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  1. "Punchable faces for a $1,000, Aaron." "Who has the most punchable face in the NFL?" "What is Aaron Rodgers." "Oh, I'm sorry, it's who is. Rule change." "Um, any pronoun is acceptable." "Punchable!" I can't stand Aaron Rodgers. I might tune in just to irritate myself for 10 minutes.
  2. The old man literally said 5 mins ago coming in from work, "Did you hear some guy who used to play for the Jets just killed a Doctor and his family?" "WHAAATTTT."
  3. Some great football names in there. That's the only thing I go by. Chuba Hubbard for the win. Shaka Toney! I feel like I'm watching 'Laugh In'. Jared Goldwire gets rained on a little bit because his first name is pedestrian. Same thing with Jake Funk, but I'll make exceptions, I can be flexible.
  4. At first I thought somebody died and then I read the opening post and was relieved to find out that several people died.
  5. It's quite in here now I think.
  6. Chad Pennington had a shoulder once. I think he still has two of them.
  7. Haha. Did you really move to somewhere in the Caribbean? I thought I saw a post or two with a vague reference to it. Jets, mon.
  8. How about it's my defining moment, your defining moment, the defining moment of the kid pushing carts in the Price Chopper parking lot trying to make an honest buck. I'm sick of this chit. Parsing, parsing, parsing, it's like a mental illness that we all expend so much energy on this team. At games, from afar, in the news . . . um, so what are you doing on Draft Day? Asking for a friend.
  9. Yeah, so I heard The Boot got the boot the other day. Good luck, Shoe Booty. The idea of having landed the QB of my dreams is, er, is er, starting all over again. It's like a bad fckn movie at this point. Anyway, there's nothing going on here. I wonder if there's any Chinese food left in the fridge. See ya all later.
  10. That was so odd (Herndon). Talk about a precipitous drop in production, the guy completely fell off a cliff. It would be great to just have a legitimate deep threat. Usually I'm just nervous about a drop on 3rd and 3 or some pedestrian yet critical crap like that. Anyway, seeing as the Jets have been rebuilding since the height of Ancient Mayan Civilization, they need to at least learn how to go with what's working at any given time, which they somehow never do . . . BY DESIGN (?). What I mean by that is how many times have us lifers seen the Jets winning a game by the run for example and
  11. This is when you should actually buy one. My folks used to watch 'Wheel of Fortune' and it always ended with me almost stroking out. Honest to God, it would invariably be something like 'I HAT- WH-N THAT HAPP-NS'. "I'd like to buy a vowel! An 'E'!" Me: "OK, Uncle. This is when I ask myself about euthanasia vs. sterilization of human beings."
  12. The whatnot part is the Jets fan part. I'm the head of the Trichotillomania Department, in case anyone is asking.
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