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  1. 2 minutes ago, prime21 said:

    As long as they draft a QB then it doesn't matter. 

    Except if we have McCown and Bridgewater than the rookie is not going to get as many training camp and preseason reps.  And we know that in Bowles mind all jobs are won/lost in camp...

  2. 1 minute ago, Lupz27 said:

    It’s exactly what it is, something we have experienced once before when we sat, and waited for Asougha in 2011, remember how that turned out?

    Actually turned out well; he was never the same in Philly...

  3. The team has done nothing to the short armed LB who drove the wrong way through the Lincoln tunnel drunk, yet we expect them to do something about this stupid tweet.  Not going to happen.  They've lost all credibility at this point....

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  4. 2 hours ago, JiF said:

     It will be interesting to see his hands size and how he throws an NFL ball.    

    A little off topic, but I thought that some years back the NFL and NCAA adopted the same ball size?  I could be wrong though.  This website seems to agree but I see others that do not.


    Just curious...



    Didn't realize this was such a controversy :P


  5. 19 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    I just turned it on and 5 minutes later the Rams convert on 3rd & 33 - on a relatively short pass - with the Giants sending 7 DBs on the field.


    Eli Apple pulled a 2016 Revis on that play; wanted no part of tackling.  Embarrassing...

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  6. 3 hours ago, Beerfish said:

    They should throw more holding flags and less of some other penalties.  Also I'm going to say something I could never imagine me saying just a few years ago.....

    I'd like to see them go to college ball rules for RI.  15 yards and automatic 1st down rather than a spot foul.



    I tend to agree.  What really has me annoyed this year are the neutral zone infraction penalties. I miss the days when the d-line could jump and get back, now as soon as the flinch the o-linemen move and grab the quick 5 yards.  Doesn't seem right...

  7. From Cimini:

    Many of the receptions by Green were short gains on which Revis gave significant cushion. Coach Todd Bowles said Revis has the freedom to decide on his own whether he wants to play bump-and-run or "off" coverage.

    Bowles said Revis has earned that right.

    "Not everyone [has it]," Bowles said. "He does."


    Seems maybe Revis has lost some confidence since the wrist injury.  Not sure...



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  8. I'm still baffled by the cushion given to receivers at the line of scrimmage by Revis these days.  His game was always predicated on jamming them and getting them off their routes early; with the way our D-Line was playing yesterday it was more important to take away those quick reads by Dalton.  Last year we were told it was because of the wrist injury that he was holding back.  But he is still doing it.  Is that coaching or is he no longer confident in his ability to keep up with them after the jam.  Very curious...

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  9. 7 minutes ago, Dcat said:

    I watched a pair of games since the pick and from what I saw, it is an overstatement to call Lee a "sure tackler".  There were multiple broken tackles and missed tackles by him as well as solid ones.  He was the fastest defender out there, obviously.

    Yep, this is my concern as well.  He's an effort tackler but doesn't seem too good at it.  Does a weird thing where he puts his arms out ready to wrap (which looks like good technique), but he never wraps, just leaves them hanging there... Very strange.  Don't think his coverage skills are that great either;  good, not great.  Hard time getting excited for this pick, but hope I'm wrong.  He's a Jet now so I'm all in...

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  10. 6 minutes ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

    Don't address quarterback or offensive line, the two biggest areas that need to be addressed? Select a slow, plodding inside linebacker when the Jets have stated they want to get faster? Select a project at WR in the second round again from Ohio State? Jenkins I can get on board with, but he'd have to be drafted in the 2nd. He won't make it to the third. The Jets do need to address corner, but not likely twice. And a punter in the 7th is probably a foregone conclusion. Overall, it'd be a poor showing for the Jets.

    I love Jenkins, but agree, don't think he makes it to our 3rd pick.  Wouldn't be shocked to see Rex jump on him...

  11. 23 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

    He chose to retire. hes a wealthy man, no doubt.

    If he wanted to keep playing, he would have moved. Its not that big a deal to move when your making crazy money. he could have done that.


    My guess is hes smart with his money, he doesn't have a car collection or a string of poloponies, and just figured it was a good time to relax and enjoy life

    :D props on the Honeymooners reference!  Brings back great memories...

  12. Not surprised timing was off, no other Jet wideout is close to Smith in speed. I'm more excited about the possibilities than upset about last week. Let's see what happens vs. the Fish.

    Actually the real speedster on the team is Owusu.  He's consistently posted faster 40 times than Smith and at this point in their respective careers he plays a lot faster.  I like Smith, but Owusu is the one who can take the top off of the defense.  Here's hoping the concussions don't end his career early...

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