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  1. Jets were a Queens team, the Mets also, and Lawn Gisland is right next door, so that accounts for a great deal of that. You also get alot of Giants/Yankees/Rangers. The Giants and Rangers were/are Manhattan teams, Yankees the Bronx; although that used to be largely peppered in with New York Giants (Manhattan) baseball fans. The Knicks, also Manhattan. Not sure where that leaves a lot of Brooklyn Dodgers fans and NY Giants baseball fans . . . Oh, wait, California, lol. My family was a little odd here. Jets/Yankees/Rangers/Knicks. I was born in NYC, my folks were originally Manhattanies, but then we lived in Flushing Queens. My rabid Jets fan friend, Vinnie, is Jets/Mets/Rangers. Funny thing, I never asked my Daddy why he hated the New York Football Giants so much, although I know there's a story to that for sure. I'm talking hatred. Him and my Uncle used to go to the NY Titans games at the Polo Grounds, started going faithfully to every Jets game in 1960, and then became season ticket holders in 1963. I was born in 1964 and adopted a couple of years later. My first live Jets game was in 1970, and that it became a regular Father/Daughter thing. My Mom used to dress me up like Randy from 'A Christmas Story' in the Winter: "I can't put my arms down!" We went every Sunday to the madness that was Shea Stadium, what a sick gig (people have no idea). Anyway, it was a huge bond. Thanks for bringing up a great conversation. If anyone wants to hear any 'Shea Stadium Stories', I'd be happy to share. All of my stories are true, all of them. The Ushers, for instance, were all in their 80s. "You there, you stop that," during a free for all brawl.
  2. He's not the best looking guy in the world, just saying.
  3. Who is the Jets strength and conditioning coach now? Did that change? I would think that's something that Robert Saleh would like to address here . . . or already did (I don't know). I think a part of the problem even well before the pandemic is that a lot of times bigger guys don't make the effort they should in the offseason to stay in shape. Then, they try to cram it in right before training camp. I don't know anything about Blair or his work ethic, it's just a general observation. Doesn't appear to me that Saleh would fall over himself to sign a slouch, so that much is good. Seems pretty low risk/high reward to me.
  4. Gay Pride Flag comes to life. That'll teach those pain in the ass neighbors to bother me about what I fly on my house.
  5. The guy zoomed off a cliff in a golf cart into the Grand Canyon. Fore! Better times ahead for him. I think.
  6. All I know is that the Jets didn't pay him when he openly said that he didn't even want to play here. I hate it here, this place sucks, give me boatloads of cash! Anyone defending this guy or unhappy about the trade has a screw loose.
  7. He got rid of Jamal Adams for a huge haul, you're going to cry about that, too? There's no way that anyone can convince me that Joe Douglas didn't leak conversations accidentally on purpose with Dallas over Jamal Adams to see which way the apples would roll in the orchard. Adams took the bait. He was going to be a huge problem, and we got draft capital for his mouthy trouble. All I know is that the Brothers Idiot are in the background now where they belong. The rest remains to be seen, but how can you even impugn that meddling was a good thing since Woody Johnson bought the team? Just because the Johnsons funded a hospital doesn't mean I would want Woody Johnson to give me brain surgery. Neurosurgeon, please; not someone in Halloween hospital gear with a rubber scalpel contaminating the OR.
  8. So the internal structure and the chain of command was working beforehand, I'll write that down. The Johnsons are awful and they're getting less awful because they're deferring. Walt Michaels under Hess got screwed if you want to go there. Adam Gase under the Johnsons did not.
  9. Gase is a scapegoat, are you high as a kite? What you're missing is that Joe Douglas got the Johnsons to butt the hell out, something that no-one has ever been able to do. The Johnsons should not be involved with anything except collecting interest.
