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  1. Why not. He'd sure as hell fit the role of nose tackle that we desperately lack. Glad to see we at least brought him in for a chat.

    How do you figure he would fill the void at NT? Defensive tackle is one of the hardest positions to play in the NFL, and requires great hand work and technique. It would take a good 2-3 years of coaching before this guy was even serviceable. And seeing he flunked out of school and has been in trouble with the law I doubt he is the sharpest tool in the shed with the greatest work ethic. In other words, it's not going to happen. If all it took was some 370lb guy to clog the middle I can go down to my local bar right now and get you somebody to fill in. It's also been stated in a few places that his conditioning sucks (handstands not withstanding) and he would have to lose a ton of weight to even think about playing in the NFL. Nick Mangold would toss this guy and his no technique all over the field. UDFA, or I would pass. JMHO....


  2. Jeez, I can't believe the things people are saying about this guy on the Jets boards today. The only gamble I would take on him is as an UDFA. First, he played a few games for Oklahoma before failing out of school. He then played two games for Northwest Mississippi Community College before being arrested on some robbery charges or something and never played again. In the few games he has played in his career against subpar competition he was never that dominant. Combine that with poor conditioning which he displayed at the Texas vs the Nation game (back flips don't mean much if you can't stay on the field more than one play). I can't believe someone would give up any draft pick for a "player" like this. I prefer my draft picks to have actually shown some skills on the football field.....

  3. For those of you calling Olsen a "one dimensional TE" who cant block, just take a look at what the Jets' lead scout Joey Clinkscales had to say about Olsen

    Q)What do you think of Miami tight end Greg Olson?

    Clinkscales: I think he's a talented athlete. He's a guy that came out as a junior. He's big, he's strong, he can run. He's very much comparable to (former University of Miami tight ends) Winslow and Shockey, some of those guys that have come out of the program. If you're asking me could he fit, he would fit in a lot of programs. There are very few athletic tight ends that can stretch the field vertically, and he's one of those guys.

    Q)How is his blocking?

    Clinkscales: He blocks.

    And he laughed when he said it....

  4. what a joke,,

    no one ever said he had great great #s,,

    but he engineered the greatest upset in football History and gave us our only SB,, due to that , there is no myth,, he is a legend, both to us as Jet fans and to the world of football for changing the game in peoples eyes when he won SBIII in a new innovative way over the old way of playing football.

    How dare you question the wisdom that is junk. Don't you know that he is never wrong....

  5. uhh, 6-5 230 lbs 4.31 40, forgot his vertical and long jump, but only adrian peterson comes remotely close to those. no character problems evident, got his college degree in his junior year. come on, smith was part of a great urban meyer system, calvin had reggie ball throwing to him and he still did great. jamarcus russel is ryan leaf part deux, bank on it.

    I'd be worried about that myself if I was a Raiders fan. He scares me...

  6. My prayers and condolences to every family effected my this senseless tragedy.

    This world can be a messed-up place with messed up people running amok. I have no clue why something this awful happens. But, I do know that it does serve as a reminder: cherish those you love.


  7. How's he being hosed? He was franchised which means he must be paid the average of the top five (?) db's in the league...that is seven million beans. Jeez - I wish someone would hose me like that.

    Playing like crap, however, will definitely command big bucks the following season when he's a free agent. Wow. :rolleyes:

    This is what I think they should do. Tell him to go _ _ _ _ himself. Play or sit. Whatever. Personally, these whiney primadonna's are starting to get on my nerves.

    I don't believe you are correct here. He was screwed by the Pats when they franchised him with the non-exclusive tag. In that case he is only entitled to the top five salaries at his position from last year which I believe is about 5.8 million. The Pats basically took about 2 million out of his pocket. I'd be pissed as well, especially when they are throwing the money at marginal FAs....

    I'll see if I can find a link about the compensation.


    Here it is, instead of getting 7.7 million as exclusive he is entitled to only 5.8. Knowing this and watching Clements get 22 big ones guaranteed has to piss the guy off....


  8. maybe he just drank too much alcohol in college and as a teenager, it in fact does kill more brain cells.


    Neither, marijuana or alcohol typically destroy neurons. They can both cause damage to the brain but they are not usually killing cells.

    The NORML website is probably not the best place to get medical information ;)

  9. :rl:

    it's not about pity, i thought this thread was about guys not living up to their potential. an uninjured Bo who wasn't playing second fiddle to marcus allen makes the HOF easily after 6 or 7 seasons.

    Actually this thread is a poll to pick which of the stated so called "busts" got a raw deal. Personally, I believe it was Blair Thomas, he got kind of screwed here.

    But who cares, I thought you meant Boz in your last comment seeing he was on the least...

  10. scrubs like wadsworth are only for depth, believe me, these signings are not changing the draft outlook for the jets, they still need young talent.

    Mangini has already stated that Wadsworth is going to play OLB, the same with Bowens. AFAIK, the only DEs we have on the roster are Ellis, Kimo, Coleman, Haynes and Hamilton. If a DE is the most highly rated person on their board when they pick, I don't think they would hesitate to go that direction....

  11. actually, starting next year, training camp will be at Hofstra and then they will move to NJ when camp breaks

    Well, we'll see, but everything I have read to date states that information is not correct. Here are just a couple...

    "Starting in 2008, the Jets will be relocating their training camp and headquarters to Florham Park, N.J., ending a partnership with Hofstra University that dates back to 1974."


    "Three grass fields on site will likely be seeded next summer, and the complex, which will cost more than $50 million, is scheduled to be ready for training camp in summer 2008, team officials said."


  12. I have a question for those of you who study this issue:

    Does this new stadium agreement have any marketing plan to eliminate the term "Giants Stadium"?

    This whole project feels like spending my allowance to buy my brother's bike.

    It will not be Giants Stadium, they are already shopping the name around. In addition, they are looking at marketing different "corners" of the stadium for additional revenue. A lot of it is still up in the air, but one thing for certain is it will never be called Giants Stadium...

  13. I guess I'm the only one who was told that they are still holding camp at Hofstra each year but when camp breaks they will resume practice during the season in Jersey. Yes, that's right, the Jets will still be holding training camp at Hofstra!

    Also Chrebet is a hero at Hofstra and any Jets fan that takes out their anger on Wayne is an idiot and should be put to sleep.

    That's not true, starting next year all camps will be held in NJ....

  14. I remember one Turkey day when Namath was playing we got beat down there like 52-0

    Senior you remember that game?

    That was in 71 when the Jets lost 52-10 in Dallas but it wasn't on Thanksgiving day, rather 12/04/71. The following year the Jets lost in Detroit 20-37 on Turkey day (11/23/72)....
  15. Bubby Brister, Mathew Hatchette. Rich Kotite made Herm look like Vince Lombardi.
    I hated that man with a passion. I used to punch my radio during his post game news conferences where he blamed everybody but himself. Total tool....
  16. It is my understanding that the new stadium will have an area where both teams can portray their history in whatever way they see fit. Having such an area honoring the players mentioned would be nice...

    "In addition, a hotel and conference center, a tailgating park and an interactive center that would combine the two teams' Halls of Fame with the NFL Experience would be built."

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