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  1. Yeah for me this is a "let's deal with it down the road" situation now. No need to lynch the symps...and IF we wanted we have a lie detector to determine who is the convert down the road if need be.
  2. Thank you - yes he did. So (copy/pasting from above): SMC JC CTM Arsis Ape
  3. If you're legit...and I'm legit...and Crush is legit... that means that JiF and JETS are legit...(technically only you legit = them both currently town symps...) we already know (think) Nyn was a jailer/vig... Plus we know dice was/is town and Smash is currently behind bars claiming the same role as Nyn and we know he can't be Batman, based on DPR's scene...that leaves us: SMC 80 (Penguin, role TBD) JC CTM Arsis Ape With 14 players scum likely started with 3+1...meaning if all the above are true AND Nyn/Smash are town there's a 50/50 shot in that pool. If you assume one of Nyn or Smash could be scum or third party, 33% chance to get scum. Either way - otherwise we're potentially cutting down town roles by 3 before we get to lynch someone who is currently scum
  4. I think I'd rather vote Arsis purely on all this. And as for why I was willing to lynch JiF yesterday and I'm less interested now...before the other symp was hidden. Now if we lynch one scum can simply convert the other - if they haven't already as JiF is claiming.
  5. I explained in the main thread. Was working on the assumption that Pac was a role cop, but now struggling at the point of my role + cop + 2x lie detector. And then struggling as to why Pac would slow play a fake claim of cop with absolutely zero pressure. The only reason is to keep Arsis alive, which I mentioned in the other thread seems questionable.
  6. JiF's willingness to go to Arkham also seems legit - and he was just as willing to yesterday. My concern is we lynch JETS, scum convert JiF tonight and we're forced to then lynch JiF tomorrow - basically losing maybe 2-3 townies to get 1 scum that isn't actually scum at the moment. The math there being JETS, a "NK" tonight and "NK" tomorrow night.
  7. What do you think I did all day in Arkham?
  8. I was going to suggest we could have both symps claim they are currently town-aligned symps and let Crush decide which way to go if that was what Pac was hinting at...but now I feel like we might not want to waste the lie detector.
  9. But this is also true - why claim cop there unless, to Nyn's point, he's making some play to keep Arsis in? But wasn't Arsis L-1 on D2 at one point (while self-voting) with Pac dancing around a hammer? So that makes that hard to believe...
  10. And now I don't know...since had you said lie detector, that would have confirmed Crush's claim and made sense how you knew JETS was a symp...making all of this make sense. Because as DPR noted, roles will need to work together - so a role cop and a name cop would make sense, and you and I combined could have to fit the pieces together. But a full blown cop that can also find symps, a name cop and a lie detector? I mean theme wise, maybe? But that mucks it up...
  11. I feel like we can vet a couple things here if he'll just answer one question.
  12. Once Pac responds, I have an idea...
  13. I'm actually leaning heavily that it's legit, fwiw (maybe not much, but my two cents..)
  14. @Pac serious question... What did the investigation result for Crush say?
  15. I agree...especially considering I can't ever remember a case of someone claiming symp and not getting speed lynched. I just cant see him doing it as some "masterful" wifom in a game where there are likely a lot of roles. The question(s) at hand are is JETS the other symp (I'm inclined to believe Pac's reveal, as it was also unprovoked) and if one of them was converted. JETS has reacted so strangely I don't know what to think but I do genuinely believe JiF's original reveal.
  16. I was the only one let loose out of Arkham. I don't know by who and no one has claimed. If it was town I have a guess, but it's just a guess with no real knowledge so I'd rather not throw more confusion out there right now. But then to your second point there... I agree on the second paragraph (multiple reasons why no kill) and this was Smash's point in the Arkham thread - saying it was scum that let me out, proving I was scum. He also claims Arsis and I are faking our disagreements and that we're working together, so there's also that lol
  17. I still agree with this but want a few more answers first.
  18. So here's the problem/confusion on my part... We didn't get a "capture" last night from Batman. JiF is claiming he would be notified if the other symp were converted thus making him town (and he said this back when he claimed...)...and that he hasn't been notified. I think we need to hear from JETS and DPR before deciding.
  19. CTM pulled the quote again...I was discounting the Crusher part based on the other discussion. I'm inclined to believe Pac...but I'd like an answer to the question posed to @DPR on if the game would be notified if a symp were to be found.
  20. Was my immediate reaction, but I have a theory. Who did you investigate N1? It's frustrating because it would dictate our next two lynches since we have to lynch one then immediately lynch the other. But I get, with that, not wanting to reveal openly (though scum pupa was practically signally to scum) Just want to know what his N1 investigation held and I feel like we can confirm him or not.
  21. Just trying to get him to talk at this point
  22. Haven't kissed Smash's ass in too long, felt it was time to pop in and pucker up. So @Smashmouth (and @Dicetosser) - any reaction to this whole Pac...thing?
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