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  1. I don't know what he said or where he said it so I'm not defending or not defending anything in that regard. The problem is is that in some ways things in America have gotten worse and not better. I'm actually not sure why I'm going through this, but I will, for probably the 100th time: I was raised in the most colorful background ever, and whenever people start to talk sh it and finger point about what you can and cannot say, it degrades to nonsense. I had some jackass on here tell me once let me guess, you're going to say that you have a gay friend. My response said it all, of course he chickened out and didn't say anything back. It's just stupid to get on a high horse about stuff when you don't know who you're talking to. We all know true hatred when we see it. Shows like 'All in the Family', 'Sanford and Son', and 'The Jeffersons' would never get out of the gate today. Red Foxx and Sherman Helmsley used the word ni gger profusely, it's really unbelievable. I'm not saying that that's a good or a bad thing, but it's there. People have no idea what gay people went through, including when I was growing up. My nephew just kind of breezed into it and breezed out, thankfully with no repercussions. I would defend that child with my life, and he uses the word fag got freely. So fck you, fa ggot. I'm waiting for that word to get banned for cigarettes in England.
  2. Mayor Lindsay! Slowly I turned . . . ! Haha, it's hilarious to me that on one board or another this guy's name always manages to somehow come up. I've posted this in a few different variations over the years, but my Daddy HATED Mayor Lindsay. We lived in Flushing, and during the great blizzard he broke his arm and couldn't get to the hospital. People died over Lindsay's ineptitude, including the couple that froze to death in their car at Kennedy Airport. Well, it was actually carbon monoxide poisoning. They left the car on to keep warm and froze to death somewhere in between if you want to get technical about it. This was a little over a month after Super Bowl III. He wrote 'Go to Hell, Lindsay' on his cast a couple of days later, haha. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_7246404
  3. Shut up, you fckn fa ggot! Anyway, this guy will never stop shooting himself in the face.
  4. Why does this sound like a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints commercial. Maybe the Mormon Tabernacle Choir should start singing Christmas songs. I kid. Sort of. I'm kind of grumpy this morning. : /
  5. They are really awful. All of that hype and that's what they came up with. I guess they go along well with that embalming room of a Stadium, but I wouldn't even lower myself to wipe my ass with them if I was out of toilet paper.
  6. I resemble that remark. What we really need is Jimmy (the grunt). I know 'Fck Woody Johnson and the Roofless Shi thole' was your favorite thread, haha. I coined The New Dump. It would be great if vro1 showed up or Ironmaiden or Tracy. And no, Meddle is not here. Neither is the real prime. @clayton163v, howdy. You'll probably be pleased to know that race-baiting Phil is here. It's all good, he's really mellowed out; but he told me almost a year ago elsewhere that I was probably stuck in my house with a few cats and a decades old vibrator. It was over Ashtyn Davis. I said something about trendy names and he inexplicably freaked out. So I said, "Why so much aggression? Relax, Pfill." Hahaha.
  7. mudcat! Holee Smokes! There are others on here with different usernames now, but I said it before, I don't dime.
  8. LC the Cow Raped Should Have Stayed With Redskins Handed Out Smallpox Blankets Back to the Jets. Nuclear war Part II; but it opened up an honest discussion about sexual abuse. It took a lot of unbridled courage for Laveranues Coles to come forward. I will always admire him for that. Always. I have stuff in that department that I don't go near, but that was a thread for the ages. It was serious gravy. People just started unloading about their own molestation. You could tell that none of it was fabricated. None of it. It was a release valve for those who had been wanting to dig up dead relatives just to kill them all over again.
  9. Wrestling, my biological first cousin is a documentarian and made 'Bigger, Stronger, Faster'. There's a truckload of sad history there with dead bodies now. Ugh. EDIT: 'Billy Jones' is probably one of the best short flicks ever. n No-one has any idea about what it actually takes to make a movie. It's why I loved 'Super 8', even with the extraneous garbage that didn't matter.
  10. Nick Mangolds look pretty good.
  11. Double post, I'm a dope. Or maybe it's just my sh itty life.
  12. Here's another thread title that I recalled after Tony Dungy's son's suicide: Proselytizing Jackass Who Hates Gays Hypocrite Which One Is Going to Hell First. It almost caused a nuclear war, hahaha.
  13. His brains are addled from stroking out. Not joking. We're both brain injury victims in our way (me, coma), which changed my life in ways that no-one can imagine. I may look 100% on the outside, but the 2% that's fugged up on the inside made life a trial for a very long time. The medical community failed me terribly. I finally found a Neurologist who thinks outside the box, and he actually apologized to me for everyone else. Imagine that. That being said, stroking out probably wouldn't change him either way. He's highly cerebral, so having a couple of strokes was a stroke of bad luck. Word Play. He's impulsive. I hope he behaves himself and doesn't ever get banned.
  14. Stuff like this is concerning. Being that huge is an occupational hazard before it's an occupational hazard. Agreed that he needs to lose a few pounds. His $175K gold necklace is probably weighing him down.
  15. Hahahaha, way mild. I'm disappointed he didn't use 'Incredible Leaping Fck' on this, which will always be one of my favorites.
  16. If anyone seriously thinks that needed an edit there's something more wrong with you than hertz's stroke brain. Hopefully Crater I mean Carter doesn't disappear on the way home from Tammany Hall. I'll have to remember now who he also used to call Judge Crater years ago, probably the Dog Killer's fat younger brother He also used to call Tom Coughlin Father Coughlin in case anyone is wondering what they're dealing with here. Laveranues Coles was Elsie The Cow. He also once said from one self-hating Jew to another, Julian Edelman is hated by all Jews the world over. Hahaha.
  17. Ask me if I care how old this is. "Do you care?" "No, I don't care at all."
  18. Yeah, I like this better, too.
  19. Aww, congatulations a year and a half late, Gramps. Blessings.
  20. Well, that flew under the radar, LMAO.
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