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  1. TC is to shake off the rust and/or find your way in the first place. You know, PRACTICE, when it doesn't COUNT AGAINST US. I'm far more concerned for Pennington here. Weak passes are an early indicator of where he is in rehab, not what he's lacking in the classroom. He's a smart guy, remember. We'll see, but it isn't anything more than conjecture right now. Good for Mangini and company for keeping a lid on things in general.
  2. Who the hell is he to say we have no offense, anyway? Hehehe.
  3. As does 'Deadwood'. Check out his turn in 'Sexy Beast'. Awesome. And his albums (HAH!). And who can forget his monologue on..."Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Grace Jones..."
  4. Yo, what do I win, yo?! Man, are you folks ever asleep at the wheel.
  5. DT Matthias Askew. He resisted arrest over a traffic infraction, and the cops used a stun gun (Taser) to subdue him. They tried to handcuff him and he got unruly so they shocked the cr*p out of him. I think it was Saturday night, but don't quote me. Unreal. EDIT: HAH, wait. Here... "A Taser is a non-lethal self-defense weapon that uses compressed nitrogen to shoot two tethered needle-like probes at an assailant in order to deliver an electric shock. The attacker will lose all control and coordination. The Taser will continue to apply the electrical charge in an auto-timed sequence of an initial charge of several seconds followed by many short bursts. This prevents the assailant from recovering from the initial shock and removing the probes. Tasers cannot permanently harm the muscles, nerves or heart, nor will it interfere with a pacemaker. A Taser cartridge only holds one set of probes so once it is fired the spent taser cartridge must be replaced before it can fire more probes. However, if the user misses the target or if there is more than one assailant, the end of the Taser can be used as a touch stun gun. By pressing the end of the Taser against the attacker or his clothes and discharging it, an electric shock passes into the attacker, incapacitating him in the same way previously described. Because of the dual nature of the Taser it is considered by many to be the best of both worlds in non-lethal self-defense."
  6. My gaydar is none too keen. Bad reception mostly because it's such a non-issue for me. I flat out do not care about who beds who, why and in what manner. That being said, sometimes even sunglasses can't block the glare from a ball of flame. Run, Tom, run! Hehehe, I rest my case.
  7. Only God knows how many times Ken O'Brien attempted to "tuck" the ball before his knees buckled. In the grasp? Details, details.
  8. That comeback was absolutely unbelievable. The stuff of legends, Landis deserves every accolade he gets. Truly amazing. And HAH, nothing like the French restraining themselves from throwing his victory bouquet in his face. Hehehe, excellent. Armstrong wants him to ride with Discovery Team again, but I guess Landis will see how his surgery goes first. Besides, he has implicated he'll stay with Phonak if his recovery goes well. Stay tuned. Way to go, Floyd. My husband completed the Iron Man in Lake Placid, NY this past weekend (07/23/06). To anyone unfamiliar, it's a grueling Triathlon (2.4 Mile Swim, 112 Mile Bike, Full Marathon), an elite group of professional athletes and weekend warrior maniacs alike. When they congratulated Landis over the PA in tribute, the crowd erupted. It was awesome.
  9. I love the Violent Femmes. College days and all.
  10. Again, he broke his arm. For real. His left arm, so if he's left-handed he won't be signing much of anything for a while.
  11. I didn't know Fat Parcells ate healthy fare like cereal.
  12. "Bush League". Hehehe. Well, it isn't any big surprise.
  13. HAH, my sense of humor, I can't help it. Being a Jets fan all these years has warped my brain. You know, the team where you just can't make it up. Or script it.
  14. Does anyone else remember back in 1992 when the Jets went 5-0 in the Pre-season and then went 4-12 on the year? Yep, nothing like a stroll down Memory Lane. A little sandpaper across the face to refresh one's memory never hurt anyone. Hehehe. GO JETS! - of course.
  15. Just think of it like New York State trying to pass a budget on time. Vaya con Dios, muchacho. Seriously, though, I'm not worried.
  16. "East Side, West Side, all around the town!" Man, that's a great song.
  17. Yeah, well, our seats were $25 per ticket before the advent of Fat Parcells. And there was the penalization of Jets fans by upping the parking to keep the Devils in NJ. And the practice bubble (apparently out of our pockets). And the new pre-season "force buy". And the death of Leon Hess, of course. Now, I've got nothing against cost of living increases, but after Fat Bill... 1996: $404.00 1997: $484.00 (BP) 2006: $1,804.00 Plus, I now pay $250.00 for 'Reserved Parking', so my total cost is $2,054.00. What the hell. EDIT: And let's not forget the stupid $4 "handling fee" - when now they come via regular mail and we no longer have to sign for them. Ah, complaining is an art form. Hehehe.
  18. Funny how I got two "friendly reminders" from the Jets before I paid for my tickets this year. I wait until the last possible minute and have the envelope date stamped at the PO at zero hour just for laughs. Why should they live off my interest when they raise the damn prices every year? Fat Parcells, he started that ball in motion; although he did get us a practice bubble (big freakin' whoop). I think I'll mail the FO a "friendly reminder" for them to step on the delivery of those very same tickets. It's hot and I'm frumpy (freakin' + grumpy = frumpy). And stinky. How about stumpy, then.
  19. HAH, no, it's all good. :wink: I'm about set to pull out my arm hair just to divert myself from the discomfort of the weather. It's hot as hell and I'm grumpy as all get out. Yep. TC will be starting soon, though. Holy Cr*p, KO already.
  20. No, that was the nose-picking thing he had going on. By December, they couldn't look away any longer.
  21. Yes, and his East/West runs as opposed to running upfield NORTH were just a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Listen, I loved the guy pre-injury, but he wasn't the same player HERE, the operative word being HERE before he left HERE, you know, this team, this place, HERE. Scaredy Smurf. What really is the point of how great he's doing anywhere else but HERE? Why don't we start singing the praises of that other midget, Dedric Ward, while we're at it? It isn't productive, generally. Our team was so decimated that Jerry Rice in his prime couldn't have helped us last year. Bollinger taking four steps back as opposed to seven and throwing the ball into the faces of the defense (something he was being trained out of - sort of), ugh, everything. It's just a useless debate in the here and the now.
  22. No such thing here, except the NY Titans; but that's a technicality that doesn't really count.
  23. I feel like a broken record, but he played scared HERE after his injury. Why should I concern myself what he's doing THERE? What he's doing somewhere else, how he's back to pre-injury form, G-R-E-A-T; but that and a handful of pennies won't get me on the subway. It's irrelevant now. More Cotchery, please - and after we see what sort of foundation is forming over the course of the season, look to a deep threat next year. Besides, this is the year we throw out every schmoe there is on field and find our diamonds in the rough - WHICH IS WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE LAST YEAR WHEN THE SEASON WAS LOST TO US, BUT SUCH IS LIFE. It's a new regime, expect to lose, but we'll lose "productively", and I'm good with that.
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