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  1. 1 minute ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    Secretly this game was all about me dying over and over again.  Didn't matter who we lynched, that was going to be the case. 

    He's currently busy writing the first of many long scenes describing my death in excruciating detail.

    Ahh, jvill's been busy reading @Verbals guide to modding

    Let's just hope he skipped the machine of souls chapter...

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  2. Just now, kdels62 said:

    This is consistent for me, if you want to recall my games. I don’t like to claim certainty this early in the game. Getting lynched for being overly aggressive in my early games affected me.

    It's not even so much about not having solid reads - it was the content within the reads list (or really, lack thereof) that got my attention. And it really wasn't until the second time I read it, which I did after Hess voted you.

    Most players right now don't have lists/numerous reads.

  3. 1 minute ago, Spoot-Face said:

    Par for the course for Lizzie.

    Is it nowadays? I remember Lizzie being an abrasive, high-volume poster.

    To be clear, I really don't think he's "hiding" or anything - I think he either forgot about the game or isn't engaged. With Lizzie, that doesn't put him in the town or scum pile but of the low volume posters his inactivity has my attention most. If that makes sense.

  4. Just now, kdels62 said:

    What is fake reasoning? 

    Whether Spoot is jumping on my point or not is yet to be seen, but it's the same thing I was saying about your first list. Saying a lot without actually saying anything at all.

    Common "lay low as scum" tactic to kind of throw one's hands up and say I don't know about a lot of things - not willing to make many commitments..

    Otherwise the higher level of engagement has been encouraging.

  5. 9 minutes ago, kdels62 said:

    Hess kickstarted the train with no explanation which is fun. 

    Besides me who else are you suspicious of?

    JETS - lingering vote, not the browsing nonsense
    Crush - some really weird comments/posts and action around the lie detector, too
    Lizzie - Wasn't kidding in that he posted a few times on page 1 and basically disappeared, became a complete afterthought

    I want to see more from JC but nothing pinging yet

  6. 1 minute ago, Nynaeve said:

    Then why is he specifically getting crap for it?

    I did think it was interesting that a train started in short order after a random vote with no explanation from Hess and relatively very little from me.

    I'd be happier in that direction, but the point on kdels getting heat for much of nothing is good.

  7. 3 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

    I’ve asked like two three times. Nobody says nothing. Honestly not sure I even remember a post from him. 


    2 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    basically he's not playing, I think. Same could be said for a few others. 

    I added the weak point on his "list" - which was basically CTM is suspicious and I don't know about anyone else. Second read through came across as a list for the sake of being a list.

    It's weak, but as I don't really care to lynch CTM and wasn't keen on drums it was of interest to me once Hess made a vote.

    That said, I'll vote drums at the deadline to avoid random.

  8. 1 minute ago, HessStation said:

    Unvote vote Kdels

    I commented on his reads yesterday, just went back and looked at them again and it's basically:

    CTM (lead vote getter) is suspicious
    A bunch of non-statements on Drums, 80 and Stark
    "I'm meh on everyone else"

    Sort of reads like putting together a list to say you've put together a list (pot-kettle, I know...but I don't recall kdels doing this a lot)

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  9. FWIW - a multi-use lie detector and 80s role could mesh together well, if we don't have typical roles. We had a game earlier this summer/spring along those lines...not that they've got many vote (except Paradis - ping) but just reinforcing we should be looking elsewhere..

    We could debate if Hess legit has the ability multiple times or not, but that's a pretty significant waste of time lol

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  10. Alright, to summarize (some of) my thoughts:

    I hate every vote in this game right now

    Either Spoot or Jvill are the greatest ever

    80 is 80

    Drums - I like how he's engaging, was curious when he pushed on JETS for lingering on 80 WAY too long and moved on

    JETS I want to lynch

    @HessStation I'm not a serial killer and it bums me out. I'm town, which I guess is okay. If there's an SK out there I'm pulling for them.

