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  1. Other people's problems, they overwhelm my mind. They say compassion is a virtue, but I don't have the time.
  2. I should've been more specific. I'll do so later when I can. A big part of the problem as it appears to me is staying away from those most susceptible is where other people get sloppy. Why? "I'm not sick . . . " That's when people should stop talking, because it's not all about them, it's who they are in contact with who they are then later in contact with. My biggest complaint is the supermarket (I've mentioned that before). People don't social distance in the aisles at all to speak of, they shop like before: on top of each other. That, and how many times have different people touched the sam
  3. Annndd I keep double posting. I should eat an e-bullet myself, lol.
  4. Message board suicide is a terrible thing to waste.
  5. I still have antibodies 14 months out. Don't believe everything you read. You should 100% get the antibody test. I am not considering getting vaccinated, probably not even if I ever go negative for the antibodies. Two years from now the vaccine will most likely have been modified at least a couple of times, and between now and then we'll also possibly find out what is correct and what is completely full of shi t. That being said, I also am not high risk, so I can afford to wait until we find out more as well. It just makes practical sense. I also want to add Drs. are now strongly advising
  6. My biological father lives in Ulster Co. and his gf was really adamant about both of them getting vaccinated. They wound up driving to Albany and got the appointment in no time. I'm not sure where, but I'll find out in case it's of help to anyone. Haha, I'm donating Convalescent Plasma again (in real time) right now. I hope you all enjoy the distorted picture of my feet.
  7. Hahaha. I know the Thanksgiving game vs. Dallas when he was rookie I went,"OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGodohmyGodhe'sgonnabesogood . . . ! OK, what happened?"
  8. If you open the dictionary and look up the word techno-tard . . . words are not necessary. Merriam-Webster went with just my photo, but not any photo. There I am laughing on the phone, it seems rather routine at first glance; but looks can be deceving. I'm taking endless pictures of my tonsils while I'm doing it. In my defense, I had an appt. with an ENT Dr. that day. You can all shut up now (shakes fist).
  9. Happy Birthday, @shuler82! *Happy Birthday, George Washington! *Post will be canceled
  10. Helicopter that shi t, baby. Anyone 50+ knows what I'm talking about. We used to practically give each other concussions. It was a weapon that posed as a weapon, believe it.
  11. I'm older than dirt. Sometimes I surreptitiously eye (pun intended) "the pharmacy glasses" turnstile in the dollar store. OK, I buy the low dose version in a "tortoise shell" color with "rhinestones" on the sides once in a while. I'm half studious 1950s scientist, half burlesque dancer, I DON'T KNOW!; but sure, I'm a fashion plate of sorts on a Wednesday, I guess. Anyway, who has time to do the close up/far away dance with the fine print on an industrial sized bottle of aspirin? That's weed killer pellets? Oh, hah, disaster averted! Wait, the Jets game is on at 1:00, so maybe not. : /
  12. Looks sharp. On my Idiot Phone (because I refuse to call it a smartphone) the thread titles are bolded and everything looks crisper. I also like all the toggles on the bottom. Now when we complain about everything Jets we'll look we're complaining in a nice suit instead of complaining in a sweatshirt that's two sizes too small and stained with spaghetti sauce. Hmmm, I also somehow don't feel like the same flimsy motherfckr I used to.
  13. Jesus H, is anyone in this thread under 90 years old? I just turned 89, but still.
  14. It's 52 years. 50 years, hmmm, that's like when people say I heard a gunshot around 7, 8, maybe 9 o'clock something like that when they're being interrogated by the po po.
  15. A lot of rapists are married, have kids, and live conventional lives on the outside. Rape has little to do with sexual gratification. I'm asking you why it's a sad story and what your point is.
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