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  1. I can go with that. I don't expect Mangini to name the starter until about 3 days before the opener. I'm going with Chad on this one. If he can't get it done within the game plan geared towards HIM, I expect to see Clemens when the season is lost on paper. Just a feeling. Our situation is a difficult one, but the cream will separate between this year and next. No worries.
  2. No. Beer bites, and it smells nasty. Wine, now that's a different story...
  3. Happy Birthday to a fellow female. Wrap your wind around that one. Hehehe. Enjoy.
  4. You can't script it. Actually, I take that back. You CAN script it. Anyone who didn't know that disease follows this guy wherever he goes ought to stop playing the ponies - the odds are worse. There is something psychologically wrong with this guy, plain and simple. He had a harsh young life, and to his credit he doesn't smack his girlfriends, do drugs or break the law. Still, there's a faction that thinks because he doesn't do those things in light of his background that he should somehow be excused and looked up to. Hoy, get it right. EDIT: Hey, what is vCash?
  5. Preview, mouse pad, no freakin' refrigerator magnet with the schedule printed on it. At first I thought they went mousepad over magnet. Now I know I got scr*wed. What the frig.
  6. Funny how it works. Appears to me that once a certain aura starts following a guy, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy they often can't manage to shake. For lack of a better example, (and I ain't no Giants fan, let's get that straight) Tiki Barber's attack of the fumbles a few years back. He became so centered on it, became so afraid that he'd fumble, that he'd fumble like it was going out of style. He psyched himself out of it eventually as we all know. Or likewise Jeter's horrible slump of the recent past. Maybe under Mangini Jolley can find a way to overcome, but the raw talent has to be there. Still, a big part of it is head game, for sure. But his blocking does bite. Hoy, whatever.
  7. That's a guy in drag, fellers. Better said, a he/she with implants. It takes one to know one.
  8. HOW SAD WAS OUR RUN DEFENSE?! Whoops! Wrong thread.
  9. I'll be at the game tonight, but I'll be checking this one out for sure. My kind of movie, underdogs and such. I know Greg Kinnear plays Vermeil. I wonder if he'll start crying? Hehehe.
  10. So he's a 22 year old idiot. That much is clear.
  11. As soon as I woke up this morning, I groaned. There's no cover where we sit, and I hate getting butt slosh. I can wee myself and accomplish the same thing. At least that's warm and pleasant - especially at a December game. EDIT: HAAAAH, thanks for that. Another quirky notch in the belt at JETSWORLD. It was brutal. My only comfort was yelling, "Who dressed you?!" to a Raiders fan sitting in front of me. Now excuse me while I go pull out my arm hair.
  12. He made fun of the Jets? I took it as a compliment. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but the Jets can never hurt me. Hurt me? Nah. Kill me? Yes. Hehehe. But I digress. We were talking about other folks working it. Right. And seeing as I'm fairly unfamiliar with the regular agitators, I'll make this a blanket statement. I've always taken it in stride. You have to. Even still, I never saw the point of going to rival boards strictly to antagonize a fan base. Bad form for sure. Offer something constructive, conflicting points of view welcome. Otherwise, what's the damn point? GO JETS! What else?!
  13. I disagree in this way. I think Curtis Martin could be more of a moron deterrent than a game time mentor. As in do your talking on the field, keep your temper in check, keep your yap shut. Martin's history of leading by example in just that way could shame a guy into acting respectable and keeping a handle on himself, help Barlow channel his agression into his play. That's far more how I'm looking at it. As far as Barlow sinking or swimming on his own as to his production, yes, of course that part of the equation is true enough. Still, I'm not saying anyone should be "humble" insofar as their belief in their talent. It's how a talented player carries himself that speaks volumes louder than some Big Mouth. And there are certainly a lot of those. We'll see if Barlow has the goods, if he can make a positive statement with the ball instead of a negative statement with his mouth.
  14. I'll be there - and thank heavens for that. If I wasn't, surely the earth would break off its axis and hurtle through space. Then we'd all fly off the surface like screaming ants and burn up like tailgate marshmallows in a void while we were at it.
  15. I pretty much said more or less the same thing just now in a different thread, but great way to impress your new boss by badmouthing your old one. Brilliant.
  16. Apparently Mangini does not suffer fools. Hoy, when will players ever get it that burning their bridges is NOT a good idea, no matter how shabbily they feel they've been treated? And, it isn't even the 'Dictator' comment. Hitler?! Hello, the horror of that man and what it evokes...poor choice of words, to say the least. Well, he apologized, but a bad way to start a new job in Coach Mangini's employ: With a big mouth.
  17. Holysmokessonofab*tch, must I bash in my own temple with my very own cast iron frying pan? Hoy, ow!
  18. Never goes out of style is right. Just be who you are. Your inner sexy will take care of the rest.
  19. Bump, for the love of Pete. Are you folks sleeping on the job or what?!
  20. HAH, I meant more because Parcells was either going to flip out or stroke out over TO's antics, but sure.
  21. They have the same pear body for starters. Frumpy is as frumpy does. And Belichick, he looks like a peach on a Sunday morning, God bless him...
  22. Burned his bridges with the Raiders! He's perfect. Kidding aside, I wish him well. I remember when that story first broke. Totally nuts.
  23. I predict that Fat Parcells will stuff TO's jersey in his mouth like a bite ball and suffocate him before the season is out.
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