    JiF suspecting Crush on D1 gave me pause...he's had some interesting interactions.

    Nyn seems like town Nyn

    A lot of inactive folks...I'm already ahead of 3 players in 2 hours and I multi-quoted my f***ing heart out there. I don't know who Paradis is and dicetosser seems to be doing the "I'm not here, IDK what to do" routine...which he's done as town, so meh. Just not overly helpful.

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  11. 4 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Drums is a nice safe landing spot if we don't find someone better.  I'd rather save him in our back pocket for if D1 is still going on tomorrow.


    4 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Let's kill the hippie.


    3 hours ago, JustEndTheSuffering said:

    If you’ve got so much time to read the game and tell us to go faster then why didn’t you play yourself?

    I really, desperately want to vote you but this is a good post.

    15 minutes ago, JiF said:

    umbrella raining GIF


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  12. On 7/28/2020 at 11:17 AM, JiF said:

    Should I read yet?  I'm like the 6th man.  Just tag me in if you need some instant scum hunting. I probably know the whole team already but havent read a single post in this thread.


    sh*t, we doin this?

    On 7/28/2020 at 11:23 AM, JiF said:

    Drums, Crusher, Gata

    runner up: Ballin

    I think, since I replaced Ballin, this means JiF suspects me as scum again.


    All is right in the world.

    On 7/28/2020 at 12:36 PM, JiF said:

    I liked CTM's vote on you, felt good about 80 following but I also cant argue this logic.

    I know I have to give the people what they need.  I deprived them last game with just gifs, I promise I wont this game.


    I missed a JiF gif game? F***

    22 hours ago, HessStation said:

    All caught up teehhee


    20 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    vote Lizzie


    Time to rustle the low activity players a bit.

    Honestly I think I started reading on page 1 like 2 hours ago and I somehow forgot he was playing

    5 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    I will quit this game if we lynch Spoot.  

    If we lynch Spoot I'll quit posting spidey memes

    (Hess please don't lie detect that, it's a lie)

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  13. On 7/27/2020 at 2:58 PM, Jetsfan80 said:

    I wouldn't expect anything else.  And it strengthens my point, lol.  We're not rivals.  It's hammer vs nail.


    On 7/27/2020 at 3:12 PM, Spoot-Face said:

    I don't know how much longer I can keep this up lol.


    Fun Fact about @Jetsfan80 #869:

    After an unfortunate misunderstanding in his youth, 80 is forbidden by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to go within 50 feet of any and all chickens.

    Been telling y'all for years he was a damn dirty seachicken

    On 7/27/2020 at 4:39 PM, Jetsfan80 said:

    Fine.  Since I won't be available this evening.

    I'm Town Detective.  (Not Cop, Detective.)

    Each night I choose a player and get to see if they shot a gun that night.  I'll evidently be told one of 3 things:  Positive, Negative or No Result.


    On 7/27/2020 at 10:21 PM, Drums said:

    Other notes:

    Barry looking like town, Crusher was stretching with that stuff on him before imo

    I feel like JC is giving me JC town vibes

    I believe 80's reveal but either way that will work its way out

    Agreed on all of these. Though trying to read JC is like trying to get through a Dustin Diamond porno - difficult, pointless and you're not likely to feel satisfied at the end

    On 7/28/2020 at 9:21 AM, kdels62 said:

    CTMis being way more focused than I’m used to seeing in the early game. That’s suspicious. 

    Drums is being less annoying than normal. He’s breezier than I remember. A lot more posts shooting the sh*t than I think is his usual.

    80s reveal is confusing but it should buy him a second day at least. 

    You’re playing a fairly town game. Being assertive without being problematic.

    Stark’s vote on JiF was out of the blue. It’s say 1, I’m not sure how much to look into it. 

    Everyone else I’m meh on.


    I don't like any of these reads, but I think it makes me like kdels...

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