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  1. Happy Birthday, Locke! He looks like a great kid. 5/31 is also the old man's B-Day, but I always tell him Namath comes first, haha.
  2. Interesting tidbit, Joe Namath is involved in a class action suit about CTE.
  3. Haha. For anyone not in the know, that's Olivia Namath after a meth bust years back. Going to Hell thanks to hertz . . . not as if I need any help. New avatar? I can't even believe that I pulled that one out of my monkey butt.
  4. That was purposeful and not a typo for once in my life.
  5. They all knew they were toast and about to potentially die. The racist garbage that went on (no politics please); but let me just say that Daniel Inouye was one badass motherfckr, I'm talking Holy Mother of Sh itness. One of his deep regrets in life was that he never got to thank an African American soldier who gave him a blood transfusion when he was bleeding out.
  6. Good on you for reminding me every once in a while that chivalry is not dead but only asleep at the wheel. I vaguely wish I could be more polished sometimes, but I always use decorum when I have to and I'm hyper-vigilant about it in real life. Funny story, but my Mom, who would often be at her wits ends and pulling her hair out trying to change my stripes used to say to me, "I should send you to Charm School, but what a waste of money. You'd fail." We weren't even to close sniffing rich people's carpets, which makes it even funnier.
  7. My posts are quoted from TGG genius and it doesn't matter where I said it (because I said it) lol and I've been here on JN dating back to 2006-2007, genius. My Sam Darnold post was 8 months after his freshman bowl game mvp. My Robby thread was after his rookie season heading into year two. My Jenkins thread was after a 2.5 sack rookie season. My Adams and Maye posts were after the draft before their rookie years. And My Bell thread was while he were still a Steelers holdout. Look @ the DATES of my posts. "THE DEFINITION OF GOING OUT ON A LIMB" LOL @ YOU CLOWN ASS TOOL. People like you like to hate on greatness. You clowns been hating on me, dwc, for YEARS NOW we'll over 10+. I'm a Jets writer living legend baby - the Fireman Ed of Jet forums - my greatness won't be appreciated until I'm dead and gone. Lol
  8. Name of the Game "Quote Yourself for Truth" (some of the greatest posts you've created over the years) Jealous, much? Jealous how you can't quote yourself with a well written out article? You care to comment on my Sam Darnold and Le'Veon Bell articles before arriving as Jets? No comment? Do you have any good football posts? Prove it. Because I don't believe you.
  9. There can only ever be one Adam Gase. I don't think he can be compared to anything, except maybe the RMS Lusitania.
  10. But, but, the Jets finessed him with lies and sh it. Cry me a river. The Jets have been finessing me with lies and sh it practically my whole life.
  11. "She hate me . . . like others!" Oh, wait, He Hate Me.
  12. Bulldozers at The New Dump, who's driving.
  13. The Jets are about as stable as a leaky foundation, but there are a couple of bodies in the basement that are worthy of mention. Oh, hi, it's Mark Brunell.
  14. I didn't pursue it. I'm not a celebrity and nobody would've cared. I've been told several times in the aftermath that that's not true; but just imagine the stress that as your life was being raped beyond recognition that walking into a police station would get you laughed out of the building. It wasn't anything personal, which in some ways made it worse. It's why I pirate everything shamelessly and fearlessly in faceless revenge. Pirating had nothing to do with it, but I am truly conscienseless about that. Show up at my door and arrest me, haha.
  15. He's a direct descendant of Brigham Young. How gross. I would be trying to shed that distinction like Nathaniel Hawthorne and The Salem Witch Trials.
  16. I'm old enough to remember when DefenseWinsChampionships told us . . . nevermind.
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