braced herself for the attack.

    Suddenly, the umbrella unleashed a stream of lightning bolts at her. The purple pirate was able to deflect most of them with her sword, but a few got through and hit her. The purple pirate was injured, but she refused to give up. Drawing on her inner strength, she fought back with all her might.

    After a long battle, the purple pirate eventually defeated the umbrella, and the creature flew away in defeat. The purple pirate had won the battle, but she was exhausted and injured. She and her crew quickly set sail for home. The purple pirate had learned an important lesson that day: no matter how powerful your enemies may seem, never give up. With determination and courage, you can always overcome the odds.




    The image is literally of a purple pirate getting a lobotomy from an umbrella. Even AI knows umbrellas are hell on earth.

    16 hours ago, jgb said:

    Huge game. I predict no lynches until day 3.

    Complaining about no lynch on RL day 1 of day 1? Sir we have a full week of fence sitting so hard you can see the top in our stomachs, buckle up.

    15 hours ago, Greenseed4 said:

    Hi @Leelou, I don’t believe we’ve met, but if you play Mafia on this forum I can already tell that I probably don’t like you.

    Wanna see a magic trick?

    15 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Mod Note:  The rules have been updated to add the following:

    3.       At the D1 deadline (if needed), if no majority is reached, the highest-vote getter will be the lynch.  D2 and beyond, it will be a random player lynched if no majority is reached.


    14 hours ago, Verbal said:

    I let you guys think that, but this whole time 80 and I have been playing chess while you jokers play checkers.



    Translation:  I'm ******* killing Verbal.

    I play pretty pretty princess, actually

    13 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

    I spent all of last night with my feet behind my head, being plowed by the director of liberal arts studies at the local community college… didn’t read my PM, what’d I miss?

    Oh hell yeah - whole new meaning to GBTA amirite?

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  13. A Hess and Crusher vote on page one? #NotmyJNMafia

    4 hours ago, The Crusher said:

    No Ai story 

    vote Arsis 

    bleep bloop 80 sucks did I do it right?

    3 hours ago, Jets Voice of Reason said:

    Feels like the game will be a pain in the butt to read with the AI, but in some cases maybe it'll make a few more people actually coherent.

    Welcome back, Vote AVM

    Mankind doesn't have the level of AI necessary to make that happen

    Vote JVoY...okay that's my JN Mafia

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  14. 4 hours ago, Nolder said:

    Man, today was probably the hardest day since I got the news. I met with my uncle and aunt at the hospital and we hired a notary to do a power of attorney signing. Long story short my mom wouldn’t sign. I think she’s still struggling to understand what’s going on even though she recognizes family from say a nurse. I wouldn’t sign anything either I guess if I couldn’t understand what it was. She was also mad at us and was waving for us to leave which I think really upset my aunt. So now I can’t access her bank account to pay her bills (they’re not extensive I can still swing it but this would have taken most of the stress from the situation) and I have to probably hire a lawyer I guess? To get a conservatorship? I don’t know a lot of this is new to me. Anyway that takes time. In the meanwhile my mom can eat again and was moved to a skilled nursing facility so she’s improved some more. Maybe I’ll give her a couple more weeks to improve some more and try the notary again.

    Ugh - so sorry man, can't imagine. Hang in there, sending you good vibes.

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