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  1. yes I believe the schedule will be flexible for the Sunday night games for sure, not sure about the monday night games. I used to be against it but I think I like the idea now. Provided you see every Jets game (or your respecitve team) like me and others, who doesn't want a competitive prime time game?? Look at the past few weeks and upcoming weeks. ATL-NO? DET-GB? Upcoming NE-NYJ - brutal

    This flexible schedule could be tough on us season ticket holders. If it started this year, the MNF Pats game would definitely be swapped. I wonder how much notice will be given for these changes. Should be interesting.
  2. With Chad Pennington's contract situation, there is just no possible way that we can afford the asking price of a quarterback that's drafted in the top five. We've gotta roll the dice in the second or third round and pick up a quarterback. If Jay Cutler is there early in the second round, that would be ideal, IMO.

    No matter what position player we draft in the top 5 it will cost us the same. I think what your saying is we can't afford to spend so much money on one position considering the cap. I agree, and is why i think we have to ask Chad to renegotiate. But if there is a top "franchise" QB on the board when we draft, Bradway needs to think about the good of the team (not his job security) and pull the trigger. We may have to make some sacrifices at other positions but this team needs a QB to build around as I no longer believe Chad can be the answer...
  3. I never root for injuries, but I don't see the point in Brooks starting this week. He has had concussion problems in college, our O-line is very porous, and the game means nothing. I know he wants to play because he's showcasing his talents to the entire league, but Herm should sit him this week and make sure there are no lingering affects of this brain injury. We don't need another Chrebet or Toon situation on our hands...

  4. I posted this on another website a couple of months back. Makes you wonder about the ability of our GM...


    With all of the talk about Bradway I tried to list all of his notable personnel moves since he has been here. Although there have been cap issues he has had to deal with (some created under his watch), I'm not convinced he has increased the strength of this teams personnel at all. I've put together each of his years with what I remember as the biggest acquisitions, losses and draft picks. When looking at it all together like this, again I am not impressed. A lot of this info is off the top of my head so I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, so feel free to add/delete and let me know what you think of the job he has done. Maybe I am just missing something....


    Key Additions:

    Matthew Hatchette (waste)

    Tom Barndt (waste)

    Craig Yeast (marginal returner)

    Damien Robinson (waste)

    Chad Morton (excellent return man)

    Key Losses:

    Don't remember any

    Draft Picks:

    Santana Moss (cost the Jets the 19, 111 and 181 picks to move up to 16 to get him, traded to Wash)

    LaMont Jordan (excellent RB, lost in FA)

    Kareem McKenzie (excellent RT, lost in FA)

    Jamie Henderson (accident)

    James Reed (undersized starter)

    Tupe Peko (waived)


    None I remember


    Key Additions:

    Sam Garnes (okay, but slow)

    Sam Cowart (never lived up to billing)

    Steve White (waste)

    Aaron Beasley (waste)

    Dave Szott (injured)

    Jumbo Elliott (back as active player, done)

    Donnie Abraham (serviceable)

    Matt Turk (okay)

    Larry Webster (waste)

    Josh Evans (okay before drugs)

    Jonathan Carter (waste except for Colts game)

    Key Losses:

    Aaron Glenn (expansion draft)

    Marcus Coleman (expansion draft)

    Ryan Young (expansion draft)

    Kerry Jenkins (UFA to Bucs)

    James Farrior (UFA to Steelers)

    Victor Green (UFA to Pats)

    David Loverne (traded to skins)

    Draft Picks:

    Bryan Thomas (serviceable)

    Jonathan McGraw (injury plagued traded to Detroit)

    Chris Baker (starting TE)

    Alan Harper (waste)

    Jonathin Goodwin (serviceable swingman)


    Curtis Martin 8 year contract extension

    Fabini new 5 year deal

    Mickens extension

    Renogiate Vinny

    Extend Chrebet's contract

    Extend Mawae's contract


    Key Additions:

    Doug Brien (serviceable)

    Tom Nutten (retired)

    Dave Stryzinski (waste)

    Chester McGlockton (fat waste)

    Curtis Conway (waste)

    Key Losses:

    John Hall (Wash fiasco)

    Randy Thomas (Wash fiasco)

    Chad Morton (Wash fiasco)

    L. Coles (Wash fiasco)

    Draft Picks:

    Dewayne Robertson (looks like star but gave up 13th, 22nd and 116th to get him)

    Victor Hobson (starting LB)

    B.J. Askew (who knows, rarely plays except for STs)

    Derek Pagel (waste)

    Matt Walters (played one year)

    Brooks Bollinger (marginal QB)

    Dave Yovanovits (waste, waived)


    Extend Cowarts deal

    Resigned Sowell


    Key Additions:

    Ricky Ray (cut)

    Justin McCareins (starting WR, was price too steep?)

