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  1. It doesn't matter how long ago it was. It's meaningful always. Now if anyone ever needed a wheelchair before his time, it's this guy. Hehehe.
  2. I could have sworn he was 'George Jetson' ("Brooks Bollinger: From clipboard to Canton" - good stuff) from another board I post on. He got banned eventually for spamming his delusions, although I didn't mind the whole schtick. He never got into people's faces that I ever saw in either instance. Harmless. He'll probably start haunting all the Vikings' boards in homage. And, if Bollinger turns out to be the next Fran Tarkenton, man oh man, we'll never hear the end of it. HAH.
  3. "He makes me work hard, do my job, study, earn my paycheck, and look over my shoulder if I don't." Oh, wah.
  4. Agreed. They should have gotten rid of that scrub after his Rookie debacle. No leadership qualities, no intangibles, is never near the ball, no instincts, doesn't hustle, falls asleep on the field, zero maturity factor, isn't worth the paper his contract is written on. Good riddance to bad rubbish. It's about time someone had the guts to tell it like it is, Smizzy. Holy, Cr*p, OW! Someone just shot me in the butt cheek with a poison dart. Hehehe.
  5. I won't look. Nope. Never. Nope. I like my monkey butt just fine.
  6. Hamilton ran his mouth some when he was here the first time if I remember correctly. Now he'll have to scrub himself down with steel wool and hose himself off with gasoline to get the layer of Raiders slime off his body. Tough job.
  7. Oh. No. You. Didn't. I'm a chocophile. Wait! Word Association. Right. Dolfin.
  8. Holy Cr*p, HAH. That just made me spit out my coffee. How did I miss that?! Too much Jets on the brain.
  9. Washington didn't pick up the blitz. Again. Classroom, classroom, classroom. I hope that gets better soon, soon, soon. It's another reason to miss Curtis, Curits, Curtis. Is there an echo in here?
  10. "Who's there?" "Joe." "Joe Who?" "Joe Mama. Betcha thought I was gonna say Joe Namath."
  11. I...what? Forgive me if I misconstrue your meaning in the second paragraph. Our defense is not going to play hard in anticipation the team will bite this season? Or was that just a general statement that players bring more to the field when there's more to be lost? A disheartening view either way. I'm tired.
  12. Yeah, but it's just a taste of things to come. He can't go anywhere but up. No question.
  13. That's the great part about having this kind of versatility in an offensive player. He becomes a weapon of a different sort. He'll be hard to cover when defenses aren't sure what they're gonna get. Brad Smith is a box of chocolates. Hehehe. Gotta love it.
  14. Minnesota. Fitting. Now he'll fulfill his destiny as the next Fran Tarkenton for sure. You heard it here first. Yep.
  15. ^ HAAAAAAH. Excellent. Hehehe. Sorry about your buddy.
  16. No-one in my house would have ever considered switching loyalties. I don't get that. How do you stop becoming a fan? Or a fan of more than one team? Liking or tolerating other teams, but a "fan" is something else. Besides, my Dad would have locked me out in the dead of winter without a coat and said, "Make like the Jets are playing in Green Bay." Hehehe.
  17. I thought my saying this is NOT the Physically Unable to Perform List that I'd precluded this from happening. Damn it. Hehehe. Hey, Verde: A Rescue! Yay! I groove on that stuff. Great job for not docking your girl's ears (a horrible, inhumane practice). Plus, your other doggie's name is Luna, just like my Best Girl. Great stuff from all of you. Makes my day. Dogs rule.
  18. Of course. The best kind. http://jetnation.com/forums/member.php?u=964 Hehehe.
  19. It's Sexually Exploited Children/Sexually Perverted Freak Central. And the U.N. is where?! Frauds. Makes me fit to puke.
  20. Nope, this isn't the Physically Unable To Perform list. Post a photo of your dog. Luna, Shelter Dog, 10 yrs. old, Husky/Sheltie Mix. She's been having health trouble. Kidney stones and surgery in July. She's doing better, but is never quite out of the woods. Damn it. Bela (as in Bela Lugosi), Shelter Dog, 7 yrs. old, Husky/Coon Hound Mix. Notice the "Circle of Drool". It sounds like I'm trying to land them dates. Hehehe. P.S.: Cats welcome - or whatever reptile or off the beaten track pet you happen to hang with.
  21. Unbelievable? Hardly. Just call it a gut feeling he didn't commit that crime, though he sincerely wished that he had. Attention. Still, that sicko should never see the light of day for his disgusting proclivities in the first place. Hopefully there's a silver lining in that respect (JAIL FOREVER). Anyone who gets off on child pornography, traffics in child pornography, purchases child pornography, solicits child pornography or has ANYTHING to do with child pornography should be locked away for life. Period.
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