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  1. I know, I'm thinking, "Prefers. Prefers! What? WHY. It's a salient question. You'd think the fight or flight response would point to RUNNING AWAY instead of RUNNING TOWARDS and enaging a shapeless, formless milquetoast menace that has no name. No home. Whatever."
  2. This is why charlatans like Jussie Smollett should be vilified and ostracized and be ashamed of themselves for life. And here's looking at you, too, Tawana Brawley. This is all I'm going to say about it because I don't want to derail the thread, but said dummies need to realize that lying about heinous things - although rare - only cements the minds of true bigots about racial injustice and sexual assault and moves the needle back 100 years. Which brings me to Barry Bonds. All that guy did was pull the race card when he was chasing Babe Ruth's record when he was backed into a corner about steroids. OK, maybe there were some shi tty abhorrent racists who really were hateful about a black man about to break a white man's record, but Hank Aaron was having none of it. He essentially called him a belligerent tool and said racism, what do you know about racism. He was so insulted, he went out of his way to speak out about it and told him to shut his stupid mouth, lol. Anyone remember that? 'Cause I do. The best part was when The New York Post ran this: Prior to that they ran a variant, 'Curse of the Shambino', haha. This was also right around the time when Henry Aaron said he had no respect for Bonds and that he should shut up. Bonds' belligerence and blanket accusations of racism was a tool of deflection simply because the record was helped along by juicing. Major League Ownage. RIP thrice.
  3. I'm on my break and just heard on the radio. RIP to a beacon of Civil Rights. He got death threats on the regular. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around that type and that level of hatred. FOR WHAT. It's so foreign to me because I just was not raised that way. I'm very thankful and very grateful for being raised in the environment that I was: colorful. As they say, prejudice begins in the home and ain't that the goddamn truth. RIP twice.
  4. Hahaha, that scratched me where I itch. I just passed my local Valvoline the other day, and the Mgr. there has a great sense of humor. He always displays funny stuff on their sign. PEACE OUT 2020. I laughed so hard I almost crashed. What he meant was: GTFO 2020.
  5. Alright, I don't know where you run of the mill non-healthcare workers and non-first responders are getting your vaccines, but it's a lyin' ass chaotic shi t show in Orange County, NY. My boss (I started a new job in late December after going back to my old job and getting laid off again) is so freaking mad. He has a couple of minor risk factors, but he lives in fear over his elderly Mom. Guess what? She can't get the vaccine, when supposedly just BEING OLD IS THE ONLY CRITERIA YOU NEED. He had to APPLY online with the DOH for her to get "approved", and he also wound up calling the South Korean Embassy to report the problem. There's a lot more to it than that, but every place you call (CVS, Rite-Aid, Crystal Run Healthcare, etc.) opens up with a message that we were incorrectly designated as a vaccination location or that no vaccines are available. PERIOD. That aside, there was a minor outbreak on my husband's job-site in NYC. They were not shut down like in March 2020 where the old man was Patient Zero (lol, long story), but a bunch of guys got rapid tested and all of them were negative and some of them took the extra step of getting the PCR test, which leads me to further nonsense in Orange County, NY; but before I relay that gem, it was more or less determined that the foreman who tested positive brought it in, he didn't bring it out. Anyway, I told my boss right away and he of course said, "Please don't come in here!" The craziness that ensued, aye-yigh-yigh. I called EVERYWHERE and nobody up here gives the rapid test unless you have symptoms AND you need an RX from your Dr. WHAT THE FRIG. Point being, I don't take no for an answer. I found a clinic that takes everyone, young, old, completely asymptomatic; but even my LOCAL HOSPITAL DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS PLACE. The only downside is that you sign your life away by going into the government tracing database, which I have an EXTREME aversion to (EWWWWWWW). They know everything about me, but why should I help them along? I did it, though, for my boss's peace of mind. Ain't I some gal. I also got the PCR Test, which I am waiting on, but I was negative on the rapid test. I also got re-checked for the antibodies, and The New York Blood Center will continue to love me: still positive for the antibodies 13 months later, LMAO. I refuse to believe that I am simply a freak of nature. All things considered, still gonna hold off on the vaccine until further notice, but the DOH is doing that for me all on their own: no vaccines available and a ton of red tape that is news to everyone around here. P.S.: If anyone on here who lives in Orange County, NY, wants or needs the rapid test, PM me and I'll let you know the location of this apparently top fckn secret testing site. No lie, I can tell you where to go. No insurance necessary, no RX necessary, asymptomatic OK, zero cost. Peace out.
  6. My mail service has always been notoriously uneven so I haven't noticed all that much of a difference. I did go online to track something I sent to my nephew for his birthday and it looks like it's gonna get there on time. However, right across the top of the USPS main page in a huge red banner it says that there are *unprecedented increases in volume and they understaffed due to spikes in COVID. https://www.usps.com/ *Ballots, caugh caugh . . . ?
  7. ^ 😬 ==> When art imitates life. I couldn't figure out if that was a mugshot for whitecollar crime or if somebody farted and he's being polite by toughing it out.
  8. I heard some of the presser on the radio. I was supposed to be off today, so much for that; but I have a job, so no complaints. I like Saleh's voice. Mild, almost indiscernible ME accent, lilting cadence. Then it occurred to me. He sounds just like one of my old Neurologists. Whaddup, Dr. Nasir, lol. The buzzkill was Christopher Johnson saying the Principal Owner is on an airplane and will be resuming his duties, and that he (Christopher) will now be VP CEO instead of CEO or some kinda chit like that. Exit Stage Left. I did. I got off the exit and turned into the Sunoco Station to get gas and cut him off mid-bullshi tting. Not with my car. I shut the radio. Oh, well.
  9. Whitecotton, that's racist. Oh, no, there's that Manning name again, must be 3 inbred cousins twice removed, fired.
  10. Ditto. Anyway, I look at this and I feel a glimmer of hope. At least he looks the part. I wear my hair very short but if I fold in my arms, strike the same pose, and put on the same getup I don't think it would work. Let me go see . . . no, it didn't work. I look like an air traffic controller.
  11. Haha, awesome, thanks! And there I was, waiting for someone to tell me to go fck myself. Sometimes the human race is kinda sorta OK, who knew. 😏
  12. Does anyone know the presser will be streaming live on the Jets official website? I'm too lazy to go check, and quite frankly, I expect someone else to do it for me and get back to me. What did that website ever do for me, anyway, except stimulate some kind of a pain response.

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