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  1. Sorry I missed this one (and the others). Thanks to Barry, GATA, 80 and others that tagged me...had a big project at work that I wrapped up, just finished a much needed week of time off. im around for a replacement or for the next game - if there is one with sports starting back up
  2. And you guys are going to go through a whole game in like 3 days? I apologize for once again holding JN Mafia back
  3. I skipped out on foot fetish mafia? Just great
  4. Who knows, he’s just the first to recognize that CTM is a monster that ruins everything
  5. Idk but if cake is really involved I trust Crush can explain
  6. Struggling between two responses here... 1 - Just because you got stuck in your fancy new freezer *again* doesn’t mean winter is coming 2 - This is a JN-mafia confirmed claim. CTM knows nothing, is perma-Jon Snow.
  7. F*** - guess I should have read my role PM
  8. I made this point back in that string of posts - if 80 is a legit cop wanting to keep me alive and use Crush to roleblock doesn't make sense as a teammate could submit any night actions...with very few exceptions that's how scum NK's work.
  9. I also said this when I thought Crusher was a powered up roleblocker...I recall reading his claim and thinking the "JiF took liberties" with the role thing was a hint that Crush was kind of like a roleblocker that could identify something else about the player like their role. If Crush had that but it wasn't a cop role, we could have theoretically had a cop IF scum had a way to throw off investigations. Now that it doesn't appear we have two investigative roles I think it's unlikely scum has framing ability or we have a gimped cop, so I think 80 is scum. As to what I was thinking in that post - I have seen framers, paranoid cops, and cops that get specific results on specific nights....at least I think so on the last one. We had a Crazy Cops game years and years ago where everyone was a cop. Some paranoid, some naive, some that got the opposite results, one legit cop and I swear we had one cop that got scum/town on different nights. I'm not thinking 80 is that, by any means...I was more just thinking that I needed to pause and think before screaming scum at him. If we have multiple factions, 2 deathless nights and at the time I was thinking we had a super investigator role...it could have been a crazy role game. Still likely is, just not to the degree I was thinking.
  10. Yeah - I don't think I should roll over, since there is at least a chance that Ape is scum and despite my skepticism 80 could be legit...so it's not like me flipping town means 80 = scum. Also unlikely that he'd do that already down a teammate, since at some point you'd lynch a cop with a false result. If Crush did in fact nail Ape, that would potentially be putting them down 3 people in quick order too...just doesn't seem like the smart thing. Regardless I do question anyone who doesn't want to go with what appears to be a sure thing - especially a cop with the results himself. vote Ape
  11. unvote - maybe shouldn't roll over considering Crush has Ape blocked and it's hard to imagine with the "not town" language that we only have a basic scum team...he would have had to hit again, meaning Ape would have to be scum
  12. @Jetsfan80 who did you investigate N1?
  13. Hold on, here...let me see if I have this straight... We have had two nights with no kills Crush has claimed souped up roleblocker, that's how we caught Arsis...and that he blocked Ape last night 80 is claiming cop...even though Crush claimed he kind of sort of could tell alignment with Arsis? 80 is claiming to have a guilty on me, but isn't voting me because "Crush can just block me" Lots of conversation about scum vs. not-town There are a number of ways shots can not be successful - roleblocking is just one. The scum vs. not town point is important, since if we have scum and 3rd party that would mean FOUR kills have been avoided, not two. And would imply the game is pretty roled up. Now with 16 players it's highly unlikely we only had 3 non-town roles, so let's assume 80 is telling the truth...I would likely have a teammate left over that I could just have submit the kill tonight instead? Then if Crush fails tonight and there is a kill, you lynch me tomorrow and it opens the door to question Crush. The play is simple - you lynch me. Quite frankly, I kind of think 80 is full of it but I think that's just me OMGUSing too hard. Hard to imagine we have a super-roleblocker that is quasi-vetted plus a cop, but it's possible. If so, you'd have to imagine there were roles to throw off investigations. There's just no way you don't lynch me right here - I don't understand how we're even having this conversation. vote AVM
  14. I have no idea lmao If you ISO me it shows up. If I look in this thread I don't see it. Regardless - I think I'm the hammer
  15. ***I did not delete that post - I intended to vote what I thought was L-1 but ended up being the hammer***
  16. I was - it disappeared? Did not do this myself - Idk what happened
  17. Noting that we seemingly can get DPR lynched but can't get JETS lynched here...
  18. vote JETS - he was the one that voted Ape, after 80 I'm on a call but here-ish...saw DPR say he's VT, will move there at deadline if need be.
  19. unvote - because I'm not sure why DPR is the leading vote getter but I joke voted him. Right now of the people getting votes (through about half of the game content...)... I'll do a search for DPR's and JC's posts since they seem like the top two Not voting Ape or Pac, unless there's something I missed Want to see if Barry tried to link JC and Arsis together - saw that drums responded to me that he (drums) was but no longer was...but in the re-read I saw someone suggest if JC was scum we lynch Arsis next, which I don't feel great about...though Arsis defending JC was also weird? Kdels (and JETS) vote placement for at least JC - and one of them was on Ape - was not great and odd considering a lot of folks have seemingly dropped off JC but they were parked there...though looks like Kdels dropped off?
  20. The Ape train D1 felt like a replacement of the usual 80 D1 (or Pac...) train.. Quite lazy, agreed. Remembered not loving 80 and I think it was Kdels placement at the time to really get it going. 4 is joke vote-y....6 votes and there's momentum to lynch, regardless of still being L-6 to 80s point. (but I'm not lynching 80 D1 regardless, so meh) These two posts say basically the exact same thing but I feel gross about it from JETS and less so about kdels...just weird. He was also very subdued during the Arkham game where he was Bane (town). I had to push him a lot on D1 to get content...there was someone else, too. He was the same way when we were on the SK team in Blade as well...I'm struggling to remember his role/alignment for Watchmen but feel like I was pushing him for intel then, too. I get your point - but slow starts have been the trend in the games I've played with him. OMGUS is new for you? You may have already done this by the time I finish catching up but would like to see your thoughts on JETS and Kdels... Scum tell for anyone or scum tell for drums specifically? Page 13...not going to have time for a full-catch up by 3 so going to try to wing it, I guess.
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