    Eric Barton (starting LB when healthy)

    David Barrett (serviceable CB)

    Pete Kendall (solid starter)

    Reggie Tounge (waste)

    Terrell Buckley (waste, stopgap move)

    Toby Gowin (waste)

    Key Losses:

    Marvin Jones (old and slow)

    Mo Lewis (old and slow)

    Sam Garnes (old and slow)

    Curtis Conway (never showed old flair)

    Draft Picks:

    Jonathan Vilma (may be Bradways best pick to date)

    Derrick Strait (nickel back, so far nothing special)

    Jerricho Cotchery (seems like a player, needs more playing time)

    Adrian Jones (starting LT, may be a steal)

    Eric Coleman (starting S)

    Trevor Johnson (backup with injury problems)

    Rashad Washington (STs)


    Pennington signs 64 million dollar deal

    Ellis signs 6 year deal

    Resign Brent Smith (knees are shot)

    Resign Doug Brien (ugh)

    Resign McKenzie


    Key Additions:

    Derrick Blaylock (injured)

    Lance LeGree (so/so player)

    L. Coles (traded with Washington)

    Doug Jolley (shown nothing so far, moved down 21 spots in draft to get him)

    Jay Fiedler (serviceable backup, injured)

    Barry Gardner (depth)

    Ty Law (big upgrade to secondary)

    Ben Graham (has looked very good so far)

    Pete Hunter (wasted trade with Cowboys, waived)

    Vinny Testeverde (stop gap measure)

    Key Losses:

    Kareem McKenzie (UFA to Giants)

    LaMont Jordan (UFA to Raiders)

    Jason Ferguson (UFA to Cowboys)

    Sam Cowart (shuffled off to Vikes, never lived up to hype)

    Reggie Tounge (later)

    Doug Brien (see ya)

    Toby Gowin (see ya)

    Draft Picks:

    Mike Nugent (jury still out)

    Justin Miller (jury still out)

    Sione Pouha (has shown nothing yet)

    Andre Maddox (injured)

    Kerry Rhodes (starting S, may be a steal)

    Joel Dreesen (shown flashes)

    Cedric Houston (hasn't had the opportunity yet)

    Harry Williams (injured)

  5. I can't tell yopu what goes on in the locker room (and anyone who tells you that they can is full of crap. unless they are there), but the team plays hard (I know you won't like to hear that), and they hit until the end. The team does not mail it in under his watch.

    All that being said, that is not enough right now. It is stale and needs a breath of fresh air.

    I believe the team does respect Herm, but I also believe his message is beginning to fall on deaf ears. You can only give the same sermon so many times. As for playing hard, I agree that in the past the team always seemed to respond to him and gave good efforts (with a few exceptions, i.e. Chicago game). This year though I don't agree. That team that showed up in KC for the opener was not playing hard, not to mention half of the Jaguars and Bills games. They often times this year have seemed unprepared and not ready to give a big effort. I think Herm is a solid individual and I have actively supported him up until the Baltimore fiasco this year, but alas I think a change may now be necessary. Is Herm going to want to sit around a couple of years and let a brand new Offense grow to be successful, or will he (and Bradway for that matter) try some bandaid fixes to keep the team fairly competetive and secure their jobs. Should be interesting...

  6. man i was there last night, and they HATE his GUTS
    Oh, I can imagine the venom they must have been spewing last night. Anyway, I'm on the boat that they just keep him hanging the rest of the year (it's not like he's not getting paid after the suspension), and then cut him in the off-season. I personally wouldn't touch him if I was managing a team....
  7. The word came out today that the Giants & Jets have agreed on using 360Architects as the designers of the 90,000 seat facility. Their design should be available for viewing by mid December.

    These are the same architects who were commissioned by the Jets to build the NYSCC.




    Looks like the Beautiful Glass lady (minus a lid) may have found a new home - on the other side of the Hudson!


    Nice. So far the Jets have gotten everything that they wanted from the Giants; moved the Giants training away area away from the stadium, got an oval 90,000 seats with suites all around instead of on one side, and got their own architects. Stepchild no more...

  8. Welcome to the site baamf. Don't be shy start posting and give your thoughts- just no mentions about Max's lack of hair

    Thanks for the welcome, and don't worry Max hair is over-rated. Hey Faba, I see you are in Holmdel, I used to work at the old Bell Labs on Crawfords Corner Road. Nice area...


    Dam, I have to work on my quoting...

  9. I decided to register and help green gal hit her goal :)

    Been a member of the other jet boards for a while and a lurker here for the past month or so. Hopefully I can provide some input...

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