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  1. Point every one of the few times out. Do it - point out 3 times and I’ll self-vote tomorrow. Go ahead, dice. Do it. Find the few times. Do it.
  2. I see what you're saying, @Jetscode1 - I think I've done that a few times this game (role vs. name)....I actually thought Pac was the role cop at first, hence why I kept pushing for him to say what he got for Crush exactly then doubted him when he said he was a regular cop.
  3. A very fair question. Considering the number of strangely worded roles, both it and cop stick out. As do thief and role cop (yes, my own), as those are more traditionally scum roles. I continue to struggle with the thought of a cop, role cop and lie detector...as if we have the traditional roles (cop + doc) for town it doesn't make sense why we would have to piece things together from various roles.
  4. My intel was specifically that players in the Arkham thread stay in the game to help put the pieces together but that they DO count as kills in terms of voting and faction numbers. In other words, I'm ignoring the Ape for now.
  5. lulz Yeah...really bad timing showing up right after the lynch and saying "omg this is good"
  6. Okay then - I'm okay with that lynch...from the pool of 5 that we couldn't vet.
  7. I'm not sure - all 3 of us were very adamant about a point or two. I remember him complaining that no one would listen to a point he was trying to make - will look later, slammed at work. I'm really struggling to see the logic of lynching one of the symps right now, it's awful - agree there. Also struggling to see how we'd need to use roles to piece things together with a full-fledged cop, but I can't see how Pac would have played it like this if he was faking.
  8. I thought my role was more valuable than it's turning out to be, too - as 80 has been saying for days DPR saying town roles have to work together implies there are a number of niche/bit roles that can't figure it out on their own. I don't believe Ape is any more town than I did pre-reveal...I've been skeptical of you for days and haven't really gotten anything to divert my attention aside from the Arsis sideshow and Pac's bumbling yesterday.
  9. FWIW, a couple days ago I made the same point I just did about not receiving a power only information and Ape responded "this was really helpful" Does it lock him in as town? Absolutely not - but that struck me as a hint back then, too. He could absolutely be scum with that role but we have a number of investigative roles it seems like.
  10. Want to clarify this, again -- I didn't recieve anything other than intel...which both Smash and Dice have indicated they recieved as well, leading me to believe everyone who enters Arkham gets some sort of intel which they can share back with the game. That's why I started that "things I know, things I think.." list. It's not to say someone can't receive something else, I just haven't seen it be tied to role yet.
  11. I followed up, especially after JETS vetted what JiF said about being notified when the other symp is converted - we don't want to mess with them.
  12. You have to appreciate the irony in the first day he doesn't show up early and often we finally ramped up activity lol
  13. Me as soon as Ape starts to post more:
  14. Did you reveal, other than confirming you were Penguin?
  15. At this point I don't see any way around it. JC and I were the two most vocal against the strategy before. I wouldn't say I was super against it, but I was concerned it would give scum intel and maybe blow up in our face. The cops/lie detectors are confusing to me right now but it feels like we're starting to limit the field.
  16. Why SMC and not CTM? Or anyone else? Just a gut feeling?
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