  10. Indeed, and I hope that wasn't directed at me or that my comment was misconstrued. I even said no poltics and I was just stating hard facts without going into it. Interesting side-note about Vietnam: black soldiers were respected and deeply feared by the Viet Cong. As a side-note - it will come to me - there used to be a poster on here whose brother went through serious repercussions from that War. His brother died after a lot of emotional suffering. I'm fairly sure his name was Carlos, but like I said, it will come to me. I remember everything. My biological father was a tactical photographer in the Navy during The Vietnam Conflict. He joined the Navy at the urging of my biological grandfather to avoid conscription because you are were most definitely not coming out alive otherwise. He didn't see any direct mano a mano, but what he did see was a sh it ton of dead bodies. I have some photos that he took to keep himself grounded and sane in Laos and Cambodia. It looks like a tropical paradise. He never focused on the body bags. He always left them out. It's really off-the-wall stuff to listen to and he's very close to the vest, but he basically just stayed high almost the whole time he was there and lived a transient life in Hawaii for a few years after he was discharged to try to adjust. To this day, who needs a light meter or needs to check their Fstop. It's so impressive. I have already laid claim to several photographs that are mine. Because I said so. One of the craziest stories that he told me was that there was a huge fire fight in the distance, Napalm, the whole deal. He was so fcking high on acid and was semi-panicking and then someone in his tent said, "Look at the colors, man. We're good." So he marveled at the colors and went to sleep later. To be clear, he does not do drugs and is as clean as a whistle. That all ran quicker than Mercury very shortly after he was back in the U.S. It was a coping mechanism as a 20 year old in the middle of bumfuk nowhere. The rate of suicide in the Military is unconscionable to me. Something seriously needs to be done. For anyone looking for help, please do so. I know it can be an uncaring machine and feeling controlled is a part of the problem that vets deal with. There are resources out there outside of the Military that are getting better because people who have seen action are getting sick of it and are taking up the reins. Peace and Blessings. -jeto EDIT & P.S.: I always loved Military Appreciation Day at The Old Dump. What's not to love about hugging handsome hardbodies. No, I never perved anyone. My loss.
  11. @T0mShane And "Shane" is the cinematographer. I can't believe my accidental luck, HAHAHAHA. "Why the fck is Shane walking in there?" I'm dying here.
  12. Just Birthday? Haha. The day Joe Namath started doing Medicare commercials is when I thought about my own mortality. I literally went, "WHHHAAAATTT."
  13. Disaster City. Now that Mike Maccagnan has been gone for a while it's become painfully apparent how terrible he truly was. He was using landing Sam Darnold as a bargaining chip to justify holding on to his job, I'm confident in that conclusion. We all know how that turned out. It's really depressing . . . not that Maccagnan bit the dust, of course; just being disappointed . . . AGAIN. It's almost become a useless exercise in futility trying to parse it.
  14. I have hope, but hope is for fools as Samuel Clemens used to say. : / There really is no way for this thing to go except for up, which is kind of a frightening prospect. The Jets minions will have nothing to bi tch about, whatever shall we do. I think Mims will turn into a really nice solid player, I'm ready. I was really bummed about Enunwa suffering so many injuries and having his career cut short, it was really a shame; but Mims can be world's better if the chips fall right. I think they will. I try not to have above average vitriol towards Adam Gase and in general I think I've done pretty well, but Jesus H, did that guy ever suck. Did anyone catch on Draft day last year how he wore an olive drab baseball hat that didn't even have a Jets logo on it? I mean, how symbolically uninterested can you be. I don't wish the man any ill will because it's not how I roll, but I don't think I was ever happier to see someone get kicked in their ass. Go Saleh, Go Jets!!!
  15. Haha, Holy Crap, funny you should say that. I love BRUT 33 to this day, probably because it reminds me of my Daddy. It's utter garbage on some level, but not Aqua Velva level garbage which NO-ONE could stand. I actually really like it, lol. They had a run of something called BRUT Actif Blue in the early 90s, but you can't find it anywhere.
  16. I have this photo tacked on my bulletin board in my Studio. I tore it out of a magazine ages ago. It's ancient, and it kind of migrated with me everywhere over the years. Can send bulletin board proof later, haha.
  17. I hope it's not Bachelor's III!
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